Home Remedies For Moles

What are Moles?

Skin Moles are simply brown or black colored small patches that appear on the skin. They are usually considered harmless but in rare cases, some Moles may become cancerous. Moles are also known as Melanocytic Nevi or simply Nevi in medical terms.

This is an extremely common condition that tends to be more prevalent in individuals up to the age of twenty. Some malignant Moles tend to change in color or become raised gradually with the passage of time.

On the other hand, some Moles tend to disappear over a period of time. In adulthood, having about 10 to 40 Moles is considered normal.

Moles can be of different types, namely Atypical or Dysplastic Moles, Congenital Moles, Halo Moles, Spitz Moles, Common Acquired Moles (resulting from hormonal fluctuations), Seborrheic Keratoses (more common in older individuals) and Pyogenic Granulomas (usually appear after injuries).

Individual desiring to get rid of Moles generally look for conventional treatments. However, apart from conventional methods and surgeries, Moles can also be removed with the help of natural home remedies for Moles. The natural treatment for Mole removal is safe and equally effective. Non cancerous Moles usually do not require any treatment.

Causes and Symptoms of Moles

Basically, Moles are caused due to abnormal melanin production in the body that gives rise to clusters of melanin in certain areas beneath the skin. In addition, certain female hormones also encourage the development of Moles.

Out of the various types of Moles, Dysplastic Moles and Congenital Moles are often associated with an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Halo Moles surrounded by a typical white or lighter colored ring are most common in teenagers and usually disappear with time.

Moles that appear on birth are referred to as Congenital Moles. Dysplastic Moles, on the other hand, are larger Moles that are caused due to genetic predisposition. Besides, increased exposure to sunlight is also associated with increased chances of developing Moles. In certain cases, aging may also cause the same.

Cancerous Moles are generally characterized by irregular borders and large size. These asymmetrical Moles tend to change colors and evolve in the appearance with time. Such Moles generally appear on the chest, scalp, back or buttocks. The most common sites of Congenital Moles are the neck, spine or the head.

Spitz Moles, appearing on the face and head are mostly smooth and raised. The rare Pyogenic Granulomas are accompanied by distinct red or black elevated marks on the skin. The round or oval Seborrheic Keratoses, commonly appearing in older individuals are fleshy in appearance.

Natural Home Remedies for Moles


• Onion juice, cauliflower juice and pineapple juice are excellent natural home remedies for Moles on face or other parts of the body. Apply either of these juices regularly to reduce the pigmentation and finally remove the Moles naturally.

• Similarly regular application of juice extracted from sour apples helps to cure Moles effectively. This Mole removal natural remedy should be applied three times per day for at least three weeks to heal Moles at home.

• A mixture of grinded drumstick pods and lime juice is highly beneficial in getting rid of Moles. Follow this home remdy regularly for a few days for encouraging results.

• Applying juice extracted from fig stems is one of the most therapeutic Moles home remedies.

• Simply applying a drop of grapefruit seed extract on the affected are helps to get rid of this problem within a few weeks. Milkweed extract can also be used for reducing Moles.

• Cut a clove of garlic in two halves and place one slice on the Mole. Tie it with a cloth bandage and leave it overnight. Continue this remdy for about two to three days. This is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Moles and Skin Tags. Potato poultice is also useful in dealing with Moles.

• Grind some flaxseeds in flaxseed oil and add some raw honey in the mixture. Finally, apply this mixture on the Moles on a daily basis to remove Moles within a few days.

• Rubbing dandelion root on the affected area works as a good herbal cure for fading Moles in a natural way.

• Dip a cloth in warm water and place on the Moles for about 20 minutes. Let it dry and then place a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar on the affected area for about 10-15 minutes and finally wash it. Continue this therapy for a few days remove Moles naturally.

• Regularly place thin slices of radish on the affected area three to four times per day to get rid of Moles.

Diet for Moles

A healthy diet with special emphasis on potassium rich foods is highly beneficial in the home treatment of Moles. Therefore, fruits and vegetables like bananas, avocados, grapefruits, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, kidney beans, cabbage, spinach and other such potassium rich foods should be positively included in the diet to help reduce and fade Moles to a great extent.

Citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables are also beneficial in keeping the skin healthy. Moreover, regularly chewing roasted cashew nuts is one of the simplest natural home remedies for Mole removal.

Cashew nuts can also be grinded and applied externally in the form of a paste. This home remdy should be followed for at least four or five weeks to eliminate the problem.



  1. hi, i’m sarah. i have a raised mole on my nose that i’d like to remove using onion juice. but i wantedto know for how long should i keep the onion juice on the mole? and will it harm my skin if it gets on the surrounding skin? and most importantly, will it work on a raised mole?

  2. this is very good site but i will like to no if i have oily skin,acne dark spots blemishes acne mark acne marks the whole works.is they one products i can use to help with all?thank you

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