Home Remedies For Mononucleosis

What is Mononucleosis?

Mononucleosis is an infectious disease. Casually, it is also referred to as “Mono” or “Kissing Disease”. The disease is mostly caused by Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). This virus is generally found in the saliva and mucus and is spread by kissing, coughing, sneezing, sharing food utensils or even straw.

It has been observed that young children who are infected with this virus often suffer from mild symptoms of this disease as compared to the adults who are more prone to the sickness. In fact, certain individual infected with this virus show no symptoms at all.

There is no vaccine or cure for Mononucleosis. Even antibiotics are not effective in curing this disease as it is caused by a viral infection not bacterial. Though, antibiotics may be prescribed in case the disease is accompanied by streptococcal infection of the throat. Usually the disease heals in about four weeks by itself.

Therefore, most of the medicines and natural home remedies for Mononucleosis aim at relieving the flu like symptoms caused by this disease. Drinking plenty of fluids and having rest facilitate the healing process. As the disease leads to an enlargement of the spleen, children are generally advised not to play sports for about a month even after the symptoms subside as it might result in rupture. Otherwise, this disease does not cause any serious complications.

Causes and Symptoms of Mononucleosis

As already mentioned, Mononucleosis is caused by a viral infection. The virus is known to spread from one person to another by kissing, coughing, sharing eating utensils, toothbrush or even sharing a drink or lipstick or anything that involves the infected person’s saliva or mucus. Mononucleosis may also spread through blood and genital secretions. The virus may remain dormant in one person and cause no sickness but when the same person transfers the virus to another person, the newly infected person may develop the symptoms.

Fatigue, drowsiness, fever, sore throat, headache, body ache, sore muscles and swollen glands in the neck, armpits and groin are some of the common symptoms of Mononucleosis. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, rash, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, enlargement of liver, enlargement of spleen etc. There might be the complaint of difficulty in breathing on account of enlarged tonsil, adenoids and other lymph tissue in the back of the throat. At times, Mono may also be accompanied by jaundice.

Natural Home Remedies for Mononucleosis

• Take one teaspoon of ginseng root, one teaspoon of burdock root, one teaspoon of cayenne and the same amount of goldenseal root. Boil these ingredients in two cups of water until the water reduces to roughly half the original amount. The, let it cool and strain it. Taking about one cup of this therapeutic mixture (one or two tablespoons a time) is one of the best natural home remedies for Mononucleosis and its symptoms.


• Taking two tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning and two tablespoons in the evening is useful in reducing this disease.

• Drinking about 30 ml of cranberry juice (without extra sugar) for about one week serves as an effective home remedy to cure Mononucleosis.

• Aromatherapy and warm bath using extracts of bergamot oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil is highly beneficial in the treatment of Mononucleosis by reducing the symptom of fatigue.

• Elderflower and Yarrow are efficient natural home remedies for Mononucleosis especially in case the liver and spleen become affected by this disease.

• Cleavers and wild Indigo plant extracts help to cleanse the lymphatic system thereby aiding in the treatment of Mono in adults.

• Prepare a paste of Alangium by crushing two flowers of this herb and add this paste in a cup of water. Boil this mixture for about half an hour and then strain it. Drinking about 15 ml of this mixture three times a day for about a week is a valuable natural remedy for Mononucleosis treatment.

• Eating garlic on a regular basis is a simple home remdy that helps in getting rid of Mono or any other viral infection.

• Gargling with salt water is one of the easiest possible home remedies for Mononucleosis related severe sore throat.

Diet for Mononucleosis

When dealing with Mononucleosis, try to include more vitamins and minerals in the diet and drink plenty of water. Foods rich in Vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, calcium, zinc and magnesium should be positively included in the diet. Vitamin C is particularly useful in this regard. Ginger, garlic, lemon and turmeric help to boost the immune system and help to prevent and fight the infection. Coriander seeds are beneficial in dealing with high fevers associated with Mono.

During the course of treatment, oily and processed foods should be replaced by fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, exclude meat and meat products from the diet. Avoid the intake of caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages as far as possible.

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