Home Remedies For Sexual Impotence

What is Sexual Impotence?

Basically, Sexual Impotence refers to an inability to become sexually aroused. Both males as well as females are susceptible to this Sexual Disorder. Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common causes of Sexual Impotence in males.

Erectile dysfunction usually affects older men, that is, the ones above 65 years in age. It includes conditions like premature ejaculation and retarded ejaculation. Stress, depression and anxiety are some of the most important causes of Sexual Impotence. Therefore, Sexual Impotence can be caused by physical as well as psychological factors.

The treatment of Sexual Impotence can be carried out with the help of conventional as well as natural treatments. But, the conventional treatments carry with them the risk of several major or minor side effects. On the other hand, the natural home remedies for Sexual Impotence serve as a safer option to cure this problem in a natural way.

Causes and Symptoms of Sexual Impotence

As mentioned earlier, both physical as well as psychological factors can be held responsible for causing Sexual Impotence. Erectile Dysfunction resulting in Sexual Impotence is generally caused by imbalance in the sexual hormones, spinal cord injury, nerve damage, surgery or injury in the pelvic area, smoking, alcoholism and other related factors.

Erectile dysfunction may also be caused by certain diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis, kidney disorders, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other peripheral vascular diseases. Side effects of certain medicines like the ones used for high blood pressure, neurological disorders, depression etc. Men under 35 years of age usually suffer from Sexual Impotence due to psychological factors.

Both men and women are likely to suffer from certain psychological factors like mental exhaustion, depression, fear, frustration, performance anxiety, sexual boredom, anger, relationship difficulties etc. Increasing age may also cause this problem. Women may develop decreased sex drive due prior sexual trauma, pain due to vaginal injury, Hysterectomies and other related factors.

Loss of sex drive (decreased libido) and a general feeling of tiredness are the most common symptoms of Sexual Impotence. Sexual Impotence due to Erectile Dysfunction may be characterized by failure to get erection or a tendency to retain erections for short periods only.

Natural Home Remedies for Sexual Impotence

• Boil a cup of milk mixed with about 15 grams of dried roots of asparagus. Regular intake of this mixture two times per day serves as one of the most valuable home remedies for Sexual Impotence caused by Premature Ejaculation.

• Take about 25 grams of milk and add 15 grams of drumstick flowers in it. Boil the mixture and drink it as a sexual tonic to get rid of Sexual Impotence. This natural remedy is beneficial for both men and women.

• Powder of dry bark of drumstick is also useful in the treatment of Sexual Impotence in men due to Premature Ejaculation and thinness of semen. It can be taken in the form of decoction or along with some honey. The decoction can be prepared by boiling 120 grams of this powder in half a liter of water for about 30 minutes.

Alternatively, 30 grams of this therapeutic herb can also be taken along with a tablespoon of honey. This remdy should be taken three times per day for about one month to give encouraging results.

• Having two to three raw garlic cloves on a regular basis is one of the most highly recommended natural home remedies for Sexual Impotence. Regular consumption of onions, especially white onions also helps to cure Sexual Impotence naturally.

• Prepare a mixture by adding equal amounts of dry fruits like, pistachios, almonds, dried dates and quince seeds. Take about 100 grams of this mixture on a daily basis to remove sexual Impotence by increasing libido and sexual power.

• A combination of half a teaspoon of ginger juice, honey and half boiled egg helps to heal Sexual Impotence. This home remedy should be taken daily at night for about one month to as a natural cure for Erectile Dysfunction.

A similar combination of chopped carrots, half boiled egg and a tablespoon of honey is also beneficial when dealing with this problem. Carrots can also be taken along with milk.

• Taking a glass of milk mixed with 5-10 grams of Lady’s Finger root powder is one of the most trusted Sexual Impotence home remedies. Two teaspoons of powdered sugar candy can also be mixed in this combination to improve its taste. This home remedy should be taken on a regular basis, almost daily in order to improve sexual vigor.

• Herbs like ginseng, chickweed, saffron, plantain, safflower etc are highly beneficial natural remedies for Sexual Impotence.

• Daily having a glass of warm milk along with 30 grams of black raisins (washed with warm water) helps to relieve such problems. The dosage of black raisins should be increased to 50 grams after some time to restore sexual vitality.

Diet for Sexual Impotence

A healthy diet with judicious amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts is useful in dealing with Sexual Impotence. Zinc is particularly helpful in increasing the sexual stamina. Vitamin A, on the other hand, helps to reduce Erectile Dysfunction in men. Honey, garlic, figs, apples, bananas, whey, goat’s milk and millet should be positively included in the diet.

Taking a combination of soaked almonds and milk is one of the simplest Sexual Impotence home remedies that helps improve libido. Besides, stay away from processed and packed foods prepared from refined flour. Also, avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.

Moreover, it is believed that exercising right before sex directs the blood away from the erectile glands in order to supply blood to the muscles being exercised thereby resulting in erection problems. Aroma therapy, body massage and yoga are highly beneficial in the natural treatment of Sexual Impotence.


  1. T. Adalafil says

    The natural home remedies are always better then the other remedies because it doesn’t have any
    kind of side effects .According to me one should always use the natural remedies.

  2. In your documentation on natural remedies for sexual impotence you have listed about 9 types. Do we need to take all of them or one of them can help? I am saying so because I just started taking three cloves of garlic mixed with pure honey 4 days now. But the first day I stared taking I had a very good erection which do not usually have. and I woke up with hard rock erection in the morning. Now on the third day I wanted to have sex with my wife but I completely failed to gain erection the whole night up morning It could try to erect but only ends on very soft erection which can not even penetrate into her. How long can I take these three cloves of garlic for me to see results? Or Is it wrong to mix it with honey chewing them together at the same time? I take 1 clove in the morning, 1 in the Afternoon and 1 in the evening bed time.

  3. i don’t see anything wrong with taking honey and garlic together

  4. To Lovemore,
    I was suffering from ED. I started taking raw garlic two years back. It gave me excellent result. But, three cloves are just not enough, I would say. I take 15 big cloves everyday. The cloves should be grated or grind and kept for an hour in normal temperature before eating. This triggers important chemical changes in the garlic. What I do is – I mix some green coriender leaves and a little salt with the garlic, grind it. It makes a tasty chatni. You can have it with your lunch and dinner. Now i don’t have any sexual problem.

  5. Savelio T Ifopo says

    You have a point, Make sure you focussed, and that you really want to have sex instead of experimenting if garlic works.

  6. Can i use badami oil for breast increase


    can i mix garlic , honey and sw sex pills and take gradually ?

  8. chukwudi says

    can i use garic for premature jacutation

  9. i have erection problems also. i dont ejaculate very much. what can i do to improve either of them. i have a hot woman,that want s to feel me cummin in her. im not able to do that .

  10. wow, 15 cloves of garlic and who would want to have sex with you, phewwwwwwww

  11. Does eating cooked garlic help treating ED, i find very unbearable 2 swallow raw garlic

  12. Is it good to use milk nd black raisin in the night and soaked almonds and milk in mornig ?

  13. James Okomba Nduka says

    I am interested because I have the same problem. and I need to be cure by his grace through your Doctors . thanks.

  14. Can ginger and white onions be perfect substitute for garlic since garlic has unpleasant smell that scares people away from you and looks embarrassing to you.

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