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What is Nephritis?

Nephritis is the infection of one or two kidneys; the word has its origin from the Greek word nephro-meaning “of the kidney”, while-itis standing for inflammation. Basically kidneys are paired organs, which primarily perform the very important function of forming urine, to maintain the right quantity of essential nutrients and minerals in body, while eliminating the harmful toxins out of body.

Thus, any kind of malfunctioning of kidney, can even lead to death of a person, as the toxins plus the unwanted water soluble products will start accumulating in body, threatening the very existence of the person with any kind of such kidney disorder. 

The disease can be further categorized into four classes, on the basis of the organ affected by the disease or the causative agent of disease. There are various causes of the disease including different kinds of toxins, infections and auto-immune disorders.
It’s a serious disease as its ninth highest influential disease, which accounts for number of deaths every year. The disease can be either acute or chronic in nature. Acute nephritis is often set in motion by the oversensitivity to drug therapy, while chronic nephritis’ root causes can be autoimmunity, infections, radiation of kidney and hypersensitivity.

“The chronic nephritis is the severe case of nephritis. The disease usually hits either during childhood or during puberty. Another kind of nephritis i.e. hereditary nephritis is also being noticed in some infants, at the time of birth, as the word “hereditary” is attached to the kind. So read on further to find out more info on nephritis including various advantageous natural home remedies for nephritis.

Causes and Symptoms of Nephritis

In order to totally get rid of disease or reduce its adverse effects on body, if total removal is not feasible, in certain cases, the proper identification of the causes of nephritis is must.
There are several causes of nephritis, which are more or less similar, to the ones affecting kidney, which differ with the age group i.e. children and adults. Some major ones are:
• Streptococcus infection of throat or an onslaught of scarlet fever, very often induces nephritis
• Faulty eating habits coupled with weak immune system of the body also play a vital role in triggering nephritis.
• Constant use of aspirin and other pain killers
• Nutrient’s shortage in body
• Too much drinking
• Certain stomach disorders
• Lupus is the state, when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organ system, affecting its normal functioning. The patients suffering with this very chronic inflammatory disease are more liable to have nephritis.

Symptoms of Nephritis

• Major symptom of nephritis includes the passage of proteins, which are considered to be the major building blocks of body, along with urine, as the kidney gets inflammation .This very condition is better termed as proteinuria.
• Reduction in urine volume
• Edema or water retention in certain body parts, like feet, ankles, legs and hands, as the proper removal of it becomes difficult, after the inflammation of kidney, whose function is only to remove the toxins out of body along with urine.
• Dark urine containing blood, which at times might not be very visible
• Headaches
• Drowsiness
• Visional disturbances
• Nausea
• As the disease advances it further leads to loss of appetite, vomiting, occurrence of abdominal and joint pain
• Chronic nephritis may go unnoticed for long, ultimately leading to total renal failure’s symptoms emergence like tiredness, itchy skin, nausea and vomiting, and shortness of breath.


Natural home remedies for Nephritis

• One of favoring natural home remedies for nephritis include consumption of a glass of carrot juice, mixed with a tablespoon of lime fresh juice and a tablespoon of honey. It should be taken in on an empty stomach. However other vegetables’ juice too can be put to use for overcoming nephritis like cucumber and celery, yet undoubtedly carrot juice is most effective in the treatment of nephritis.
• Bananas are further one of very useful natural home remedies for nephritis, as they are known for containing the low amount of proteins and salt, while high amount of carbohydrates.
• Avocado further can be used for beating down the nephritis, on account of its high mineral content and low protein content.
• Furthermore you can also set grapes to work, for overthrowing nephritis, due to high amount of water and potassium salt presence in it. So you can also use one of natural home remedies, to accelerate the healing process of kidneys.
• Diuretic in the form of green coconut water is very safe and has been found to very effective, when it comes to going for several diuretics present in the market.
• Parsley herb in the form of its decoction in water, is one of the much sought after natural home remedies for nephritis.

Diet for Nephritis

The bottom line in recovery from any disease, is all about changing negative behavior into positive one, with beneficial diet, hence you just can’t afford to overlook the very important aspect for getting well soon. Some dietary recommendations for nephritis are:
• After going for exclusive fasting on juice, for number of days, the patient must start an all-fruit diet, followed by fruit and milk diet, raw goat’s milk in preference. Thereafter, the well balanced little protein vegetarian diet should be opted.
• Skip out on spinach, rhubarb and common salt in food, as the spinach and rhubarb are known for containing high amount of oxalic acids, not well for patients with nephritis.
• Insist on many but smaller meals, as compared to fewer grand ones.
• You need to further stay away from white bread, sugar, pastries, puddings, cereals, oily food of all sorts, tea, coffee, non-vegetarian food, pickles and sauces.



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