Home Remedies For Tinnitus

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is any tingling, buzzing or ringing sound perception which occurs without any external stimulation of sound. It may originate in the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear or the brain. It is not a complete disease in itself but a symptom of a pre existing disease like an ear disease or a circulatory system related disorder. The disease can be perceived in one or both the ears.

There are two types of this disease, namely Objective Tinnitus and Subjective Tinnitus.  The main difference between the two is that in Objective Tinnitus, the unusual sounds can be heard by the sufferer as well as other people whereas in Subjective Tinnitus only the sufferer can hear the strange sounds. Out of the two types, most of the Tinnitus patients suffer from Subjective and a very few number of patients suffer from Objective Tinnitus. This means that in most of the cases only the sufferer is able to hear these sounds or noises which seem to occur without any external source.

Tinnitus and hearing loss are indirectly related to each other. Studies have found a correlation between the two by stating that people suffering from hearing loss are twice more likely to develop Tinnitus as compared to the ones with normal hearing. Many patients try a variety of medications and procedures to get rid of the problem to no avail. In such cases, the natural home remedies for Tinnitus can prove beneficial to some extent. The most obvious remedy is to stop thinking about the Tinnitus sounds and focus the attention elsewhere.

Causes of Tinnitus

Foods items like cheese red wine, chocolate, avocados, grain-based spirits, soy, honey and certain citrus fruits tend to trigger Tinnitus sounds. Marijuana is known to aggravate the problem. Tinnitus may also be caused by Lyme disease as its side effect. In the same way, Head injuries, Glomous Tumors, Intracranial Hypertension, an over active thyroid gland, Anemia, Pregnancy and Otosclerosis may lead to Pulsatile Tinnitus. Any sort of infection, fluid, ear wax or a disease in the middle ear bone or ear drum may be held responsible for causing this disease.

Age is another important factor causing Tinnitus due to age related hearing nerve impairments. Besides, loud noise can also be attributed as a common cause of Tinnitus. Higher doses of Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Diuretics, Antibiotics, Cancer and Quinine medicines and other non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs may also cause the disease. Emotional stress, caffeine, alcohol, high sodium, tobacco, high fat and a poor diet can aggravate existing Tinnitus. Some Schizophrenia patients tend to hear Tinnitus sounds. Tinnitus can be experienced temporarily by almost everyone in a sound proof room.


Symptoms of Tinnitus

Patients suffering from the problem of Tinnitus often complain of hearing sounds like that of rushing water, the high-pitched squeal produced by computers or televisions, hissing steam, breaking glass, buzzing, whistling or chirping crickets. Sudden head motions during exercise or footfalls during jogging tend to increase the intensity of Tinnitus sounds. In Pulsatile Tinnitus, patients tend to hear rushing sounds caused by their own pulse or heartbeat. The disease can be constant, intermittent or pulsating.

Natural Home Remedies for Tinnitus

• Applying hot compresses on the neck or massaging the ear before bedtime serve as effective home remedies for Tinnitus due to improper blood circulation.
• Putting a saline solution in the affected ear and draining it out after ten minutes is an effective natural cure for the disease.
• Putting 2-3 drops of warm Holy Basil juice regularly for 3-4 days continuously is one of the oldest natural home remedies for Tinnitus correction.
• Extract of the Maidenhair tree and Ginkgo Biloba are beneficial in the treatment of Tinnitus by diluting blood vessels thereby increasing proper flow of blood to the ear. For best results, put 20-40 mg of the above mentioned extracts in the ears for 4-6 weeks.
• Mix one teaspoon of ghee in one cup of milk and nicely blend the mixture. Drink one cup of his mixture on a regular basis. This simple home remedy provides great amount of relief and cures the disease slowly but naturally.
• Extract onion juice and put two-three drops of this juice in the ears. This is one of the easiest home remdies for Tinnitus.
• The therapeutic properties of Goldenseal, Myrrh gum, Bayberry bark, burdock root, and hawthorn leaf and flower are effective in the treatment of Tinnitus.
• Roast a garlic clove in a teaspoon of mustard oil. After cooling it, squeeze the garlic clove in the ears. This home remedy provides relief from Tinnitus caused by high altitudes or cold weather.
• Ayurvedic oils like Aparamarga Kshaara oil and Hingawadi oil are efficient home remedies for Tinnitus treatment.
• Other alternate remedies include acupuncture, magnets, sacral therapy, hyperbaric oxygen and hypnosis.

Diet for Tinnitus

Eating fresh pineapples can reduce ear inflammations causing Tinnitus. A protein rich diet along with adequate amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, chloride and zinc should be adopted to prevent the disease. Black and blueberries, carrots, oranges, apricots, milk and milk products, whole grain products, eggs, cereals and beans are some such foods. Fresh green leafy vegetables that are rich in iron should be positively included in the diet to treat Tinnitus resulting from anemia. A simple and healthy heal Tinnitus caused by circulatory problems is to increase blood circulation by chewing nuts.

Nerve stimulants like tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and colas should be avoided as far as possible. Refined carbohydrates should be replaced by high fiber fruits and vegetables. Lentils, raspberries, peas, legumes, turnip, sunflower seeds, broccoli, black beans, apples, almonds and pears are some such high fiber foods. Oatmeal, bran and barely are also good sources of fiber. The patient should stay away from Tinnitus worsening food items like excess salt, saturated fats, dairy products, refined and processed foods, sugar, chemicals and flavor enhancers etc. Food allergies tend to aggravate Tinnitus, so such foods should are also best avoided.


  1. My husband got up a week ago today w/ this problem. He is having trouble living day to day life. Should he see ENT for help??

  2. I was wondering about the conflicting advice regarding dairy products.
    One tip states: ” Mix one teaspoon of ghee in one cup of milk and nicely blend the mixture. Drink one cup of his mixture on a regular basis. This simple home remedy provides great amount of relief and cures the disease slowly but naturally.”
    Then below, it states: The patient should stay away from Tinnitus worsening food items like excess salt, saturated fats, dairy products…”
    So, which is correct ?
    Thank you.

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