How To Get Rid Of A Rash?

Eager to know how to get rid of a rash easily! But before proceeding towards steps to cure rashes, it is recommended that you first ascertain the reason as to why the rash appeared because being aware of the cause can help a great deal in deciding upon the type of treatment best suited for healing the rash.

Rashes are common bumps or outbreaks on the skin that can either be localized or spread over a large area. They are accompanied by symptoms like itching, inflammation, redness, cracked skin etc.

Skin rashes can be caused by a number of reasons. Some common causes of rashes are dry skin, exposure to sun, allergies (Hives), environmental irritants, viral, bacterial or fungal infections, mosquito bites, certain skin diseases such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, and psychological factors like Stress, Anxiety etc.

How Do You Get Rid of Rashes and Spots?

• In case you are looking for ways on how to get rid of allergic rashes then you can make use of hydrocortizone creams and oral antihistamines. This is the most popular remedy to cure allergic skin rashes. Calamine lotions can also be used to relieve the irritation and itching associated with such rashes.

• Applying ice wrapped in a soft towel or cold compresses on the affected area is one of the simplest means of reducing itching caused by most of the rashes like insect bites, poison ivy, hives, heat rash and other similar conditions. Cold milk (not skimmed) can also be used for this purpose.

• If you are wondering how do I get rid of a rash with the help of natural home remedies then here are a few natural remedies. You can use witch hazel, calendula essential oil, St John’s wort and other similar herbal remedies with astringent properties. Tea tree oil and margosa oil can be used in case of infections.

• Applying aloe vera gel, olive oil or chamomile essential oil/chamomile tea bags 2-3 times in a day is the best way to get rid of rash characterized by inflammation. These natural remedies help to reduce the inflammation and facilitate the process of healing. Aloe vera also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

• Simply taking an oatmeal bath is one of the most effective home treatments for skin rashes. Just add a cup of oatmeal in your bath water and soak in it for about 15-20 minutes to soothe rash related itching, inflammation and burning sensation.


In fact, most of the suggestions on how to get rid of rashes on the arms, legs and other parts of the body usually recommend colloidal oatmeal baths. This treatment can be used to reduce heat rash, dry skin, diaper rash, chicken pox etc.

• Rub some baking powder on the affected area to heal the rash by drying it.

Preventive Measures

If you are interested in finding out how to get rid of rash and also prevent it from appearing again then you need to follow certain preventive measures as well.

For instance, a very obvious suggestion would be to stay away from allergens like nickel, chromium, platinum, aluminum and various other metals which are used in jewellery, watches, belt buckles, buttons on jeans etc.

Wherever possible, replace the metal products with plastic products, for example, use plastic belt buckles instead of metal ones. In case of metallic buttons, coat a layer of clear nail polish on the metal to avoid rashes.

Moreover, in case you have a sensitive skin then you should also avoid contact with certain chemicals present in detergents, soaps, hair dyes, cosmetic products (particularly the scented ones) etc and skin irritants like leather, rubber, poison ivy, poison oak and other similar substances.

Further, pay attention to personal hygiene to prevent rashes caused by fungal or bacterial infections. Leave the affected area open and let the skin breathe so as to aid in natural healing. However, do not expose the wound to direct sunlight.

In addition, avoid using oil based creams and lotions as far as possible, especially in case of heat rashes as they tend to trap the heat inside. Finally, resist the temptation to scratch persistently as it will only provide temporary relief and worsen the wound further.

You can also contribute your own suggestions and tips on how to get rid of rashes by posting your comments here.


  1. siama bhoonderawa says

    how to get rid of rashes and skin irritation on my face??????????

    • try a mixture of yogurt and honey

      • by mixture of yogurt and honey do mean like applying it on your face??

        • Bit obvious, isn't it? says

          No, you rub it on your foot. Makes your face much better.

          • your an ass says

            There was nothing said about the application of the remedy and since they are both foods one could reasonably assume that just eating the food would be beneficial. Therefore justifying the question of applying it to the face or not. Get off your high horse faggot.

  2. How to get rid of rash on your back arms and legs

  3. what i do, is i add hot water to dry oatmeal, let it soak, then take out all the solid pieces, place the liquid on a paper towel then i keep the paper towel on my rash for as long as possible. sometimes i rub the oatmeal pieces onto the rash.

  4. I have a rash that’s near my thumb on my right hand, that’s been there for the last two days. I’m not allergic to anything as far as I’m concerned. This morning, I saw little bumps on other parts of the hand, so I have 2 questions:
    1) How do I make the rash near my thumb go away?
    and 2) How can I stop the new bumps from forming into a new rash?

    • house wives hands , its from having your hands in too much soap and detergintelike dishes, cleaning etc.
      mild detergente and use hand lotion

  5. I have got a rash everywhere and don’t no how to get rid of if plz help

  6. Jenna Leanne Preece says

    Little girl again.It is an my cheek,my arm,my chest,and i think the top of my head.It is spreading fast.Every time i scratch and it itches in a different spot i go downstairs and wash my hands and itch in the spot.It is so much work because it always itches.It’s soooooo annoying.

  7. Jenna Leanne Preece says

    Little girl here.Hi.My stomach itched so inlooked at it and noticed my rash is there to.It might just be bug bites,but i think its a rash.

  8. Jenna Leanne Preece says

    Little girl here. know what call me girly.I just wanna know……does sprite and the insides of a teabag work to get ride of a rash in five mins?PLEASE tell me fast

  9. rashes on the hand also can be scabies, they are the most common on the hands and scabies is contagious!

  10. I have an allergic rash on my neck and its so itchy at night!…any ways to stop the itchiness and get rid of the rash all together??

  11. Haley Zapanta says

    Well, I have like ALOT on my booth feet and it keep itching!!! I dont know how to get rid of it ?, 🙁 What medicine should i take to get rid of it ? ? I cant sleep at night because it itches please help me 🙂 thanks

  12. how to get rid of rash on your chest , stomach and your back?

  13. musoke Lewis says

    I have a rash on my chest and on my arm how do i get rid of it i try everything plz help me

  14. I got a horrible rash all over my body due to the sunscreen lotion I was using. What can I do to get rid of it?

  15. Mugisa Ismail says

    I’ve a rash around my neck,not itchy and has been for almost 15yrs. Please help me.

  16. Battery acid works fast but burns like hell

  17. Jane Paine says

    Battery Acid work’s great on your face to get rid of bump’s

  18. try to use baking soda and a bit of whater

  19. ive got a rash on my legs and its soo tempting not to scratch it plzzzzzzzzzzz help me get rid of it fast its killing me (not literly)

  20. by the way its from sun lotion

  21. i keep getting rashes on my arms they go away after a while but pop up in other places like back and legs. its been going on for like 4 days.
    how do i stop it from popping back up at all?

  22. Hi I have had a rash on chin for the past couple of mouth now,it get’s vry sore,ichy,inflamed. I have been to my doctor’s on seveal occasion’s and have been getting me anti- inflamaties cream’s and starodes. But still it vry sore and it embarrassing!!!…I dn’t know what else to do plz hlp. Many regards Emma.

  23. Please help! I have rash on my forehead and beneath my left eye. My eye itches aswell, should i be frightened. What can i use…

  24. I have a purple rash on the back of my legs and my mom says its from using to much detergent and my jeans rubbing my skin. It’s very irritating and ugly and I just want it to go away as soon as possible Please help anybody

  25. I’ve been having hive rashes bumps, non-itching for the last three months. Its starts from my arms, legs, neck, head and all over my body. I’ve been seeing a allergy specialist, but he has not got a cure to help me, but telling me to take Antihistamine medicine only. Then he told me to use lotion all over my body day and night, but nothing seems to work because i try it. The Antihistamine works for 24 hours, but after that it keeps coming back. I need help to get rid of my hive rashes. Please help me someone.

    • I also have the same rashes but I have had mine for longer nearly 2 years…I have tried evrything. Taking prednisone tablets did help but stopped using them after I was told about its side effects. So now I just have them over my whole body embarassing yes, but on the bright side they aint itchy.

    • I had that for a long long time when I was younger, and it ended up being severe eczema and it took 3 doctors to diagnose me, and over a year to do so. I ended up using steroids to kill it and it has not come back since in about 4 years. What I found also is that using lotion tends to let the rash thrive and what works better is drying it out. I would recommend if you have an aloe vera plant, use that or invest in some gel.

  26. Paloma Tapia says

    Hi, I have a runny nose and instead of wiping my nose clean with a tissue, I’ve been wiping it off with my hand, and now I have a terrible rash. I don’t know what to do, or how to get rid of it. Please help, an answer soon.

    • Well you should never wipe with your hand if all possible. Use Kleenex with lotion and regular chapstick works great where the rash is yes i said chap stick its great on it. It may sting a little at first but the end results are great releif! And of coarse don’t resuse after your cold ha ha buy new chap stick. Lol hope this helps and good luck with your cold! 🙂

  27. I had blotchy rashes after I had children dateing back form 1999at they were caused from a fever blister some docs say then the last time i was diagnosed they said that it was a yeast infection comming out side of my body onto the skin where useally it stays on the inside of a persons body real embarrassing and these doctors were military. So just sayin if anyones not being diagnosed it could be that your rash isen’t a rash but a yeast infection on the out side of your skin. Just sayin. Maybe this will help anyone come to a better conclusion. But i havent got a cure yet.

    • Benjamin says

      The Body Ecology Diet(BED) book, will takes us on the mission of starving out the yeast in our bodies. All these rashes and are symptoms of weak Immunity. We can rebuild our immunity. I have done it before and in the process again now. The main thing is to cut out all sugars, even sweet fruit like apples, oranges, grapes..
      Also cut out most grains, surly breads, rice.. the only ones suggested are millet, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth. One serving of meat a week(at the most.)
      Also drink a gallon or more of spring water or good filtered water(not distilled.
      Stevia is good for sweetening things without sugar or chemical sweeteners.
      Your body will want to fight and the dying spirits of yeast in the body will cloud your judgment and possibly make you sleepwalk to your car, and go buy and eat a snickers or other sugar.
      Alcohol is also sugar.
      It is not easy but depending on how strong you are to the diet it will rapidly cleans out and then after 3 months of eating little sugar you could slowly start to reintroduce sweet things, IN MODERATION. I messed up and started eating to many sweet things and alcohol too close after the cleans and all that good work was lost.
      My present rash started years after however, after an infection on my leg I got in Vanuatu, 5 months ago.
      Cold water is the best instant relief. And water enemas or water with a tsp per quart of raw apple cider vinegar, have helped.
      My wife sells doTERRA essential oils and products and along side the Body Ecology Diet I am taking the essential oils suggested to clear out Candida(yeast over growths.)
      Untreated these symptoms of a weak immune system will progress and lead to a funeral. Treated we will heal up and have more energy and clarity then ever.
      Thank God.

  28. Trollsworth says

    Drizzle hot melted Glysomed moisturizing cream all over your rash Then take a slice of pizza and rub it in good, and you’ll feel a mild burning sensation. Next, take a whole bottle of alcohol and pour it in! It will sting like crazy, but it will help. Then, light up a match and burn your rash. You will be subjected to rot in hell.

  29. Tommymaaaan says

    I have been ill with a head ache and high temperate but then then other morning I woke up with a big rash all over my body and face , is this heat rash or something else?

  30. I’ve got a rash on my inner thigh it’s not itchy it feels more sore then anything like I’m chafing or something and the skin is very dry and feels like it’s cracking what do I do?

  31. Agree with Benjamin’s comments. Rashes are a symptom of Candida or an over-reactive immune system. Suggest you rest your gut before you see change. For example, I know that chilli will cause me to have a blister-like rash around my mouth. Try eliminating all food except for lightly steamed veggies for two weeks then start to reintroduce other foods. There is no instant fix.

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