Home Remedies To Fight Baldness

Baldness is not a very welcomed condition for both men as well as women. Unfortunately, dealing with hair loss and growing your back is a challenging task that can be quite stressful.

Nonetheless, there exist several natural home remedies that you can use to re grow your hair. But, for this, you will have to collect information about the proper natural treatment and find out particular home remedies that are suitable for your situation.

For instance, onion is one of the most popular home remedies for growing hair. Your olfactory sense may not find the smell of onions favorable but your scalp will definitely find onions favorable for hair growth. To follow this remedy, you simply have to rub a piece of onion on the bald patches on scalp till it becomes slightly red.

Next, apply some honey on the areas where you rubbed onion for a short while. This procedure improves blood circulation on scalp, thereby aiding in growth of hair. You must have never thought that a food that improves the taste of your hamburger could also improve your chances of hair growth as well, right.

Coconut milk and aloe vera gel are also considered beneficial for hair growth. To prepare this natural cure, mix both the ingredients in equal proportions and spread the resultant mixture evenly on scalp.


Leave the mixture on your scalp for at least half an hour in order to stimulate hair follicles for growing hair. Follow this home treatment about thrice in a week’s time. You may begin to notice slight improvement in hair growth after a couple of weeks.

Home remedies to make hair grow naturally also involve the use of apple cider vinegar. Some of you find it surprising but this valuable remedy not only cures conditions like itching, ulcers, heartburn, dandruff etc but also helps in the home treatment for growing hair. You can use it in combination with a little bit of sage tea.

Rinse your hair with the solution to stimulate hair follicles naturally and hence promote re growth of hair.
If your hair condition in spite of following these remedial measures then consider factors like improper diet, stress and other such factors as well. We hardly ever consider these factors but the truth is that these lifestyle factors and overall health condition play an important role in promoting hair growth or hair loss.

Moreover, it is suggested that before going ahead with any expensive treatment you should first consult a doctor and rule out the chances of any underlying medical problems that could be affecting your hair condition adversely.

This can greatly help in identifying and eliminating the reasons that reduced the effectiveness of certain remedies, thereby helping in coming up with ways to make natural remedies give better results.

Besides, because of such advice, you can avoid the trouble of trying remedies that is not appropriate for your case. Struggling hard to make an unsuitable remedy work is useless. Instead, you should direct your efforts on attempts to explore other options available.


  1. my scalp is very itching and around that area my hair begin to fall everyday

  2. hair shaping makes me lose my front hair what should i do

  3. I use to have very thick n healthy hair but past 5 years i have been faceing really bad hair fall i have tried a lot of treatments and they are all expensive and there was no good results conditions started getting even worst being a female it actually makes you feel very insecure to have been loosing hair so i finally i got the decision and shaved off my hair completely it’s been a month now but hair is grown well but it’s still not effective i now have very thick hair in my crown area but thin hair at the other places

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