Home Remedies To Stop Snoring

Snoring is an annoying problem that refers to soft, loud, raspy or hoarse noise produced during sleep. It can be cured using some excellent natural home remedies to stop Snoring. More often than not, Snoring is not considered as a serious problem because it has no medical significance as long as it does not obstruct normal breathing.

It is often associated with overweight individuals. Nonetheless, lean and thin individuals are not completely immune to it. Noise during Snoring is created when there is turbulent flow of air through constricted air passages, thereby causing vibration of the soft palate as you breathe, thereby giving rise to hoarse sound and heavy breathing during sleep.

Factors that increase the chances of Snoring are asthma, deviated septum, common cold, allergy, nasal congestion, enlarged tonsils, thyroid disorder, sleeping posture etc. It has been observed that moms-to-be tend to snore during the last month of their pregnancy.

Sleep Apnea is another common condition leading to Snoring. Besides, taking certain muscle relaxing medications, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette in excess can also contribute in causing this problem.

As the condition affects the quantity and quality of sleep, you can consider adopting any of the following tried and tested home remedies to stop Snoring naturally.

Natural Home Remedies to Stop Snoring

• Taking a couple of sips of olive oil before bedtime is the easiest possible home remedy to relieve Snoring naturally.

• Just leaving a bottle of marjoram open beside you while sleeping is another popular natural cure for Snoring home treatment. The fragrance of this essential oil helps ease breathing.

• Herbal infusions prepared from passion flower, valerian, peppermint and other such soothing herbs work as highly beneficial natural home remedies to stop Snoring.


This sort of Snoring natural treatment with herbs, or combination of herbs helps reduce this problem considerably, especially it is triggered by anxiety. It is suggested that pregnant women should seek advice from their doctors before taking any herbal remedy.

• Another important tip to heal Snoring is to use a humidifier while sleeping to increase moisture in air and hence soothe dry throat and nasal passages. When suffering from congestion, you can also add a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil in it to help open airways. Inhaling steam before going to bed is also beneficial in this regard.

• As Snoring is often associated with weight gain, take proper steps to maintain normal body weight by embarking on a proper healthy diet plan and exercising regularly.

• Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and other such alternative therapies also serve as good natural remedies for Snoring relief. There also exist some throat exercises that improve breathing intake and strengthen muscles around the airways.

• Sleeping on the sides rather than back is one of the most effective natural home remedies to stop Snoring. In addition, it is recommended that you sleep on a flat and firm mattress.

• Another useful tip to stop Snoring is to avoid consuming dairy products before bedtime because these items tend to cause mucus buildup which in turn gives rise to Snoring. However, you can have warm milk mixed with honey to help decongest the airway and promote relaxing sleep. Besides, avoid extremely oily and spicy foods at night.

• Prepare a sage infusion by steeping a bunch of sage leaves in boiling water and then let it cool. Finally, strain the solution and gargle with it before bed time to heal this problem. Follow this natural treatment on a regular basis to cure Snoring in a natural way.

• Smoking tends to increase nasal congestion and mucus in nose and throat, thereby aggravating this problem. Therefore, reduce or preferably, quit smoking to get rid of Snoring as well as several other issues caused by smoking.

Apart from adopting these natural home remedies to stop Snoring, improve your sleeping posture and reposition your head to ease breathing during sleep in order to avoid Snoring. You can also try sleeping without a pillow, if it helps. Or else, opt for anti snoring pillows. Avoid having alcohol or any sedative before going to sleep. In addition, follow a regular sleep pattern to improve the quality of sleep.

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