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What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a psychological brain disorder that is chronic in nature. It is commonly characterized by symptoms like delusions, hallucinations, cognitive impairments, disorganized speech and behavior etc.

More often than not, Schizophrenia affects the part of the brain that is responsible for self analysis and hence the affected individual fails to understand or accept this illness.

It has been observed that Schizophrenia tends to develop earlier in males as compared to females. For instance, the affected males generally begin to show the signs of this disease between 15 to 20 years of age whereas in case of females, the signs and symptoms usually begin to manifest around 20 to 25 years of age.

Moreover, Schizophrenia patients are at a higher risk of committing suicide or least attempting to commit suicide. Schizophrenia is often confused with split personality disorder but two conditions are quite different from each other. The disease usually persists continuously or episodically throughout life.

The treatment of Schizophrenia works best when initiated from the early stages of the disease. Apart from the medicines, this disabling condition is usually treated gradually with the help of psychotherapy and social or vocational rehabilitation in severe cases.

In addition, Schizophrenia natural treatment consisting of a number of therapeutic home remedies for Schizophrenia also helps in successfully dealing with this mental disease. The natural remedies are useful in healing Schizophrenia with the help of several relaxing and curative herbs.

The effective home treatment for Schizophrenia ideally aims at getting rid of this disease by reducing its various disabling symptoms in a natural way. In the present scenario, there are no specific laboratory tests for determining this disease.

Causes of Schizophrenia

Though the exact cause of this disease is not known, still hereditary factors, chemical imbalances in neurotransmitters such as excess of dopamine, higher copper levels in the body, enlarged fluid filled brain ventricles, abnormalities in the frontal and temporal lobes and other similar abnormalities in the brain structure are some of the main known causes of Schizophrenia.

Certain other factors that increase the risk of developing this disease are prenatal exposure to viral infection, higher stress level during pregnancy, early parental loss etc. Therefore, a combination of these genetic, environmental, biological and psychological factors can be held responsible for causing Schizophrenia.

Some experts are also trying to analyze the metaphysical side of this complicated brain disorder. Usually, Schizophrenia patients also tend to suffer from other psychological problems as well, especially depression and anxiety disorders.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia can be classified as paranoid, disorganized, catatonic, undifferentiated or residual type. Symptoms of Schizophrenia have been broadly categorized into three categories namely, positive symptoms, negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms.


Positive Symptoms: Hallucinations (especially auditory), delusions, movement disorders and thought disorders fall under the category of positive symptoms. In fact, Schizophrenia patients are more prone to paranoid delusions or persecutory delusions that make them believe that others are trying to harm them.

Due to these psychotic behaviors the affected individuals generally lose touch of the reality. Their fragmented thinking leads to disorganized speech and behavior.

Negative Symptoms: Such symptoms are characterized by lack of enthusiasm in everyday life, lack of self care, bizarre postures, decreased motor activity, speaking very little, social inhibition and flattened affect.

Flattened affect refers to a condition of emotional indifference indicated by monotonous voice, less lively facial movements, lack of eye contact and other similar symptoms.

Cognitive Symptoms: These symptoms are often difficult to recognize and cause emotional distress due to poor working memory, poor executive functioning and trouble in focusing or paying attention.

Natural Home Remedies for Schizophrenia

• Herbal teas prepared from sage, chamomile, basil, rosemary, St John’s Wort, cardamom and other similar herbs are the most popular natural home remedies for Schizophrenia.

Tea prepared from a combination of a quarter teaspoon of basil and half a teaspoon of sage in a cup of boiling water is particularly useful in relieving the problems associated with this psychological disorder.

• Licorice, passion flower and kava kava are considered good for controlling Schizophrenia related stress and anxiety.

• Having herbal tea prepared from a teaspoon of dried and powdered Asian Ginseng is a valuable Schizophrenia home remedy. This herbal remedy helps cure Schizophrenia with its neuro protective properties. Follow this remdy on a regular basis by consuming this herbal tea two times in a day for about six months.

• Alternative therapies like yoga, aromatherapy and meditation are highly beneficial natural home remedies for Schizophrenia and related other problems like depression and anxiety.

Diet for Schizophrenia

Apart from the above mentioned Schizophrenia home remedies, a healthy and balanced diet is also highly recommended when dealing with Schizophrenia in order to avoid further problems.

The diet should include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, peas, tomatoes, corns, Indian gooseberries, oranges and various other foods, especially the ones rich in vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C, zinc and manganese. Besides, intake of addictive items such as particularly alcohol and marijuana should be strictly restricted.


  1. elson elias says


    • Hi Elson. My heart ws overwhelmed by your crying out for help from this terrible disease. I have a family member who has been suffering from this same disease. I don’t know whether or not you are a Christian, but through prayer, you can be set free. I will be praying for you, for it is my desire to see all who suffer from this disease, to be completely healed in Jesus name. If you would like special prayer over the phone, please feel free to contact me by email, and I will provide my number.
      May the Lord bless and keep you.
      God bless and keep you.

  2. Dear Elson Elias.

    The PROBLEM with MANAGING schizophrenia, is MODERN MEDICINE. This might seem paranoid, I know, but sadly it’s the truth.

    Modern medicine, like all industry, is based on money and laziness. You might not agree with me, but seriously look into it.

    The chances for you to get a doctor that is sympathetic with your symptoms, are minimal.

    Let me elaborate. We might say – well, it’s quite logical not to be sympathetic with such horrible symptoms. But who are saying this?


    Basically, our treatment of psychiatric disorders, is SOCIOLOGICAL. So it’s healthy to be “normal”?

    Not so! So who is normal? Like 3-4%, though most of us strive to be, and many would even describe themselves as such.

    So it’s a collective delusion. Does it have a negative affect on real society? Yes, akward people are alienated. Though at first glance it doesn’t affect the “ideal” society, the strivance for order and normality.

    “Society creates it’s criminals”

    You can ask an in-delusion schizophrenic, if his delusion is logical and necessary. Of course he will answer “yes”. So is it with the collective, but they can back eachother up. They close their eyes for the immorality of their alliance. They may even be proud of it.

    I don’t see why pride or shame should get into the mix. We are humans, by nature irrational.

    To DEAL with irrationality, we create routine. Society is the collective routine.

    Some routines are good, some bad. You have to figure out for yourself. DO NOT let others command you, this will lead to no good for anybody, for several reasons. Instead take inspiration from other people, listen to them, and make them listen.

    “History is made by the individual, not the masses”

    As a schizophrenic, you are a SENSITIVE person. Being a sensitive person in today’s society, creates severe depression and anxiety, unless you of course give in, and stop being a sensitive person. But ask yourself – can you really? And is it worth it?

    Soul is always with you, or else you wouldn’t be in pain and despair. Basically you are (considering) giving up hope, so you become APATHIC. All of us are apathic in some way or another. Of people starving in Africa, the terrible life of a mugger, a horrible accident of one’s enemy, etc. It is how we deal, it is natural, but not ideal and optimal.

    I don’t know you, you are an individual. We’re ALL different, even schizophrenics to eachother. I don’t know your reason for your apathy, or your individual struggle. But perhaps you NEED somebody that understands YOU, that will LISTEN. Be not afraid to be HONEST and ask for help.

    As for you (not) being you. Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? We like to think I am this, because I’ve done that. But in reality it’s much more complex than that. But I can simplify it: You get an impulse, you respond, your response is creating a response from all your NOW-reality and even beyond, or it doesn’t, you remember this, so you “learn”. Basically you are an observer of your body and it’s feel and sight, not much more.

    However, to observe this, is to rationalize beyond your routine(which actually is not rationalizing, but justifying, then justifying the justifying by calling it rationalization). So when you observe your feelings and thoughts, and see what arise with what, your natural (re)action WILL CHANGE accordingly.

    For most, change is scary. Of course it is, but it is not dangerous. Changes do not affect who you are or your values. It is with change that you get to really know yourself and others.

    Social bullying by morality/norms, heedless experimentation w/drugs/medication/etc, stigma and prejudice, however is not scary, but it is VERY DANGEROUS.

    Society is lead by 1) Money/Power addicted people, 2) Masses. Psychiatry is an enterprise of this, I would not recommend anybody seeing a doctor, unless they really TRUST them. The masses are like 50% of the people, compare it to IQ, you will see they are not really that smart. So pay no attention to social stigma, do what is right in your own heart FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

    That being said, desire and sacrifice is key here. Schizophrenics often sacrifice themself in one way or another to get on level with “the others”. And for that they feel shame, and what’s worse, they never get on the level with others, unless they go psychopathic. For this they feel even more shame. With shame and survival often comes justification and pride. So it’s a thoughie.

    So be yourself, have no social desires, though express your NEEDS. This goes with any other desires as well, food, drugs, sex, entertainment, etc.

    You will feel more alone/etc, by taking control of your desires, so you can fill it with more healthy choices if it gets too hard. But the best, is to go with it. Stare at the wall, take a bath, take a walk, look at the skies, whatever. You will survive, believe me, you will stand up stronger than ever.

    So basically the key to schizophrenia, is to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Watch your diett, mental & physical conditioning, etc. Eat fish-oil(Omega-3, etc), vitamins, minerals, etc. Eat regulary. Educate yourself on what to when. Do yoga, exercise, meditate and read wisdom. Find a quite space, in which you can retreat that is being respected by others by communication.

    Most importantly – observe, experience, sacrifice, learn, get SUPPORT, be yourself, and NEVER GIVE UP.

    You might get the notion that you can read other peoples mind, in many cases you do. But like spoken words, they can be misinterpered, and this responsibility is always on YOU, even though it might be anothers FAULT.

    In fact, do not concern yourself with fault.

    You might hear voices, we all hear voices, maybe your mind is bored, maybe it is stressed. Take it as a symptom of what condition your mind is in, do not concern yourself with it’s appearance.

    What makes sense, is what you make sense of. So be responsible.

    You might feel that people are against you, we’ll that’s probably true to some extent. People are really crazy these days, so it wouldn’t surprise me. But actually they mean no harm, because if they knew what harm they did, they would NOT do it. Also, you need to realize you are a sensitive being, and that the emotions you feel are in excess to reality. Control your emotions, DO NOT ignore or justify them. Rationalize.

    And when you really cannot rationalize, turn off your mind, relax in a healthy way. Communicate a time-out.

    VBERY IMPORTANT: Write a journal; diett, sleeping, exercise, thoughts, feelings, events, cognitive psychology, etc. Whatever you feel the need for, you will be surprised by the effect of this, and by what you actually need to write.

    Keep a daily planner.

    Organize your life.

    Be HONEST, as a sensitive person adapting to the immoral society(I have many ex., look into it yourself), you will have to “clear” your “house” before being honest, or else you will be harshly judged and treated by the hypocrites. Can you handle this? For you it is important to be honest, it is a core value for you as a sensitive person. So be responsible.

    BE REALISTIC, you will fail. If you accept this, you will SUCCEED. Do not be harsh with yourself, it will do NO good. Instead be motivated and inspired.


    There are info on whats good about what symptoms widely available on internet and in books, educate yourself!

    The symptoms you are feeling are YOURS, not schizophrenia’s. Schizophrenia is a common classification of the symptoms you are experiencing, not the other way around!

    Give it all time and diligence, and you have succeeded.

    It might take days, weeks, months, or years. But it will absolutely be worth it.

    I am sorry this got very long, but you didn’t give out much info about your situation, so I covered all I felt possible and relevant.

    And I am sorry for the disorganization of my writing, but you’ve got a mind, use it.

    There’s alot of valuable lessons here, and if you are too lazy to figure something out, and are dismissing it as ignorance/etc, that’s your bad because I am not here to impress anybody.

    Do not listen to me, find out for yourself – seriously that is good enough.

    It will not be easy at all, but it is the only worth in the world. Best of wishes 🙂

  3. Raviprasad P Rao says

    My cousin brother from Mangalore is sufferring from schezophrenia since 5 years. He was under medication taking alopathic medicines. Now, he is smoking cigarette too much without control. Any particular natural remedy apart from herbal tea will help him cure this disease permanently. He is 39 years old.
    Any particular doctor he should consult, pls advice.

  4. Wow!! That is the most sane answer i’ve seen about this horrific condition… I applaud your honesty where others say nothing…

    I have this condition… It is absolutly horrific!!

    I my opinion there is a lot of mis-communication with this condition, people with this condition ARE NOT HAVING THE CONDITION EXPLAINED IN A WAY THAT THEY UNDERSTAND, especiality when they have a psychotic episodes…

    Unfortunaty, what happens in psychotic episodes IS REAL, but what needs to be understood is that the situation was thought up and therefore is a fabricated situation and therefore not real!!…

    This world isn’t exactly what seems… I’ll leave it at that for fear of sounding like a crazed lunatic… Lets just say its not what you expect to be… Or what is shown to you by society.

    Unfortunatly there is no cure for this… Or at least for my particular type of schizophrenia… My particular condition is incredibly EXTREME!… Its quite unbelievable really!

    Like you say…

    – schizophrenics have to keep to have a good moral compase, always!

    – your mind and imagination needs to be kept in check… The more you think the worser everything gets, the more you add to the psychotic episodes you already have… Do not think, or imagine things in your mind… Meditation is key, pratice having a quiet and empty mind.

    – always distract yourself… Listen to music, play games, create happy feelings and feelings of caring and loving!

    – have a busy life… The more you go out the better… It will reduce the amount of noticesable psychotic episodes…

    – write down what is going on

    – if anyone is treating you in a negative way, the situation was created by your own mind… Nothing else! We are all connected, we all like the same thing, positive feelings, happiness and love, never go to the negative side!

    – all that is important to us is feelings, feelings are everything… This goes for everyone… We work today for the feelings that we want to have tomorrow!!

    – writing down a routen which you look at daily is very important… To remind you of what you are doing… Say a set of rules… I.e. write some sentence which will defuse your anger etc… Like ‘ do not read anything into any of the signs’… Etc… Make a set of rules to live by!

    – your mind set is extremly important, stay away from thinking about these fake situations… Because they are fake! And it is not how the people around really feel… It is only momentaraly fabricated, but what you do see IS REAL… People act around you according to your state of mind… So change your state of mind, by say instead of thinking about the fabrications, for you to describe people how people may be physically and mentally, say ; oh, she looks like she might be a generous person, approachable, nice… Etc… This just to change your mind set and you will see people will alter their according to your mind set… Fucked up, i know!

    – take any percieved signs as people warning you that i psychotic episode is about to happen… When it does happen there is absolutly nothing you can do about it!! It cannot be stoped by anything… What you thought will happen no matter what… Its about how long you let it affect you…

    – a key to stop you thinking, is to think you actually have no problems, if you have no problems then you automatically dont need to think…

    – do not fight the condition, it cannot be faught… i.e. you will only be fighting yourself… And your own thoughts…

    – the condition needs to be accepted, accept its existence and is something that must be controlled.., there is no way around it… This you accept that the condition isnt a problem you therefore automatically dont need ti think about it! If you see it as a problem… It becomes a problem…

    And so on…

    If anyone wants i’d be happy to add more info…

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