Home Remedies To Stop Coughing

Few months back there was news that two sisters died after consuming expired cough syrup. Is this not enough to get a reason to replace your medicines with home remedies to stop coughing?

Boost your immunity to get rid of coughing. Common cold can run a course of six to eight weeks. This leads to whooping cough which further leads to subconjunctival hemorrhage, tuberculosis infection, hernia, pneumonia, flare up and bursting of lung.

Lack of appetite can lead to loss of weight. Do not get scared as we have several ways available at our place itself to stop coughing.

Dos and don’ts to prevent whooping cough

• According to some experts gym should be avoided during coughing.
• Increase your liquid intake. Preferably go for hot liquids like tea, coffee, hot milk, soups, etc.

Herbal Treatment: Eat herbs, keep warm

• Replace your normal water with lukewarm water and this mixture. Stir one teaspoon each of honey and lime juice in a glass of warm water. Add a pinch of pepper to this mixture.

• Discover the magic of turmeric with this drink. Stir one tablespoon of turmeric in a glass full of hot milk and drink the therapeutic solution. Follow this cough natural remedy twice a day.

• Chewing raw ginger slices is considered as one of the best treatment for cough.

• While coughing, the most irritating part is throat irritation. To avoid that chew some cough lozenges. Avoid spicy diet for few days.

• Prevent cough by keeping a clove in your mouth. This will help in release its extract directly.

• Thyme is one of the best medicinal herbs. Intake of fresh thyme leaves with a teaspoon of honey helps in stopping most of problems related to bronchitis, cough and cold.

• Star anise, a traditional Chinese medicine is useful in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma and dry cough.

• Intake of some basil leaves also stops cough.

• Licorice, a herb when chewed helps in instantly getting cure from cough.

Herbal soup to cure coughing

This is one of the tested home remedies to stop coughing.


• Finely chop the herbs (coriander leaves, spinach, 6 mint leaves and spring onions)
• Put 1 liter of chicken stock in a pot. Add all the chopped herbs.
• Infuse the herbs in the stock and keep it for 10 minutes to simmer.
• Cool and blend it to make puree.
• Heat half table spoon of butter and fry 100 grams of shredded boneless chicken pieces.
• Heat half tablespoon of butter again and stir fry butter for 1 minute.
• Mix blended puree, salt fried chicken and white flour and simmer it for 5 minute. Add some cream and serve it hot.

Garlic heal

• Infuse a garlic clove in 62ml of mustard oil. Massage your chest with this oil. This is one of the well known Indian treatments for cough.
• Garlic Tea Recipe to heal coughing

For 2 cups of Tea boil 2 cups of water. Add finely chopped garlic to this water. Let it steep for 5 to 7 minutes. Filter out the minced garlic. Keep it so that it attains a lukewarm temperature. Drink the solution when it is lukewarm to get the best result.

Peel about one half pound of garlic. Finely chop them and make paste. Put this past it a jar. Completely cover the garlic with honey. Keep this jar in your refrigerator for two weeks to make your cough syrup. This is one of the most effective home remedies to stop coughing.

Some secrets to get rid of coughing

Sleep Well!

One of the secrets behind cough is not taking enough amount of sleep. Kick your cold and cough in its initial days by taking a day off. 

Food matters!

Why not go for vegetable broth and herbal soup when suffering from cough? It’s highly delicious and nutritious. Eat healthy to stay healthy. Avoid processed foods.

Pack yourself

Cover yourself to prevent further infection. If possible wear turtle neck shirt, ski cap, sweater, etc.

Cut off sugar and dairy products

These are mucous enhancing products.

Delicious home made cough medicine.

This can be easily made by the Elacampane plant. If you do not have it, then you can grow it with very low maintenance. This plant is a good source of calcium and phosphorous.
Make use of root of the plant.

• Cut the root slices in bite size pieces.
• Fill them in a jar.
• Cover the root pieces in the jar with honey.
• Shake the jar two to three times a day. Keep doing this for a week.
• Store it in your refrigerator.
• Whenever you suffer from coughing, either have honey or chew the roots. Spit them after chewing.

Nourishment means staying off of harmful substance and increasing the intake of essential components. So, feel the delight of curing yourself by using home remedies to stop coughing.


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