Home Remedies For Smelly Hair

What is Smelly Hair?

Presence of foul odor in hair is an unusual yet equally embarrassing problem that is referred to as Smelly Hair. It is mostly caused by Smelly Hair Syndrome. Nonetheless, Mother Nature offers some highly beneficial home remedies for Smelly Hair natural treatment.

People generally believe that this problem is caused by improper personal hygiene but it is not necessary. However, the fact is that Smelly Hair is primarily caused by fungal or bacterial infection and other environmental factors. Low immunity can also make you vulnerable to smelly scalp and hair.

It can be present in both men as well as women. However, Smelly Hair is not a serious condition. It can be cured using a wide variety of Smelly Hair home remedies and by adopting certain dietary measures.

Causes and Symptoms of Smelly Hair

Basically, unpleasant odor in hair arises due to microbial growth on oily scalp. Factors like poor personal hygiene, excessive sweating, strenuous physical activity, overactive sebaceous glands on scalp, exposure to chemicals and environmental pollution, cigarette smoking etc contribute in causing Smelly Hair.

Besides, stress, hormonal imbalance and thyroid disorders can also give rise to this problem. Bacterial infection on scalp, scalp psoriasis and fungal infection in the form of Ringworm on scalp are the most common infections leading to Smelly Hair.

The condition is characterized by bad, muggy and moldy odor in hair and scalp. The embarrassing odor is noticed more prominently when brushing and grooming hair. Additional symptoms like itchy scalp and flaking may also be present. Bacterial infection can lead to large, swollen bumps as well.

Natural Home Remedies for Smelly Hair

• Massaging the scalp with a solution of one teaspoon of baking soda in three cups of water is one of the most popular home remedies for Smelly Hair.

• Rinsing the hair with a mixture of one part of apple cider vinegar and four parts of water is useful in getting rid of Smelly Hair naturally as it helps reduce excessive oil from hair and restores normal pH level in hair and scalp.


• Applying a combination of rosemary oil and some lemon juice is a highly beneficial natural cure for Smelly Hair. Follow this home remedy about 2-3 times in a week by applying the mixture overnight and then rinsing the hair with a mild shampoo the next morning. Olive oil, jojoba oil or lavender oil can also be used in the same way.

• Using onion juice on scalp and then rinsing it off with warm water in 15-20 minutes is another natural way to reduce Smelly Hair problem. It also helps treat Hair Loss.

• Tea tree oil and margosa oil work as effective natural home remedies for Smelly Hair because they have antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

• Applying tomato juice on scalp for about 15-20 minutes and then washing it off is useful in healing Smelly Hair problem by balancing pH level in hair.

• Take two liters of water and boil two cups of thyme sprigs in it for about 15 minutes with lid on. Finally, cool and strain the solution and use this herbal tea to rinse hair to remove bad odor in hair due to oily hair.

• Prepare a mixture by adding juice of one lemon in a bowl of yogurt. Apply this mixture on scalp and wash it off after half an hour. This is one of the most valuable natural remedies for Smelly Hair home treatment.

• Using sulfur and salicylic acid based shampoos is highly recommended to get rid of Smelly Hair as it helps control microbial infection. In addition, massage the scalp to improve circular and clean the scalp thoroughly to avoid further infection.

Avoid using strong chemical based hair styling products. Another valuable tip to avoid Smelly Hair is to let your hair dry on their own after washing and do not tie your hair until they dry out completely. You may try using products that mask bad odor in hair, but this is a temporary solution.

Diet for Smelly Hair

The most obvious dietary suggestion for dealing with Smelly Hair Syndrome is to reduce the intake of foods with pungent smells, like garlic, onion etc. Needless to add, take a balanced diet consisting of a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains that strengthen the immune system.

Drink sufficient water throughout the day at regular intervals. As the condition can also be triggered by stress, practice some relaxation techniques as well.

Thus, keep these useful suggestions in mind, maintain proper hygiene, wash your hair regularly, frequently change your towel, pillow cover, hair brush, use linens prepared from natural fabrics (cotton, silk etc) and adopt the above mentioned natural home remedies for Smelly Hair to get rid of this problem.


  1. thanks a lot for all the info. I couldn’t know the cause of my smelly hair and even my doctors for 5 years. what you said make big sense as I have IBS, low immunity related to stress. and I’ll follow your advice . thanks again for all your efforts

    • Um IBS is irritable bowel syndrome and has nothing to do with low immune system…I know I have been medically diagnosed by a real doctor….and stress can cause low immines because stress causes you to not do the normal things to keep ur body in function…I also no this cuz I once again was medically diagnosed

      • miss thing says

        learn to spell before you try to critique someone else’s mere OPINION, Andrea!

        You are no medical expert – everyone’s body is different, ok, um?

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