Home Remedies For Pimples

What are Pimples?

Bacterial infection in the overactive oil glands situated at the base of the skin generally leads to the formation of Pimples. They are usually pus-filled raised bumps on the skin. Pimples are ugly to look at and hence considered a source of social embarrassment. The face, neck, chest, back and even shoulders are some of the most common sites of this infection.

Frequent breakouts of Pimples are referred to as Acne. Infected blackheads and whiteheads usually lead to the formation of Pimples. Contrary to the popular belief, Pimples are not caused due to dirt, sweat, or consumption of oily foods, chocolates, etc.

Though, the popular conception that Pimples should not be squeezed holds true. The act of picking or squeezing Pimples is discouraged as it may lead to further inflammation and scarring. Although many over the counter medicines and creams are often suggested to cure Pimples, still people are more attracted towards the natural cures in the form of natural home remedies for Pimples because they are safer and cheaper than the conventions methods of treatment.

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Causes and Symptoms of Pimples

As already mentioned, overactive oil glands play an important role in causing Pimples. The oil glands tend to become overactive due to overstimulation caused by hormonal changes. The hormonal changes could be triggered by puberty.

Hormonal changes caused by menstrual cycles also contribute in the development of Pimple in women. Though, the problem tends to subside once the hormones settle down. Hereditary factors may also be held responsible for causing Pimples and Acne in some cases.

Medicines containing lithium, iodides, bromides, steroids etc have been associated with the worsening of Pimples. Repeatedly washing Pimple affected area may also aggravate the problem as skin tends to produce more oil in response to repeated washing and harsh scrubbing. Stress has also been associated, though indirectly, with frequent breakouts of Pimples.

Pimples are generally characterized by red or yellow colored inflammations on the skin. They are often filled with pus. When a Pimple is squeezed, the pus spreads on the surrounding area resulting in further infection. Moreover, the act of squeezing increases the probability of leaving behind scars even after the healing. These pus-filled Pimples are less commonly known as Pustules.

Natural Home Remedies for Pimples

• Add lemon juice and rose water in equal quantities and apply this mixture on the affected area for about half an hour. Regularly following this remdial procedure for about three to four weeks is one of the most popular natural home remedies for Pimples.

• Lemon juice can also be applied in combination with an equal amount of groundnut oil to prevent as well as cure this embarrassing problem. Similarly, lemon juice can also be added to sandalwood powder and the application of the resultant paste can help reduce Pimples to a great extent. A combination of lemon juice and cinnamon power is also beneficial in Pimple treatment.

• Honey is also considered good for skin. Applying a mixture prepared from three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder over night is another popular natural cure for this irritating problem. This natural remedy is sure to give encouraging results if religiously followed for at least two weeks.

• A facial mask consisting of grated apple and honey serves as an effective home treatment for Pimples and Acne.


• Rubbing garlic on the affected area several times in a day is one of the most effective though smelly natural home remedies for Pimples. For quicker results, garlic should also be taken internally.

• Regularly applying the pulp of ripe tomatoes on the face for about an hour or so helps in the effective treatment of Pimples. Cucumber pulp can also be used in the same way with the same results.

• Raw papaya juice can be applied on the Pimples to cure Pimples naturally.

• Simply applying freshly extracted mint juice serves as one of the easiest possible natural home remedies for Pimples.

• Applying a mixture of coriander juice and some turmeric is an effective home remedy for Pimple treatment. Alternatively, if coriander juice is not available then mint juice can be used in its place.

• Add two to three teaspoons of dried basil leaves to one cup water and boil the mixture for about 15-20 minutes. Cool the mixture and then apply it on the affected area. This therapeutic home remedy should be followed on a regular basis to get rid of Pimples naturally.

• Mix some water in a mixture of crushed margosa (neem) leaves and turmeric to make a fine paste. Finally, rub the resultant mixture on the Pimples and leave it on the skin for about half an hour to heal Pimples successfully and remove the left over scars too.

• Take some roasted and powdered peels of pomegranate fruit. Next, add some lime juice to this powder to make a paste like mixture. Applying this mixture is one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Pimples.

• Take some fenugreek leaves, crush them and add sufficient water, just enough to make a paste. Apply this paste on the face over night and wash it off with warm water in the morning as an effective natural remedy for natural Pimple removal. This remedy is particularly useful for individuals with dry skin.

• Take some grinded nutmeg and add a little raw milk to it. Apply the mixture and leave it for about one or two hours. This natural home remedy is not only beneficial in curing Pimples but is useful in getting rid of their scars as well.

• Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel have anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that help in dealing with Pimples. Marigold and wheat germ oil are also effective against Pimples.

• Applying a mixture prepared from fuller’s earth and some water or rose water is a tried and tested Pimple cure. Fuller’s earth helps absorb excess oil from the skin.

Diet for Pimples

Judicious mix of a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds etc constitutes a healthy and balanced diet. A diet rich in vitamin A and zinc is highly recommended to deal with this problem. Moreover, consumption of wheatgrass juice helps in controlling Pimples effectively.

Oils extracted from corns, sunflowers, and safflowers have been associated with therapeutic properties for curing as well as preventing Pimples. Plus, regular and adequate consumption of fruit juices and water is considered favorable for the skin.

Though, fried and fatty foods do not cause Pimples by themselves, still they do not even help in the process of healing. Self control is the essence of any favorable treatment. Caffeinated and sugary products tend to produce toxins which are harmful for the overall health. Moreover, over consumption of junk food may prove to be unfavorable for the healing process.


  1. Home remedies for pimples may be, drinking plenty water, eating much fruits and vegetables and avoid oily food or junk food, use pimple cleansing cream by consulting recommended doctors etc.

  2. This is very useful information and all we can do at home

  3. take 1 tbl spoon ful of besan and add it to rice powder, add some water to it and apply it on ur face. Its a very useful remedi both for pimples and black heads. As the rice powder is very useful for scrubbing.

  4. Here r very effective tips..
    1. A combination of fullers earth+ rose water+ fresh neem juice+ few lemon drops.
    Apply n leave for 20 mins. Rub lightly by raw milk followed by cold water.

    2. Never consume/eat foods having trans fats.

    3. Avoid going in sun.

    4. Wash ur face with an antiseptic soap preferably of neem in a duration of every half an hr. U can use aloe vera gel to prevent from future occurrence of pimples. Aloevera provides d best nutrition to d skin.

    5. Drink excess of water to remove toxins of ur body.

    6. Just smile on ur pimple n say dat it will stay no longer.

  5. # 1 tablespoon groundnut oil and 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice can be mixed and applied. This combination helps to prevent blackheads and pimples.
    # Honey is a great remedy. It helps to kill bacteria. Moreover it cleans up the skin.
    # Juice of raw papaya can also be used.
    # Take a raw potato. First peel it off and then grate it. Tie the grated potato with muslin piece to form a pad. Apply this pad all over your face in circular motions. Do this for 5 minutes. Then wash off the face. Alternatively, there is a simple and best way for it. Slice the potato and apply it on the face.

  6. Animal Lover says

    Well what i found that helped alot is…
    -3 tabelspoons of extra virgin olive oil
    -2 tabelspoons of honey
    -Half a cup of sugar
    -Warm water

    Mix it all together and gently apply on face scrubing in round movments and then rinse it of with warm water.

    Another remidie is…

    -Backing soda
    -Warm water

    Now mix it all together on ur face and leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse it of with warm water.


  7. My face especially my nose used to be embedded with blackheads. i looked on heaps of websites got heaps of ingredients for the treatment of blackheads. Then i searched the kitchen to find what i could that would help my blackheads, and this worked wonders the first time i used it about 15 blackheads either shrunk remarkably or disappeared. this is what i used-
    nutmeg, cinnamon, oatmeal, lemon juice, milk, rosemary, lavender oil(relaxing), apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, baking powder, vanilla essence, turmeric, black pepper, part of a mash banana, a drop of extra virgin olive oil, what was insde a green tea packet and a dollop of plain greek yoghurt. Enjoy the results.

  8. listn ppl apply baking soda vd ur fash wash vl reduce pimples n give a glow on ur face or u can apply lime juce too…

  9. I use to wash my face when I wake up every morning, after lunch and in the evening. I’m using; carrot soap after that the papaya soap called (hiyang) and each of it I stayed for 3-4 minutes. I really avoid going out in dusty and crowded places because their where you can accumulate germs and stay out of the sun. It can burn your skin and can add up your pimples. Never touch or prick your pimples. That’s my advice. =)

  10. anushree says

    barsat kimiti roj subaha sham naha kar4 bar lagayn

  11. eating neem and lemon will cure pimple .try this. 1 spoon is enough.pimple will disappear.

  12. hi,
    i am getting pimples on forhead, from last two month, keep on coming, pls advice

  13. Realy treatment the gvn r useful jst try it

  14. plz help me i was so fair b4 n now i am v dark like black people plz tell me what 2 do i followed all da things mentioned above but it does’nt work.

  15. I need an effective home remedy 4 pimples nothing works i tried everything and i am just 12 years old!!!!!

  16. i have soo pimple and acne in my face.

  17. i have a lot of pimples on my nose.will dandruff cause me these pimples?.they became a scar on my nose .plz give remedy

  18. jessica peralta says

    hai im jessica and my problem is i have a lots of pimples on my face i tried so many products but i think it is not very effective what should i do i want to try some natural products…can you give me some tips thanks..

    • raj lakshmi says

      apply a paste of multani mud and raw milk n leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. wash it gently with cold water. your pimples will surely disappear in 10 to 15 days.

    • hi, am anitha plz tell me to control my pimple and dark spots .

    • HARDIK PATEL says


  19. i am 15 yr old and i ve scar made by insect acid on my face
    plz suggest some home made reamedy, so i remove my scar

  20. simple solution::::
    wash your face thrice in a day!!!!
    and take plenty of water

  21. i too have red pimples on forehead

  22. i hv a lot pimples on my face making my face very rough, and black heads all over my body also very rough pls help me.

  23. its of no use lol

  24. Gurjeet kaur says

    i have a lot of pimples on my face and also scares and black its on the nose so what i will do for my face and my skin is very oily.

  25. i have pimples more and marks left
    and my skin is uneven

  26. Pls help me wt dis pimples. Its really spoiling my face. Jst dont knw wat to do???

  27. i hav lotz of pimples on my face…………. n my skin is too oily i keep on trying somethin 2 reduce my pimples but it didnt work plz plz help me 2 reduce my acne…………

  28. Micheal seun says

    Please,l need your help on my face,pimples had been my major problem,please l need your help,

  29. Mr clearfacein3days says

    if you smear honey all over your face as soon as you get home and are not going anywhere, leave it on all day and all night, they will be gone in AT MOST 3 days

  30. the remedies given seem to be ok.

  31. Hv bn fightn wit pimple 4rm age 12 n nw im 21..hv used several remedies bt non wrk 4 me.wht im usin nw is dt i apply lime juice at nite n wash ind mornin n it rily wrks..d only tin left nw are d spot..pls wht cn i do abt dat.

  32. Ova ten yr now wit pimples on my face how can i get raid of it am tire and fel so shy to me people

  33. HI,



  34. lovely miranda says

    Lots of useful tips. Thank you.

  35. Thank ??????? so much for this information because it help matter. May God continue to increase our knowledge more about this urgly infection.

  36. deepshikha says

    i hv so many pimples n marks on my face since 10 yrs n m so embarass 2 go out i did many things bt no gud effct cm out………… i thing i vil nvr go

  37. shoaib mallik says

    is pimples are for permanent

  38. ritu jha 09575757259 says

    i like this

  39. apply neem leaves,tulsi leaves and mehndi leaves.Grind them with small amount of water. Apply this paste for at least 2-3 months. Ur acnes will be removed.

  40. ur tips sound encouraging but the problem i have with ur tips are that most of them cant b located in africa .if they can be found pls give us their common name that we can sorth 4 them in our locality

  41. Lot of Remedies for pimples thanks a lots

  42. Honey an salt works great, the honey leaves ur skin soft an the salt scrubs away oil an dirt

  43. I pray it work 4 me

  44. Gladys Aderele says

    My face always have oil an i have pimples on my face .what can i use.d thing dat i can use 2 me my face smooth.pls tell me

  45. Essential oils are supposed to kill the bacteria associated with pimples and acne. I suffered with acne so bad i stopped going out with my friends. I got a natural acne lotion from the UK (teenage dream) and it has really changed my life (what a cliche). It is a base of jojoba oil with essential oils and what i didnt realize before is that natural oils are actually good for oily skin and acne. It was expensive and I’m sure you could make up your own but i’ve had a bottle of this for three months and there is still some left.

  46. hi i have many pimple in my face i am crying why my face become pimply plz help i need it

  47. hey guys does any one how to make pack using honey??????
    plz reply…

  48. hi, am anitha from bangalor i hv much pimple and dark spots what i want to do about that .

  49. welheminah Phala says

    i also have pimples and would also like you to assist me on how to treat them cause know they are to much.looking forward to hearing from you and cant wait to use to use your remedy.

  50. Mary .s. says

    Very interesting information.i ll ve to try some of these steps to d pimples on my face,they re nt much though.

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