Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth

What are Yellow Teeth?

Teeth characterized by yellow colored stains on them are referred to as Yellow Teeth. Apart from staining, the yellow coloration could also be caused by other reasons. Lack of regular oral hygiene plays a significant role in causing Yellow Teeth.

Yellow Teeth is a common and embarrassing problem that can be cured with conventional as well as home treatments. In this regard, numerous home remedies for Yellow Teeth natural treatment have been in effect since time immemorial.

home remedies for yellow teeth

Conventional treatments, on the other hand include bleaching trays, whitening strips, dental veneers and other complex procedures.

Certain individuals tend to have naturally yellowish teeth because of inadequate mineralization of the outer layer of the teeth that covers dentin, a naturally yellow colored layer on the teeth. Most of the treatments generally do not give desired results in such cases.

Causes and Symptoms of Yellow Teeth

Yellow Teeth are usually caused by consumption of certain foods land beverages such as turmeric, potato, blueberry, blackberry, tobacco, red wine, tea, coffee, chocolate and a variety of other similar chromogenic items. Nicotine deposits on the teeth due to cigarette smoking also lead to staining and discoloration of teeth.

Environmental factors for instance, the presence of too much fluoride in water can also cause the same. Aging also contributes in causing this condition, not due to staining but due to natural wearing and tearing of the enamel thereby exposing the yellow dentin.

Intake of certain types of prescription drugs, liver diseases, radiation therapy, hereditary factors, tooth traumas in childhood and tooth decay arising from improper oral hygiene can also be held responsible for causing this embarrassing problem.

The most obvious symptom of Yellow Teeth is the presence of yellowish or yellow brown color on the surface of teeth.

Natural Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth

• Regularly rubbing dried and powdered orange peels on the teeth is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Yellow Teeth.


The white part of orange peels can also be used for this Yellow Teeth natural remedy. This powder can also be used with dried basil leaves to prevent and heal this problem. Sage leaves are also beneficial in dealing with Yellow Teeth.

• Rubbing the teeth with strawberries is one of the best natural home remedies for Yellow Teeth. Follow this home remedy on a regular basis and brush the teeth properly afterwards to remove the sugar and acid left on the teeth after rubbing.

Strawberry pulp can also be used with baking soda to remove the yellow stains on teeth.

• Prepare a mixture by adding half teaspoon of vinegar and a pinch of salt in half a tablespoon of baking soda. Apply this mixture on the teeth to reduce Yellow Teeth at home.

• A combination of half a tablespoon of baking soda and one or two drops of hydrogen peroxide works as an excellent natural teeth whitener.

• Apple, carrot and celery are also considered as valuable Yellow Teeth home remedies. Eat any of these foods after having meals to scrub away stains, aid in whitening of Yellow Teeth and reduce Bad Breath.

• Rubbing the teeth with bark of walnut tree helps to get rid of stains and naturally whiten Yellow Teeth.

• Brushing the teeth with apple cider vinegar every night is one of the simplest natural home remedies to whiten Yellow Teeth. One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar can also be mixed in a glass of water and used daily as natural mouthwash for whitening Yellow Teeth.

• Take three parts of lemon juice and one part of salt. Apply this mixture on the teeth for about one minute, spit it out and finally brush the teeth normally. Follow this natural remdy about two times per week to whiten Yellow Teeth naturally. Do not use this remedy in case of sensitive teeth and gums.

Diet for Yellow Teeth

Chewing foods like guava, apple, cucumber, sprouts and other such crunchy foods helps in removing stains and curing Yellow Teeth. Strawberry pulp also serves as a good natural bleaching agent used to whiten Yellow Teeth.

In addition, make it a habit to clean the teeth after every meal and do not scratch the stains with fingernails. Avoid caffeinated, alcoholic and carbonated beverages. Plus, quit the dangerous habit of cigarette smoking and tobacco abuse.


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