Home Remedies For Poison Oak

What is Poison Oak?

Poison Oak is one of the most terribly deceiving plants in the world, which affects millions of nature lovers each year. Oil present in and on this invasive plant contains toxin, urushiol, can cause skin rash which eventually leads to skin cancer.

Wild variety of Poison Oak grows in Santa Cruiz and other areas of North California. It is also found in eastern and coastal areas of North America. It is a vine and belongs to the Toxicodendron plant genus.

Causes and Symptoms of Poison Oak 

Urushiol becomes active after three days of coming in contact with Poison Oak. The first symptom of Poison Oak dermatitis is stinging and burning sensation. It begins to enter into your bloodstream. It causes painfully itchy irritation that often blisters. Stinging rash is formed after five days.

Natural Home Remedies for Poison Oak

It is not always possible to identify Poison Oak as its leaves resemble the young oak plant and many of its varieties looks like blackberry plant. It is deceptive as it changes its appearance every season.

If you familiarize yourself with the various characteristics of poison oak then you can easily protect yourself against its painful and itchy rash. A good rule of thumb is to never come in contact with any poison oak leaf. One can easily become rash and itch free by following these simple home remedies for Poison Oak.

Eradicate Poison Oak

• Cover yourself completely by gloves and clothing and dig out the plants by its root. This is the most effective and cheapest way of cleaning your surroundings of this toxic plant.
• Surprisingly goats are very fond of eating poison oak and are unaffected of urushiol, the toxin of Poison Oak.

Poison Oak Home Remedies

• Though one may hate the odor of Vinegar. It can alleviate itching and pain associated with this ailment very effectively. Apply straight to the affected areas.

• Similarly baking soda will produce an immediate soothing sensation when applied straight to the affected area.

• One of the highly recommended home remedy for Poison Oak dermatitis is Jewelweed.  Stems are filled with gel somewhat similar to Aloe Vera and bears yellow-orange flowers. It is very useful in inhibiting the spread of the rash. One must apply it immediately after exposure to this toxic plant.

• Mix Aloe Vera gel with lavender, comfrey and golden seal as use this herbal medicine as an effective natural cure for Poison Oak home treatment.

• Application of paste of oatmeal or when added to a bath help in inhibiting the rashes due to the toxic from Poison Oak. The natural ingredients in oat meal dissolve the blotchy skin.


• You can also use buttermilk to get instant relief from Poison oak hypersensitive reaction. Buttermilk not only softens skin but also prevent many other skin infections like acne.

• Homemade Tea tree mint oatmeal face mask 10 drops of peppermint, 3 tablespoon of witch hazel, 1 cup of ground oatmeal and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Whisk them to get a thick paste.

Apply this whenever you are infected. Keep this for 30 minutes to help draw out as much oil and pus as possible. Wash your face with lukewarm water. These therapeutic ingredients are easily available in your local health food and herbal stores.

• Massage the affected area of skin by the peels of citrus fruits like Orange and Lemon. This helps in curing the skin from itching and rashes.

• Boil some water and add some peach leaves. Massage the affected area with this solution or you can drink it also. It serves as one of the most highly beneficial home remedies for Poison Oak natural treatment.

• Immediate action which you can take after coming in contact with Poison Oak is wash your hands and anything else which come in contact with Poison Oak.

• Severe allergic reactions such as an abnormal areas of swelling, tight throat, joint pain and fever require immediate medical attention. Ultrasensitive persons may require hospitalization.

• Burkdork root is one of the most effective herbs used in natural home remedies for Poison Oak. It is used to make tea which has medicinal properties. This provides instant relief from the symptoms.

• Banana and honey are also some of the delicious remedies which keep the skin pores clean.

• Use potato to get rid of almost all the dermatitis problem. It soothes skin. To reduce the skin itching and irritation apply blended potato on the affected area.


• Contaminated clothing should never be washed with other laundry items.
• Pets can unknowingly bring urushiol indoors and can easily spread this toxic to other members of the family.

Diet for Poison Oak

Vitamin C rich diet prevents rapid spreading of the rash. Some of top fruits and vegetables that deliver Bioflavonoids or Vitamin P to the table are Strawberries, Citrus fruits, Sweet peppers or red bell peppers, Garlic, Spinach, Teas, Tropical fruits like mango and papaya and Brussels sprouts heals inflammation and help in eliminating this dermatitis. These foods are always more effective when served raw.

Zinc can repair damaged skin tissues. Victims must take wheat germ, oysters, sesame seeds, roasted pumpkin, dried watermelon seeds, cocoa powder found in chocolates and peanuts as these are the top foods which are rich in Zinc.

Compounds that boost immune system and helps in rapid healing are Beta-carotene and calcium. Sweet potatoes, spinach, collard greens, turnip greens, fresh thyme, carrots, winter squash and kale are some of the vegetables that are rich in Beta-carotene. Milk and milk products and cabbage are rich source of calcium.

So go for it and get rid of Poison Oak dermatitis.


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