Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

What is Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a communicable disease of human beings and animals, caused by the fungi, whose scientific name is Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, and usually affects lungs, however it might also affect other vital organs of the body as well. When it affects the lungs, it’s called pulmonary TB, and very often extends to lymph glands. It can further impair the proper functioning of bones, joints, kidneys and may even give rise to meningitis.

Besides it, another kind of microbe called as atypical tuberculosis, are also considered to be the root cause of the disease. Usually the organism i.e. atypical tuberculosis, belonging to the Mycobacterium family, are found in our bodies, next to other kinds of bacteria, without causing any kinds of health problems, and hence commonly referred to as Colonizers. At times they cause infection very similar to usual tuberculosis, whose treatment is itself a very Herculean job, necessitating the drug therapy’s continuation for one and a half year to even two, with numerous medications.

Causes of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis being a communicable disease usually spreads through droplets in the air, containing the bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. When a person comes in close contact with TB affected lungs patient, and gets exposed to the patient’s coughs or sneezes, he is likely to get affected.

Other causative factors of the disease include:
• Weaker immune system due to HIV/AIDS or as a result of taking in immune system surpassing medicines.
• Diabetic disease further furnishes ground for tuberculosis.
• Very young ones or elderly people, who have weaker immune system, which can’t fight with the germs of disease effectively.
• Malnutrition, i.e. lack of healthy foods in the diet due to carelessness/poverty.
• Excessive drinking or smoking habit.
• Living at overcrowded places
• Visit to or from the TB affected places, or places which have history for large scale prevalence of the disease
• Mental stress or strain
• Working with health care groups, can also trigger the disease

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

There is a direct relation between the development of tuberculosis symptoms and the strength of immune system, as you might have no symptoms at all, temporary minor ones, which disappear after sometime, to the no symptoms initially followed by the appearance in the following weeks or months.
Many a times no symptoms of the disease are noticed in the patient, on account of their active immune system, leading to good fight with the germs of the disease, resulting in the formation of microscopic tubercles in the lungs, which can be noticed in their X-rays. Such a condition is called latent TB.
When latent tuberculosis comes in to force, it results into active tuberculosis, due to weakening of immune system, uncontrolled diabetes, or in case of getting underweight. Whatever may be the cause, the result remains same, i.e. emergence of symptoms of Tuberculosis.
The symptoms include:
• Continuous cough, coupled with the very frequent phlegm, often containing blood
• Inflated glands in neck
• Feebleness
• Weight Loss
• Night sweats
• Chest pain, while breathing in
• Rise in temperature usually in evening
•  Loss of appetence
• Indigestion

Natural Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

For any disease natural home remedies are simply too good, as they don’t carry with them the side effects, hence read on further to find out various simple natural home remedies for tuberculosis.

Enhance using up bottle gourd in the food, as it is the easiest natural home remedy for tuberculosis, which augment the body’s resistance to tuberculosis.

Boil milk with long peppers, followed by the addition of sugar, and offer it to the tuberculosis patient, twice a day, can be very beneficial in providing relief from the cold, cough, asthma and weaknesses of lung along with TB at nascent stage, is one of the much appreciated natural home remedies for tuberculosis.


Periodic intake of pineapple juice is yet another one of easiest natural home remedies for tuberculosis, which has been found effective in overcoming tuberculosis.

Allow the sugar crystals to stand for some time in clove oil, followed by its consumption several times in a day, is yet another one of wonderful natural home remedies for tuberculosis.

Amalgamate a tsp of mint juice with honey, followed by the addition of 2 tsp of malt vinegar. Then mix up the mixture with the cupful of carrot juice and blend the mixture nicely, and consume it thrice a day to have better results.

You can also make most of Indian Gooseberry, as it’s found highly beneficial in the treatment of tuberculosis. To derive the benefits, take one tsp of fresh amla juice with honey mix in the morning. Regular drinking is sure to set-up the healthiness and liveliness, as well. So make sure you make use of this miraculous home remedy for tuberculosis, to be back on the track of normal life.

Mix 5 grams of asafetida with kattha and 10 delicate leaves of neem, followed by the addition of the addition of Holy Basil leaves to it, to make a paste. Now use this paste to make mini tablets of chickpeas size, and consume it once at a time, after moistening in rose essence, for 3-4 times in a day.

You can further put drumstick leaves to good use, by placing it in a bowl of water for some time. Thereafter boil it up, and then filter the mixture. Then to add some spiciness mix salt as per your taste, pepper and few drops of lemon juice. Intake the soup every morning, on an empty stomach, to profit from the one of the priceless natural home remedies for tuberculosis.

If you like sugar candies, you’ll love them all the more, as it’s also one of the ingredients of the natural home remedies for tuberculosis. To beat the disease, you need to mix some sugar candy in ghee with butter, and feed on the resultant blended mixture many times a day.

To provide the relief to the patient from aches and pains, you can crush the nutmeg to the powdery form, then add 100 milliliters of oil in it, and cook on the low flame. As soon as the oil gets warmer, just apply on to the legs and hands of the patient with ail.

For long you might have been advised to take the fruits’ juices for good health, and now after becoming the TB patient, it’s high time that you contemplate over it. A glass of orange juice with one tsp of honey and a dash of salt is one of the excellent natural home remedies for tuberculosis. Make the habit of taking in on an empty stomach regularly.

Diet for Tuberculosis

• The patient should abstain from eating all the kinds of food, which tend to weaken the immune system, like white bread, sugar, refined cereals, tinned and preserved food. Additionally, you are further encouraged to avoid all strong tea/coffee, sauces and pickles.
• You need to further keep all the types of stress at bay, to get well soon by taking proper rest. The proper rest will ensure that your body regains the lost energy, and lets you recover soon.
• Refresh yourself by breathing fresh air and sunshine, as the sunshine is being noticed in killing the tubercle bacilli, so what you are waiting for?
• Engage yourself in light activities, to have constructive mental diversion, after all “An empty mind is devil’s workshop” isn’t t.
• Prefer the diet rich in calcium, like milk, which is even mentioned above, as one of the natural home remedies for tuberculosis.
• Include Banana and custard apple in your daily diet, to overthrow tuberculosis.


  1. if i use for one month rifampicin bp300mg isoniaizidbp150mg shoud i fill halthi from tuberculosis tb cos this is my doctor told me

  2. felix o. rejuso says

    We need your help about my niece who suffered from illness. As per doctor diagnostic she had a PTB. We spent a lot of money in the hospital. Aside from the PTB she can walk anymore. Her lower body part can no longer feel any. Please help us. Advice us the best home remedy on her illness. She continuously taking medicine prescribed by the doctor daily but it costly much.

  3. olumide OA says

    been diagnosed with chronic TB, what home remedies can i undergo to help my institutional drugs.

  4. Hi,
    Do you mean I must include all the remedies every day and again should I avoid solid food completely..?

  5. adebisi samiat says

    Pls what advice can u give to someone suffering fro stomach tuberculosis and he has been on inh and rifampicin for more than a year without effect

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