Home Remedies For Teething

What is Teething?

Teething, as the name itself indicates, is a process of teeth emerging through the gums. Babies usually start teething by the time they are four to eight months old. Nonetheless, as there is no particular pattern for this process, it tends to vary from one baby to another.

Initially, the lower front teeth emerge. Baby teething process lasts for about one or two years until all the 20 primary teeth erupt.

These primary teeth last till about six years of age and then start falling out, paving way for the development of permanent teeth. As the process causes pain and discomfort, you can follow some tips and natural home remedies for Teething natural treatment.

Causes and Symptoms of Teething

Tooth buds are developed in babies during pregnancy itself. During the process of eruption, teeth grow through bones and push through the gum. It is believed that milk teeth appear sooner in case of baby girls as compared to baby boys.

Process of Teething is also referred to as Cutting Teeth. Though rare still, some babies are born with a few teeth whereas in some babies the Teething may start as late as their first birthday.

Teething babies tend to drool a lot which in turn increases the chances of developing face rashes. Other common symptoms of Teething are irritability, swelling and increased sensitivity in gums, urge to chew on hard objects, change in eating habits and sleeping problems due to pain in gums.

Some babies show minor or no symptoms at all whereas some experience severe discomforting symptoms. Given below are some useful Teething home remedies that can help in dealing with this problem.

Natural Home Remedies for Teething

• Massaging the gums gently but firmly with clean fingers or a soft, clean piece of cloth is one of the best natural home remedies for Teething. You can use olive oil to make the massage more soothing.


• Providing the baby with cold objects to chew on is another common Teething home treatment. For example, you can give frozen carrot, bagel, banana, the green end of dark green onion, Popsicle, teething ring, ice cube tied in piece of cloth and other such objects to your baby for chewing.

Choose objects or toys that are less likely to get choked in the baby’s throat. Wet washcloth, soaked in plain water or cold chamomile tea can also be used for this purpose. The cloth absorbs excess saliva and chamomile reduces swelling and promotes sleep.

• Rubbing a small piece of ginger root on the gums is one of the most effective natural home remedies for Teething pain relief.

• Letting the baby have ice cream is another popular natural cure for Teething babies. It helps reduce gum pain and is easy to consume. Cold yogurt can also be used for this purpose.

• Keep a spoon in the refrigerator for a few hours and let the baby place it on his/her gums. This simple home remedy for Teething is useful in getting rid of pain in sore gums. You can also fill a baby bottle with water and place it (upside down) in the refrigerator for some time and then let the baby chew its cold nipple.

• Applying some petroleum jelly mixed with aloe vera on the baby’s face (away from lips) and neck is helpful in healing drool rashes caused during Teething. Plus, gently wipe away the saliva from the skin from time to time and change your baby’s clothes often to avoid this problem.

• Rubbing a little pure vanilla extract on gums is serves as a therapeutic natural remedy for Teething babies. Apart from soothing pain, it reduces anxiety and cures upset stomach. Natural licorice stick (unflavored) can also be used during Teething.

• A mixture of 1-2 tablespoons of almond oil, olive oil or any other edible oil with a drop of clove oil can also be rubbed gently on the gums. Clove oil is quite potent and should not be used in excess other it can cause blisters on gums.

Diet for Teething

As babies usually refuse foods during Teething, they can be given cool liquids like water, nutritious juice, milk etc. You can also try making some nutritious teething biscuits and cookies for your baby. The dies should include boiled or steamed vegetables and soft, mushy pureed foods.

In addition, let the baby chew and suck on leaves and hollow stalks of wild fennel. Besides, distract the baby’s attention away from pain and use natural home remedies for Teething to make the baby feel better.

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