Home Remedies For Sneezing

What is Sneezing?

Sneezing is not usually taken to be serious problem but surely can be quite frustrating when you keep Sneezing over and over again while doing important work. You can verily get rid of this problem through home remedies for Sneezing natural treatment.

Nonetheless, certain studies indicate that it is better not to suppress a forceful sneeze because it can be harmful for ears as air that we sneeze out travels at a great speed. Moreover, it can rupture a blood vessel in the brain. Besides, Sneezing works as a protective mechanism and helps expel allergens and irritants out of the body.

Thus, if you can not hold back a sudden blast of aerosol particles from your nose then you need not regret it. In fact, at times, even if you do suppress a sneeze, the urge to sneeze still continues until your nose gets rid of the germs or irritants it cannot stand. However, do not forget to cover your nose and mouth to avoid spreading infectious aerosol droplets on others.

Causes and Symptoms of Sneezing

Sneezing is mostly caused by allergies. animal dander, smoke, mold, dust, wood dust, pollen and other such irritants are the most common causes of this problem, particularly due to Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis.

Cold weather, variation in humidity and temperature, rain water, strong smells, peppers, food allergies, certain drugs, opiate withdrawal and other such factors also contribute in the same.

Exposure to bright sunlight may induce photic sneeze reflex in some individuals. It is a genetic disorder medically known as Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome. Apart from this, inflammation associated with Asthma can also make one more prone to Sneezing.

Further, a variety of viral, bacterial or fungal infections can give rise to this problem. Upper respiratory infection and common cold are the most common infections in this regard.

In such cases, natural home remedies for Sneezing help control this problem by healing the underlying infection. Moreover, nasal polyps, Sinusitis, Otitis Media and other nose and ear related issues may also cause include the symptom of Sneezing.

You can surely identify a sneeze because of its characteristic ah-choo sound. The sound may be loud or low. It may be accompanied by issues like lack of concentration, fatigue, runny nose, nasal irritation, red eyes etc.

Natural Home Remedies for Sneezing

• Using air filtration devices and humidifiers is an effective home remedy to reduce Sneezing as it helps reduce the amount of pollen in air.


• The most popular natural remedy for Sneezing is to pinch the bridge of your nose with your thumb and forefinger and hold your breath for a few seconds when you feel the urge to sneeze.

Another simple technique to stifle a sneeze is to tickle the roof of your mouth with the tip of tongue as soon as you feel a sneeze coming. Simply holding the breath is also beneficial to some extent. At times, intently focusing your attention elsewhere or on any object can also prove helpful in getting rid of this problem.

• Taking soups and salads mixed with black pepper is one of the simplest natural cures for Sneezing because it keeps the respiratory system clear. Ginger, garlic and turmeric are also considered as valuable Sneezing home remedies that help relieve this problem in a natural way.

• Inhaling vapors of boiling water mixed with a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil is highly beneficial in relieving Sneezing induced by nasal irritation and colds.

• Herbal teas mixed with honey are considered as excellent natural home remedies for Sneezing. Chamomile, Echinacea and nettle tea, in particular are quit helpful in healing this problem. You can also prepare a tea by keeping two tablespoons of fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water for about 15-20 minutes and finally straining and drinking it two times in a day.

• Take a cup of water, add some minced ginger in it and boil the solution until half the original quantity of water remains. Drink this decoction at night before going to bed to stop sneezing attacks in the morning. You can also add honey in this therapeutic solution to improve its taste.

• Soak some about 5-6 bitter gourd leaves in water for sometime. Next, squeeze them and add a little bit of warm water to get the juice. Finally, consume it on a regular basis to get rid of Sneezing induced by colds and seasonal allergies. When following this therapy, you an also add some honey in the juice.

• Wearing face mask while working in the garden or cleaning is another useful tip to avoid Sneezing induced by dust, pollen etc.

Diet for Sneezing

Dietary measures to help fight seasonal allergies and boost immunity are useful in the home treatment for Sneezing. Vitamin C, for instance, serves as a natural antihistamine. Magnesium also helps in relieving allergies which in turn cause Sneezing.

Therefore, you should include a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, citrus fruits, juices etc in the diet. In addition, drink adequate amount of water and juices.

Moreover, stay away from environmental irritants and allergens. Clean rugs, carpets, curtains, pillow covers, bed sheets, blankets, mattresses and other such items regularly. Wash the air filters of your air conditioning system at least once in a month.

Check and replace furnace filters as and when required. In case you have pets then wipe down your furry companions with damp washcloth from time to time. Adopt these suggestions and natural home remedies for Sneezing if you wish to cease your sneeze.


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