Home Remedies For Pyorrhoea

What is Pyorrhoea?

Periodontal Disease in its advanced stage is often referred to as Pyorrhoea. Infection in the bones and ligaments supporting the teeth leads to this condition. If not controlled in time, it may cause shrinkage of the gums surrounding the teeth and eventually result in tooth loss.

This disease is also known as Pyorrhoea Alveolaris in medical terminology. It is caused by poor dental hygiene resulting giving rise to unwanted bacterial growth. These bacterial outgrowths (thriving on food deposits present in the mouth) cause swelling in the gums and gradually affect the supporting structure around the tooth. As the disease progresses, it causes the gums to recede thereby loosening the tooth.

It is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene and diet in order to avoid such Periodontal Diseases or Periodontitis. Plus, a number of natural home remedies for Pyorrhoea using natural ingredients like guava, orange, lettuce etc are simple, inexpensive, safe and highly beneficial for the natural treatment of this disease. Advanced stages characterized by bone loss may also require surgical procedures.

Causes and Symptoms of Pyorrhoea

Bacterial plaque is one of the most common causes of this dental problem. Apart from improper dental hygiene, other causes Pyorrhoea include wrong eating habits, excess sugar consumption, irritation due to chemicals, improper brushing technique, gum injury and other related factors.

Certain health issues such as chronic illnesses, prolonged tension, allergies, blood diseases, glandular disorders etc can also be held responsible for causing the same.

Besides, factors like pregnancy and intake of certain medicines may also be associated with worsening of the disease. Also, deficiency of vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, niacin and other such vitamin and mineral deficiencies tend to affect the normal dental health adversely.

Pyorrhoea usually remains painless and does not cause any serious discomfort worth the notice of the affected individual. As the disease progresses, it leads to a number of symptoms like red, tender and swollen gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, discharge of pus and other such symptoms.

Pus along the margins of the teeth tends to travel up to the stomach and cause further troubles. The infection may also give rise to another serious condition called Sepsis which in turn may affect the normal functioning of the liver and abdominal cavity.

Natural Home Remedies for Pyorrhoea

• Chewing unripe guava fruit or its leaves is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Pyorrhoea treatment by controlling the symptoms related to bleeding.

• Simply chewing a few lettuce leaves after meals also serves as a good Pyorrhoea natural remedy.

• Add one cup of carrot juice in one cup of spinach juice and drink the resultant mixture on a regular basis in order to reduce and cure Pyorrhoea naturally.


• Eating bananas, preferably with the inner threadlike peel is one of the easiest possible natural home remedies for Pyorrhoea.

• Rubbing orange peels over the gums is useful in the home treatment of Pyorrhoea as it tends to reduce gum inflammation. Lemon juice is also beneficial in this regard.

• Add 100 ml of honey, 200 ml of castor oil and five grams of camphor to form a mixture. Then, put a margosa twig in this mixture and rub it on the gums. This is one of the best Pyorrhoea home remedies that helps fight bacterial infections in a natural way.

• Camphor can also be used on the gums along with some clarified butter to help cure this disease. Follow this remdy on a regular basis for encouraging results.

• Take some pointed gourd leaves, ginger, rock salt, fig root. Put these ingredients in water and bring to boil. The, strain and cool this decoction and gargle with it to relieve Pyorrhoea disease and its symptoms.

• Applying some mustard oil on the gums after brushing is a tried and tested home remedy for Periodontal Diseases. Mustard oil can also be used in combination with a pinch of salt.

• Gargling with sesame oil by keeping the oil in the mouth for about ten minutes is highly beneficial in getting rid of this dangerous disease.

• Boil some banyan barks in water for about half an hour and gargle with this decoction on a regular basis to heal Pyorrhea effectively.

• Another therapeutic decoction can be prepared from fenugreek seeds in the same way. Both these decoctions are regarded as excellent Pyorrhea home remedies.

• Application of a mixture of pomegranate rind, salt and pepper is useful in dealing with Pyorrhea. In fact, regular application of this mixture helps to prevent Pyorrhea to a great extent.

• Massage the gums with a mixture of salt and pepper to improve gum health and remove the bacterial infection.

Diet for Pyorrhoea

A balanced and nutritious diet aimed at reducing vitamin and mineral deficiencies helps in maintaining good oral health. This can be achieved with the inclusion of a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, whole grains and nuts in the diet.

Green salads are highly beneficial in this regard. Apart from these dietary measures, certain restrictive measures should also be adopted. For instance, stay away from tea, coffee, colas, alcohol and other such strong beverages.

Plus, restrict the consumption of flesh foods, hard foods, condiments and other sticky foods. Packaged foods with white flour and excess sugar should also be avoided as much as possible. Needless to mention, maintain adequate dental hygiene by regular and proper brushing and flossing. An important tip in this regard is to rinse the mouth with water after having a meal, not immediately but half an hour after having the meal.


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