Home Remedies To Make Hair Grow Faster

Long locks of hair have always been considered as a sign of beauty. If you, too, are an admirer of beautiful hair and want to adorn yourself with lustrous and healthy hair, there exist numerous natural home remedies to make hair grow faster.

However, do not expect immediate results because natural remedies for faster hair growth will not do wonders overnight. Have patience. After all, patience is a virtue. Before moving on the home remedies for hair growth, you should first be aware of the factors associated with hair growth.

Some such factors are genetic predisposition, diet, endocrine diseases (thyroid disorder, in particular), stress and exposure to chemicals.

Treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy etc affect the rate of hair growth adversely and also cause hair loss. Generally, it has been observed that the rate of hair growth tends to vary from one individual to another. On an average, human hair grows at a rate of 5-6 inches per year.

Home Remedies to make Hair Grow Faster

• Regular hot oil massage (at least once a week) serves as a highly effective home treatment for hair growth as it improves blood circulation and nourishes the hair shafts. The hair and scalp massage can be done with coconut, rosemary, castor or olive oil. After massaging, leave the oil on the scalp for at least half an hour.

This oil therapy is also beneficial in controlling dandruff and hair fall. To warm the oil, pour it in a bowl and place the bowl in hot water. Use coconut oil as far as possible because gets absorbed in hair strands quite easily.

• Applying a mixture of three drops of lavender oil, three drops of rosemary oil, two drops each of thyme oil and cedarwood oil in combination with carrier oils like 3ml of jojoba oil and20 ml grapeseed oil is one of the best natural home remedies for hair growth. Wrap a warm towel (soaked in warm water and then wringed) to enhance the absorption of the herbal oils.


• Onion is another great hair growth home remedy that is particularly useful in case of individuals dealing with hair loss as it helps regenerate hair follicles. To prepare this remedy, put red onion cut in two pieces, two cinnamon sticks and four garlic cloves in some water and boil the mixture for 15 minutes.

Cool and strain the mixture and use this solution on hair for daily for four days to accelerate hair growth. Alternatively, you can also mix minced onion in a mild shampoo, let the mixture stand for about 15 days and then use it regularly.

• Using a potato mask prepared by adding potato juice extracted from three potatoes, an egg yolk and some honey is one of most useful but relatively unknown home remedies to make hair grow faster.

Apply the mixture on somewhat damp hair and leave it for almost half an hour before washing the hair with warm water. This hair growth natural treatment is highly beneficial for people suffering from hair loss.

• Trim your hair after every five to six week to remove split ends that prevent hair growth. Moreover, take adequate hair care measures by brushing the hair gently in the morning and evening to stimulate circulation and facilitate hair growth.

Make sure you not comb your hair when wet because wet hair are likely to break easily. Another tip to make hair grow faster is to brush your hair with the help of a boar bristle brush. Also, avoid using extremely hot water for washing hair.

• In order to promote natural hair growth, take a nutritious and balanced diet including yogurt, fruits, sprouts, nuts, carrots, beans, spinach, broccoli, beans, whole grain products and other items rich in proteins. Yellow colored fruits and vegetables are also valuable for healthy hair.

• As hair grows more during rest, taking proper rest is one the simplest natural home remedies to make hair grow faster. Exercising adequately is also necessary to make the body function better, thereby aiding in hair growth as well.


  1. Trimming you hair does not MAKE or help it grow faster. In fact if you trim too much your hair will not gain much length.
    Hair does need to be trimmed now and then to remove split, and fragile ends; this avoids some breakage which can stop length growth.
    How often should you trim your hair? Mainly when you see that the ends are thinning, or looking damaged. Damage depends upon what daily abuse the hair takes, hair styling chemicals and shampoos can also do damage. Cutter your hair less will add length faster. Just limit as much damage as possible and less hair trimmings will be need needed.

    • No this is true….. If you have split ends. Theypreventhair from growng much longer and if it does that hair is not healthy.you haveto cut it because straight even hair tends to grow faster and also makes yor hair alot healthier.

  2. Actually, you should use a wide-tooth comb after you shower. Brushing will break it easily.

  3. what do you do when you just want long hair?!?Because I want to dye my hair when it is longer and it has been over a year and my hair looks just the same!


    • hair grows from the roots. not from the ends. therefore, trimming it doesn’t help it grow. it just helps keep split ends away.

      • Yes, hair DOES grow from the roots…that’s for sure. But healthy ENDS are what determine whether you retain length or not. Because if hair grows from the roots then breaks off at the split ends, then you’re not retaining any length. This is because your hair is breaking off almost at the same rate that it’s growing.

  5. Edamwen lawani says

    Hw can i grow my hair in a simply way.

  6. if i put olive oil, honey, and egg yolk in my hair once a week. in how long will my hair grow??

  7. trimmin your hair does not maek your hair grow faster. However it makes it healthier.

  8. sumaiya eesaa says

    Snake oIL is good 4hair so try it

  9. pls can u send or give me snake oil? am afraid of snakes. by the way what specie of snake do i use for my hair?

    • sunny smith says

      They’re pulling your leg, hon … there’s no such thing as snake oil, like in snake oil salesman, conning you on something not real !

  10. Tiff Amber says

    The scalp massage, about 5 mins every day really works.
    And the egg/olive oil hair mask really made my hair look stunning after I washed it out. I noticed a dramatic change in my hair’s overall appearance and growth rate after I just totally gave up all the heat styling and dyeing.. πŸ™‚

  11. Wow! I Love dis green natural tips. I tink dis is d bst way 2 improve hair growth not using all dose harmful chemicals.

  12. Alicia Rodriguez. says

    I heard cutting, your hair every 3 months is a way to make it more healthier & grow much faster. But, Im scared to cut my hair & I want long hair right now..My hair is probably to my shoulders near the chest area. But I wan’t an even faster remedie thats quicker, & easy to do. So, anyone help? Lol. (:

    • I’m training to become a Cosmetologist, and if you don’t trim you hair, unless your ends are very very damaged, it will grow faster. Your hair grows from the root, not the ends! Also, taking vitamins help, altho i can’t remember what kind. And, also using Horse shampoo gives it a lot of nutrients making it feel full and making it very healthy and shiny. I hope this helps you!

      • Fangirling 24/7 says

        Oh, it’s vitamin B and for a horse shampoo, you should use “Mane and Tail” a horse shampoo they made into human shampoo. It doesn’t leave your hair coarse feeling like regular horse shampoo. And also for really fast hair growth, massage your scalp all over your head four times a day to rapidly allow blood circulation between the skull and scalp.

  13. u should trim your hair ..after every month and a half ..but what u should do within this duration ..is massaging ur hair with hot oil is possible daily ..and to wash the hair next day with amala,shikekai,ritha powder ..all the oil will go from ur hair ..apply the paste and keep it for half an hour ..and also apply coconut milk once a week ..keep it for an hour then just wash it with water

  14. Wat makes ur hair grow the fastes dering night cus I got a rely bad hair cus and I rely want my hair to grow as fast as posible pls help me

    • i need help my hair is down to my shoulders and i want lond hair down my back area HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • Well first off, to make your hair grow, you need to keep it healthy. My frtiaove home remedy is mayonnaise. Mayo has oil and eggs in it, which is really good for moisturizing your hair. Just put some mayo in your hair, cover with a plastic shower cap and leave it in for about 25 min or so. Rinse it out with cold water then wash like normal. I have also heard that you can heat up some olive oil them massage into your scalp. This will moisturize your hair as well as stimulate fair follicles and the blood circulation in your scalp.Make sure you only wash your hair every other day. Over washing is very damaging to hair because it strips it of its natural oils, slowing growth. Always be careful with your hair, especially when its wet. Wet hair is the most delicate. Always use a wide-toothed comb on wet or damp hair. Also, whenever possible, air dry! Heat damage is a major cause of slowed hair growth. Make sure to cut of the split ends to keep your hair strong.You can even take vitamins as well as drink plenty of water. You need to be hydrated to keep your hair hydrated!

  15. help please, i want treatment for my thinning hairline.thanks.

    • Nope, it’s because dnuirg pregnancy your hair growth and shedding cycles stop. Your hair doesn’t shed naturally like it normally would, so it just keeps growing and growing. After pregnancy, a lot of women lose a considerable amount of hair for the same reason the cycles turn back on, and you lose all the extra hair you grew.

      • YUPP! That’s exactly what happened to me with my 1st AND 2nd child. My hair grew like CRAZY until i had them. With my 1st i didnt lose much hair afterwards. But with my 2nd one i lost quite a bit. It was very depressing for me. And now I’m trying to find something to help me get it back.

  16. i have very fine to thin hair i would like to know how i can grow my hair to thick & long hair

  17. cutting your hair to make it grow is a myth! THINK about it, your hair grows from the root, not the ends! However, it does keep it healthier to trim it. If you have split ends and don’t keep them trimmed, your hair will continue to split farther up. I am going to try some of these things listed, I have long hair, but want it longer! Thanks for the tips!

  18. Ive had long hair down my back for a while ive always loved having long hair. I just recently cut it and it came out waaaay too short. My sister helped me the best she could and now my hair is only to mid chesy. I would really like to know ways to make my hair grow fast within wweeks. Keep in mind tht im also trying to hide this from my mom. I need the fastest posaible way to grow my hair using at home treatments!

  19. purple cat says

    Can anyone help? I had my hair cut and it came out too short. It’s just under my ears and I want it to grow to my shoulders quick. My mum hasn’t noticed so far but I need to grow it fast! Within weeks or a month or two would be ace. I just want really long hair for my birthday. Thank you!

  20. Lulu loves hair! says

    Baby oil helps loads! The first night I put it on it grew like 1 inch and looked shiner, healthier soft! I would say not to put loads on just bit then wash it out with shampoo then put conditioner on the ends! Leave it to air-dry then French braid it for the night when it is semi-moist then when you let it down in the morning it is lovely and wavey so you don’t have to style it using heat products! Good luck! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    • Some people have hair that grows naluratly slower than other people’s do. There is no way to speed up’ hair growth, but there are ways to keep the hair you grow healthier, less likely to break and therefore it appears to grow faster.If you heat style your hair (even just blow-drying) use a product that protects your hair from heat. Try to let hair dry naluratly as much as possible.Don’t BRUSH wet hair. To detangle, use a wide tooth comb and work out the knots in the bottom before moving up.Get your hair trimmed regularly. This keeps you hair from wasting nutrients on dead, split ends and keeps the hair shinier and stronger.Sometimes length is very hard to achieve. If you have very fine hair, it naluratly breaks easily and takes longer to grow to an even length. Be patient and ask your stylist the next time you go in for a cut for more tips and product recommendations.

      • i am having too much of hair loss and my hair growing speed is also very slow what should i do? help me i have tried many remedies but nothing works please tell me some special remedy for improoving hair and making them healthier and thick

    • Longladylocks says

      So your hair grew an inch overnight!!! Right you must think we’re all stupid or something nothing grows hair only patience, time and genes. It’s took me 7 years from short to hip, don’t believe all the hype about different growth aids its lies, trimming retains hair growth not stimulates it by removing the splits and allowing it to grow.

  21. Trimming your hair will help it to grow faster, I used to be a hairdresser, it help because it stop the hair from spliting higher up and helps to keep the netriuns in your hair that you need, have a trim every 6 week about half a cm and you will start to notice your hair looking healthy and growth as well

  22. i recently got my hair cut up verry short, and shaved to one side. i miss my long hair and i want to grow it back fast! i wanted to know is there any other methods to do this because this will take to long. i went down to the chemists and they have vitamin tablets i could take but it would not make my hair grow fast it will just make it all thick. please reply and tell me a faster and quicker and less complicated way to do this. Thanks

    • You need to pass those vitamins on to ME shannon! My hair is down to my bra strap in the back. BUT it is super thin and i cannot seem to get it to be thick. So for me, RIGHT NOW, I’d take it being thick over it being long! πŸ™‚

  23. Hi,

    I have dark skin please give home made remedies for getting a better and fair skin tone

  24. mine is curly hair ,i want a long hair pls help me by any tip that realy grows long hair

  25. HELP!!!! what do i do my hair is to my shoulders and i want to grow past my boobs is there anything i can do to make it grow faster i do straighten my hair, So is there any really good recommended heat protectant, I really don’t wanna buy something really expensive my hair is kinda unhealthy and I always put my hair up too i just really need help.

  26. I cut my hair 2 start a new one,and its just growing natural hair i want it 2 grow fast.pls tell me wat 2 do

    • You should use olive oil and lemon juice mixed. Don’t worry lemon oil wont bleach your hair if it gives u irratation wash it right away thank you!!!!

  27. myers in n out in the top in the top of my hair in a top my head I do something to make my hair grow and make my hair grow thicker and you come home and so I need something for man I had a grown man’s head

  28. I REALLY NEED HELP HERE!!!my hair getting thinner day by day.escpecially in the on the top part.the diff can be cleary seen as the side part is thick,its really worrying!! i cant even comb my hair properly cuz the thiness is visible. wat should i do???

  29. Hey hair lovers Okay so a GREAT home made object to grow your hair out is avacodo. Mash it in a bowl and apply leave for 30 mins to an hour. Also another one is banana. Smash it then apply leave this on for 20 mins to 40 mins. If you want your hair to be shiny and long use olive oil you can leave this on for 1 hour but don’t do to to to much cause it will leave your hair oily ick! Have fun and have healthy beautiful hair!!

  30. taylor kight says

    Baby oil helps loads! The first night I put it on it grew like 1 inch and looked shiner, healthier soft! I would say not to put loads on just bit then wash it out with shampoo then put conditioner on the ends! Leave it to air-dry then French braid it for the night when it is semi-moist then when you let it down in the morning it is lovely and wavy so you donÒ€ℒt have to style it using heat products! Good luck! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  31. taylor kight says

    I really wanted longer hair so i used this and it worked by a lot.

  32. HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Joey Ann Stagaard says

    Trimming your hair every 6 weeks does make it grow faster and healthier. I use natural products like olive oil, bandannas, honey, and eggs it helps in moisterizing.

  34. i have thick and naturally straight hair so i dn need to use any heat products but still my hairs havnt grwn mre dan 3 inches in past 8 mnths..my hairs reach js below ma chest and i wnt them till my lower back region..nd dat 2 fst…wt shud i do?

  35. Jeannine xx says

    Uhm, i just shaved my hair for cancer and i have been recieving really nasty comments.. Does anyone know a way to help my hair grow faster ? xx

    • Simple Beauty says

      First i just want to tell you to tell whoever is giving you nasty comments to stfu because they can be next.
      but doo gro works magic and B&B growth product…
      also Egg, vitamin E-oil and honey works magic,

    • If you’ve got cancer and you’r taking treatments nothing will probably help until you are done with the treatments. Try a wig?? My mom had cancer, lost her hair and wore different kinds of wigs.

  36. my hair is a tiny bit past sholder length, ive always wanted it to grow and i have done everrrryyyy thing possible. my one and only wish is seriously for long hair. but its very thin, and NOT growing. it recently was very unhealthy but i fixd that, and my main goal is to get it long. Long hair runs in the family also, so i dont understand! i want long hair sooo bad, i almost got extentions actually. PLEASE HELP ASAP*!!!!!

  37. It is the Vitamin B Complex in the pre-natal pills that causes your hair and nails to grow like they do.It is very mcomon for women to experience hair loss after birth If you plan on breast feeding though keep on taking them. You can get the same effect by taking an OTC Vitamin B Complex pill from any nutritional store. Even pre-pregnancy I took this supplement because I like the effects it has on my hair and nails.

  38. Pureology Reviews says

    A person essentially lend a hand to make seriously posts I would state. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual put up amazing. Wonderful process!

  39. Try a good conditioning treatment with argan oil. Argan oil helps stimulate hair growth and make hair healthy as well. Try Something like Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment. I’ve use it to tackle hair loss and so far it has worked really well to strengthen and thicken my hair. I recommend it!

  40. You should try to braid or just leave your hair down and natural because high ponytails and buns cause breakage which will cause your hair to become uneven and look unhealthy. Also try not to wash your hair every day. It helps if you only place conditioner to the ends of your hair, this way your hair is nourished and does not become greasy. And you should put lavender/canola/olive oil on your scalp and run it through your hair either daily or about an hour or so before you take a shower. Try not to use heat on it as much as possible. I learned that the hard way

  41. i am 16 years old help my hair will not grow at all what is wrong with it i wash it prem it trim it condition it and it wont grow i need help please my sister has long hair and she does neithing to it what am i doing wrong

  42. muskan kaushik says

    pls help kr do mko typhiod hua tha
    esliye hair bhot kam ho gaye re growth k
    liye kya karuuuuu

  43. muskan kaushik says

    i am lose my hair in this problm pls
    give me any solution for re grouth my hair
    from naturaly tipes

  44. Hi i am krishna kanti i have long hair bt its very thin nd oily nd i even have lot of dandruf nd i evn tried many home remedies bt it dsnt wrk wat shud i do plz help

  45. I often get mocked cos i aint gat hair on d front part of my head and my hair grows really slow,i recently cut my hair,so it can improve,bt its not improving.plsssssssss wat should i do,i really need help#crying#..

  46. kazem is crazy. I know him. He is Bald. he’s desperate. he tries to disapoint you too. don’t listen to him. try to improve your hair growth. life is life and everybody happy. new year has come. what are u doing? call me if nessesary.

  47. CarrageenCream says

    I’m loosing my hair this week after radiotherapy on my head. It’s a bit sore at the moment.. From next week I am going to try Coconut Oil on my scalp, Take Apricot Kernal – the B vitamin and Goats Milk from the local Bonniconlon goat (plenty of minerals there).with the usual brocolli and carrot.vegs. I’m also juicing beetroot, the blood tonic (home grown) and I’ll have a wee glass of that daily. I will come back in 3 months and hopefully with rewarding results.. Also I believe they are very good anti-oxidants . I’ll be back!

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