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What is Obesity?

The Center for Disease Control has defined obesity, as “the condition of an excessively high amount of body fat or adipose tissue in relation to lean body mass.”

A very simple definition of obesity is that when a person’s weight becomes 30% or more of the normal weight, as fixed by the yardstick height/weight chart. (For instance, The National Center for Health Statistics or Metropolitan Life Insurance Company).

Alternatively, you can find out the body mass index (BMI), which can be calculated by dividing the person’s weight, in Kg., by square of his/her height in meters. A person with BMI equal to 25 or more but lesser than 30 is classified as overweight. An individual with BMI 30 or more is said to be obese.

As per the World health organization, WHO statistics in the year 2005, there were 1.6 billion overweight adults in the age group of 15+, while 400 million adults were obese.


WHO further has further projected, that by the year 2015, approx. 2.3 billion adults will be overweight while more than 700 million will be in the obese category. Once considered botheration of merely high-income countries, strangely the disease is severely on the rise in the middle and low income countries.

Causes Of Obesity

Obesity is a very bewildering disease, in many ways, as the mode in which the body regulates its weight and body fat is not yet completely comprehended by the medical field.

Normally, the conception is that whenever the individual’s diet has more calories than the expenditure of it, through many physical activities, leading to the deposition of excess of it, on the body in the form of fat.

Nevertheless, the determinants of the obesity can be very complicated ones, involving genetics, socioeconomic factors, metabolic factors, lifestyle preferences etc.

Few significant agents, which may cause obesity, are, but not confined to the following mentioned, include:

• Congenital Traits
Research has already proved that obesity can be one of the congenital traits, which can be inherited from the parents. Thus, a child of obese parents is more likely to be obese, than from the normal parents in terms of weight.


Particular study reported in the year 2004, that 48% of the children with the overweight parents became overweight.

• Metabolic Factors
The mode of dissipation of the energy differs from one person to other, depending upon the various hormonal and metabolic factors of the person’s body, which are not very same from one person to other.

Latest studies show that the level of ghrelin, a peptide responsible for controlling appetite, and certain other peptides can bring about the hunger and the feeling of fullness i.e. saturation. Thus, these play a key role in determining and controlling the weight of the human body.

• Socio-Economic Factors
There is very powerful relationship between the obesity and social status, especially in reference to the fairer sex.

Poverty-stricken women belonging to lower rung of the social status are six times more prone to obesity, then compared to their counterparts from the higher socio-economic status.

Eighty two percent African-American women, who are 20 years old or more are bulky.

• Lifestyle Preference
Gluttonizing coupled with the slumberous life-style, have a big hand in obesity. Consuming calorie rich diet, wherein high percentage of it is derived from the sugary, high-fat, refined foods, step-up the process of weight gain.

The daily routine minus regular exercise causes obesity in adults, while the very torpid life-style of children like watching T.V. or sitting at computer, for number of hours, and make them obese.

Symptoms Of Obesity

There are various symptoms of obesity, prominent one including excess deposition of fat in the adipose tissue, which can be conspicuously noticed on various parts of the body, leading to sluggish life-style and breathlessness. Obesity further is responsible for various secondary conditions, which include:

Musculoskeletal  complications, especially osteoarthritis
Cardiovascular diseases
Some kinds of cancer like (endometrial, breast, and colon)
Gum disease
High Blood pressure
Diabetes, which is fast becoming a global epidemic
Menstrual abnormalities including halting of menstruation
Decline in fertility with multiple complications in pregnancy
Shortness in breath that is likely to be of crippling effect
Sleeping disorders
Skin infirmities, resulting from the bacterial break down of sweat and other biological material in the fatty layers of skin.
Emotional and social problems
Natural Home remedies For Obesity

  • Fasting on the lime juice-honey water is found to be very advantageous in dealing with obesity. In this method of treatment, one tsp of fresh honey should be mixed into a glass of lukewarm water with the juice of half lime, and should be consumed periodically.
  • Triphala, an herbal combo of amalaki, bibbitaki, and haritaki is excellent for loosing weight.
  • The leaves of jujube or Indian Plum should be immersed in water overnight, and then the water should be taken in, in the morning preferably on an empty stomach. The medication measure should be continued for at least a month, to see the profitable outcomes. It’s one of the priceless medicaments for obesity.
  • Cabbage with the invaluable chemical tartaric acid is very beneficial in overcoming obesity, as the acid doesn’t let the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates easily into fat. Thus, a very simple move towards remedying obesity could be substituting a meal with the salads of cabbage.
  • Consuming one or two ripened tomatoes as the replacement of breakfast, can go a long way in fulfilling your aspirations of reducing your weight a bit. Additionally, they are known for supplying your body’s food requirements.
  • Finger millet is perfect food for obese people, as its digestion is slow and thus takes longer time to get absorbed. Furthermore, by taking the preparations of finger millet, the consistent desire to eat also gets curbed up, thereby decreasing the total intake of calories.
  • Include some mint in your food, in salads or vegetables, as per your likings.
  • Make use of vegetable oil rather than stick margarine or butter.
  • Reduce the consumption of salty food, alcohol, dairy products, sugar, margarine etc.
  • Aloe Vera herb is very helpful in governing obesity.
  • Consume papaya or vegetable soup in the dinner, for 2-3 months for speedy weight loss.
  • Mixing of black pepper powder not only enhances the deliciousness of the vegetables and vegetable soups, but also helps significantly in the weight reduction.
  • Drinking of green tea or the ginger tea, can be very advantageous, as ginger act as an effective instrument in burning excess fat of the body, giving you the kind of body, you want.
  • Daily intake of carrot juice will further help you to get slimmer.

Diet for Obesity

Curtailing the intake of calories in food gradually is vital for gradual but regular weight loss. The food which are required to be totally abstained from include foods of high calorific value like breads, candy, cake, cookies, cereal products, legumes, potatoes, honey, sugar, syrup and rich puddings, beverages such as all cold drinks and alcoholic drinks. If you can make a habit of preferring a glass of water rather than a glass of juice, and reduce the amount of lunch as compared to your normal diet, you can look forward to get rid of obesity.

There is no need to skip any meal in a day, rather reduce the size of it and take it regularly. It would be better, if you eat steamed, boiled and microwave food and fruits a lot, as it would help you, towards your pursuit of becoming slim. A dietary full of vegetables and fruits, will let you take a lot of vitamins and minerals, necessary for life, but would not accumulate further fat on your body.

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