Home Remedies For Menstrual Problems

What are Menstrual Problems?

Menstruation or Menstrual Cycle is a normal phenomenon that takes place regularly throughout a woman’s reproductive age. It indicates the overall health status of a woman. Heavy bleeding, irregular cycle, severe pain, premenstrual syndrome and other related problems form an integral part of the most common Menstrual Problems.

Amenorrhoea, Menorrhagia, and Dysmenorrhoea are some of the most common of all Menstrual Problems. Amenorrhoea is characterized by delayed onset or a stoppage of menstruation. Menorrhagia, on the other hand, refers to heavy bleeding during menstruation. Dysmenorrhoea is condition characterized by excessive pain and cramping during menstruation. Most of the Menstrual Problems are caused by hormonal or chemical imbalances in the body.

Generally, the treatment of Menstrual Problems consists of different types of over the counter medicines. However, it has been noted that several kinds of natural home remedies for Menstrual Problems can also be adopted safely to heal the problem in a natural way without the risk of any side-effects.

Causes and Symptoms of Menstrual Problems

Different women have different menstrual patterns depending on age or other individual causes. Any persistent (for more than three months) or significant shift from this normal pattern is generally considered as a Menstrual Problem. Generally, menstrual bleeding occurs for a period of two to eight days. If the bleeding period is more or less than that, then it indicates the presence of a Menstrual Problem.

Most of the Menstrual Problems are caused by an imbalance in the hormones or due to structural problems in the reproductive system. Women with eating disorders are prone to irregularities in menstrual cycle. When a patient has not had the onset of menstruation by the age of 16, or when the menstruation stops altogether then it referred to as Amenorrhoea.

Amenorrhoea can be caused by a number of reasons such as pregnancy, malnutrition, hormonal problems like thyroid disorders and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), problems in the pituitary gland or nervous system, ovary failure, poorly formed reproductive parts, genetic disorders, stress etc.

On the other hand, excessive or prolonged bleeding refers to a condition characterized by thick and heavy bleeding or menstrual flow for more than 8 days in continuation. Some common causes of this problem are obesity, uterine cancer, fibroids, birth control methods, endometriosis, blood disorders and other such factors.

Dysmenorrhoea or abnormal menstrual pain means unusual, intense or prolonged pains during menstruation. Midcycle pain, menstrual pain occurring one week prior to the start of menstruation or continuing beyond the first few days of the cycle are common symptoms of Menstrual Problems of this nature.

This problem is also caused by the causes similar to the ones mentioned above. However, Primary Dysmenorrhoea caused by prostaglandin named hormones is not caused any specific disease. It is common complaint in the teenagers and the symptoms usually disappear on their own within a couple of days.

Natural Home Remedies for Menstrual Problems

• Taking a teaspoon of an infusion prepared from marigold herb two times in a day is one of the most popular natural home remedies for Menstrual Problems.

• Drinking a glass of milk mixed with half a teaspoon of cinnamon serves as a successful home remedy to cure Menstrual Problems and pains by relieving menstrual cramps.

• Boil half liter water with six grams of coriander seeds in it. When the water reduces to half then stop boiling and strain the mixture. Drinking this mixture on a regular basis helps in the treatment of Menstrual Problems like excessive menstruation.


• An infusion prepared by boiling a piece of ginger in a cup of water is one of the best home remedies for Menstrual Problems like pain and stoppage in menstruation. Sugar can also be added to this solution. This natural remedy should be regularly taken three times in a day after having meals.

• Regular consumption of bamboo leaves helps to regulate menstrual flow as naturally as possible.

• Decoctions prepared from dill, bloodwort, chicory, hermal, lemon grass, rough chaff etc are useful in removing Menstrual Problems to a great extent.

• Having a cooked banana flower along with some curd is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Menstrual Problems like heavy bleeding.

• A combination of cooked asafetida, honey, clarified butter, and goat’s milk is beneficial in controlling heavy menstrual flow menstrual cramps. This remdy is sure to give encouraging results when continued regularly till about a month.

• Taking powdered radish seeds along with cow’s milk is a good natural remedy used to cure Menstrual Problems like irregular menstruation.

• Having a mixture of warm water and powdered sesame seeds serves as an effective home remedy to reduce Menstrual Problems causing pain.

• Consumption of a teaspoon of a mixture of mango bark juice and water every two hours is highly beneficial in controlling Menstrual Problems such as excessive bleeding.

• Taking approximately 13 to 25 grams of Indian Barberry herb serves is a simple yet effective home remdy to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding.

• Extract some juice from wood apple leaves and mix some honey in it. Regular consumption of this therapeutic mixture removes menstrual troubles effectively.

• Chamomile, parsley, safflower, and squaw vines are excellent home remedies for Menstrual Problems in general.

Diet for Menstrual Problems

The diet to cure Menstrual Problems should definitely include a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts etc. Vegetables juices like that of parsley, beetroot, cucumber, tomato, carrot are highly beneficial home remedies for Menstrual Problems.

Regular consumption of parsley juice helps in dealing with menstrual irregularities and pains. Having unripe papaya is also useful reducing Menstrual Problems caused by stress. White pumpkin, papaya, bitter gourd, drumstick and other such vegetables help to reduce abnormal menstrual pains.

Besides, restrict the consumption of fatty foods to avoid bloating, cramps etc associated with menstruation. Consumption of meat and poultry products should also be reduced. Plus, stay away from packaged and processed foods prepared from white floor and excess sugar because they are high in carbohydrates.

Caffeinated beverages, alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking are also a big no-no in such cases as they tend to aggravate the symptoms. As most of the Menstrual Problems are caused due to unhealthy body weight, it would be better to maintain a healthy body weight to avoid such troubles.


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