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What Is Nausea?

When people experience uneasiness and discomposure in the uppermost part of stomach and head with a drive to vomit they are said to have the feeling of nausea. Many people very often use vomiting and nausea terms interchangeably yet there is the major difference between the two.
The point to be focused on is that nausea is a strong desire to vomit which not necessarily always results in vomiting but vomiting is necessarily willing or unwilling emptying of stomach volume from mouth. The various factors which give rise to vomiting come from stomach and intestines, inner ear and brain.
Coming back to nausea it is also called as “sea-sickness” while the ones associated with pregnancy and which affects 50% of the pregnant women all over the world is better called as morning sickness.
Nausea itself is not a kind of any disease rather it’s a symptom of abundant dissimilar ailments like contamination, poisoning caused by eating food, overeating, block out intestines, ill health, accident or brain injury, appendicitis and migraines.

There is various varying nature of nausea fluctuating from the short term to the long term. The long term nausea is a disabling symptom hence proper care need to taken for it. Furthermore it can be simply a psychological phenomenon to the physiological one.
You all must have encountered nausea at one or the other moments of your life and hence it’s one of the common place ailments. So read on further to discover more on nausea including various natural home remedies for nausea.

Causes Of Nausea

Nausea is mainly one of side effects of numerous drugs opiates being notable. It can further be the aftereffect of over consumption of foods rich in sugar. Other symptoms of nausea include but not restricted to be as follows:
Stomachic and pelvic infections are commonly held responsible for triggering nausea especially the infections of liver and pancreas.

Various kinds of disorders of gray matter and spinal fluid further play a vital role in causing nausea. These include migraine attack, head trauma, brain cyst, stroke, opening up of veins into or around the brain etc.

  • Nausea can also result from the unevenness in the hormone level as per the age of a person.
  • Certain prescriptions too are known for triggering nausea particularly when more than one kind is taken at a time. Chemotherapy and drugs for suppressing depression further give rise to nausea.
  • Close to the ground blood sugar level additionally triggers nausea.
  • Sipping of alcohol also causes nausea.
  • As mentioned before it’s also caused by poisoning as a consequence of eating contaminated food with bacteria which produce certain harmful toxins resulting in inducing irritation and ultimately nausea.
  • Pregnancy too is one of the causes of nausea and in such a case termed as morning sickness.
  • Don’t take more stress in figuring out the causes of nausea as you might experience it in the process! In brief long term stress is also one of the root causes of nausea.
  • Certain mental disorders too are known for producing nausea like depression, anorexia nervosa, bulimia etc.

Symptoms Of Nausea


Nausea which is most of the times referred to as unhealthiness indicator is often recognized from the person’s urge to vomit yet there are certain other symptoms as well which distinguish nausea. These are:

  • Quick kickoff of fever, body pang, running nose, cough and diarrhea might hint towards nausea.
  • Sick stomach, whirling sensation and nervousness are the major symptoms of nausea.
  • The skin tends to turn to cold and clammy
  • Anemic face is yet another symptom

Natural Home Remedies For Nausea

Well the nausea is itself a kind of side effect of many drugs antiretroviral drugs in particular. So the consideration of different drugs for nausea should be avoided if it’s not severe and of long term nature. Even if the nausea is of long term nature the natural home remedies for nausea should be supplemented with the drugs to have very positive results.
• Going after two capsules of gingerroot is a wonderful way of checking nausea including the severe ones as well.
•  One of the simplest natural home remedies for nausea constitutes vomiting itself as it will ensure emptying of stomach of all the contents. This way you will end up in getting rid from the troublesome problem.
• Although overdose of tea is considered bad for health yet you can make a good use of Peppermint or chamomile tea to overcome nausea.
• Morning sickness i.e. feeling of nausea is very common in pregnant women and hence a very common natural remedy in the form of apple cider vinegar can be utilized to have relief. To put it to use mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey and fuse in cold water followed by its drinking before going to bed.
• You must have been fond of having rice in food now it’s time to have rice water as it’s one of beneficial natural home remedies for nausea. To put it to use just boil ½ cup of rice in one cup of water for 10-20 minutes followed by separating rice water and rice. The separated rice water then should be taken in.
• Cumin seeds too can be capitalized on to overpower nausea. Half a tablespoon of grounded cumin seeds should be taken to as a countermeasure for nausea as well vomiting.
• Make a habit of chewing your food properly so as to avoid nausea. It’s one of the simplest natural home remedies for nausea so chew your food.

Diet For Nausea

• Three heavier meals should be replaced with numerous smaller ones coupled with adequate chewing of food.
• Make room for plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet with avoidance of oily, spicy and junk food.
• Abstain from very hot food as the aroma of it is very likely to introduce nausea.
• Having rest after eating food is always considered good with emphasis on keeping head 12 inches above feet goes along way in keeping nausea at bay.


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