Home Remedies For Rheumatism

What is Rheumatism?

Rheumatism is a medical problem that is characterized by immense pain and stiffness in bones, joints, tendons or ligaments. It is a non specific term to refer to a disease that can be broadly classified as Localized Rheumatism, Regional Rheumatism, Generalized Rheumatism and Psychogenic Rheumatism.

Fibromyalgia, Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorders, and Bursitis are some examples of Rheumatic Diseases. Bursitis is the most common type of non articular form of this disease that is, affecting the soft tissues. Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorders affect the joints in the jaws. In case of Psychogenic Rheumatism, the pains are not found to match the true physiology and are hence related to psychological factors.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Capsulitis, Rheumatoid Fever, Rheumatoid Heart Disease and other such diseases are often associated with Rheumatism. Wet and cold weather tends to increase the pain caused by this disease.

Rheumatism is considered as a non specific term because it covers a variety of diseases with diverse causes. Thus, different types of Rheumatoid Disorders require different approaches for treatment. Usually, analgesics or pain killers are used to deal with the immense pain caused by Rheumatic Diseases. As these medicines have their own side effects, the patients generally try to search out the natural home remedies for Rheumatism to cure this disease naturally.

Causes and Symptoms of Rheumatism

Hormonal imbalances and a genetic predisposition to develop this disease are the most common causes of Rheumatism. Tooth infections, tonsils, consumption of toxic waste products in the blood and gall bladder problems are also related to Rheumatic Diseases. Besides, excessive consumption of meats, acid forming foods and artificial food items containing refined sugar, white flour, and fats also contribute in aggravating this problem.

Severe pain, swelling, stiffness and intense soreness are some of the most significant symptoms of Rheumatism. Muscular Rheumatism is particularly painful and causes flare ups. Other symptoms include low grade fever, loss of sleep, weakness and other related mild symptoms.

Natural Home Remedies for Rheumatism

• Regular intake of walnuts is one of the easiest possible natural home remedies for Rheumatism. About 5-6 walnuts per day should be sufficient for this purpose.

• Drinking one cup of bitter gourd juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey serves as a therapeutic home remedy for the treatment of Rheumatism. This natural remedy should be continued for about three months to achieve best results.

• Massaging the affected area with oil extracted from carom seeds helps to cure Rheumatism related pains. Drinking hot water mixed with one teaspoon of powdered carom seeds before meals is also beneficial in the treatment of Rheumatism.


• Taking one or two teaspoons of juice extracted from raw potatoes is one of the most highly recommended natural home remedies for Rheumatism. This juice work best when taken before meals for at least one month. Similarly, taking a decoction prepared from potato peels is also a popular home remedy for Rheumatism treatment. For this, boil half a liter of water with about 30 g of thoroughly washed potato peels till the water reduces to half and take this decoction 3-4 times a day.

• Decoction prepared from alfalfa seeds in boiling water is beneficial in getting rid of the pain swelling caused by this disease. In the same way, decoction prepared from wild cherry roots, burdrock roots and oregano grape roots is also effective.

• Consuming a teaspoon of carrot juice mixed with lemon juice before bedtime helps in providing pain relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Simply consuming lemon juice (extracted from 2-3 lemons) on a daily basis is highly beneficial in preventing Rheumatism.

• Add two to three teaspoons of cod liver oil to a glass of orange juice and drink this mixture before going to sleep. This is one of the most valuable natural home remedies for Rheumatism treatment.

• Drinking cranberry juice mixed with blackstrap molasses is useful in healing this disease.

• Take a glass of lukewarm water and add about two teaspoons of honey and the same amount of apple cider vinegar to it. Regular consumption of this mixture one or two times per day is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Rheumatism.

• Tomato juice is considered a good natural remdy for Rheumatic pain relief.

• Prepare a mixture by crushing equal amounts of green stalks of rhubarb herb and sugar. Taking one teaspoons of this mixture 3-4 times a day helps to reduce Rheumatism related symptoms.

• Putting the affected area in some warm water mixed with rosemary oil gives encouraging results in the home treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Rheumatic Diseases.

Diet for Rheumatism

A healthy and balanced diet consisting of a variety of fresh fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, salads, cereals and nuts is highly recommended for curing Rheumatism. Vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium are highly beneficial in dealing with Rheumatoid Diseases. Along with this, drinking plenty of water helps to remove toxic wastes. Plus, raspberry tea facilitates the healing process.

Apart from these measures, the patient should try to restrict the consumption of harmful and fatty junk foods. Meat (especially red meat), fish, refined sugars, white bread, sauces, pickles, condiments and other such foods are best avoided. Besides, it would be better to stay away from strong beverages like tea coffee and alcohol.

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