How To Get Rid of Acne Scars?

Although acne scars are definitely difficult to diminish, you can still try certain remedies and tips explaining how to get rid of acne scars naturally. For instance, lemon juice is the most common natural cure for acne scars.

As the name itself indicates, acne scars are formed after you get rid of acne problem characterized by clogged skin pores.

These scars are mostly caused due to the habit of picking zits and pimples. So, it is best to get rid of this tempting habit to avoid acne scars.

Plus, skin issues like severe cystic acne inevitably leave behind acne scars when acne cysts eventually fade. Scars left behind by acne lesions can be identified as ice pick (most common), boxcar (resemble chicken pox scars), rolling (shallow, wave-like) or hypertrophic scars (raised and lumpy in appearance).

Acne scars primarily occur as acne marks with dark pigmentation or as raised scars. The raised ones (keloids) are more nasty and stubborn because they are deeper.

Acne scars with symptoms like reddish marks or hyper pigmentation usually heal by themselves within 6 to 18 months. These mild scars are just a part of post inflammatory change.

How to get rid of acne scars?

• Leaving lemon juice on skin for about 10-15 minutes is one of the best natural home remedies for getting rid of acne scars.

• Prepare a homemade face mask by mixing one tablespoon each of yogurt, oatmeal and sour cream. Then, add a few drops of lemon juice in it and apply the mixture on face and neck. Rinse it off after about 15 minutes. Follow this therapy on a regular basis to reduce acne scars.

• Fresh tomato juice is loaded with antioxidants and hence helps a great deal in fading acne scars. Application of a mixture of tomato juice, cucumber juice and milk powder is also useful in removing acne scars and pimple marks considerably.

• Apple cider vinegar when used as a toner after cleansing works wonders in acne and acne scar removal. It is better to use it in diluted form by adding 4 parts of water in 1 part apple cider vinegar.

It can also be taken internally as a home medicine by having a cup of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of ACV and some honey (to improve taste); it is useful for detoxification as well.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to get rid of acne scars using apple cider vinegar along with other substances like honey, sugar, green tea etc.

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• Applying mint juice extracted from about 10-15 mint leaves serves as an efficient natural remedy to get rid of acne scars.

• Massaging the face with manuka honey for about 10 minutes daily is helpful in getting rid of acne scars naturally. You can use cocoa butter too.

• Prepare a paste by adding a few drops of rose water in sandalwood powder. Apply it on face and neck for at least an hour and wash it off. You can also leave it on skin overnight to heal acne scars naturally.

• Add 2 teaspoons of gram flour in a teaspoon of buttermilk and apply the mixture on the affected areas for 10-15 minutes. Finally, wash it off with lukewarm water to make acne scars disappear.

• Using sweet almond oil on skin helps reduce acne scars with lumpy appearance. It works by smoothening the raised lumps and promoting even skin tone. Follow this simple home treatment two times on a daily basis.

• If you have extensively researched how to remove acne scars, you must have come across the use of egg mask for acne scar treatment. This method requires the use of egg whites.

To follow this natural cure, you need to apply a thin layer of egg white on your scars and wash it off with lukewarm water when the solution dries.

This home remedy can be combined with ground oatmeal and honey by mixing one tablespoon each of these ingredients in whisked egg white. It helps remove excess oil and hence avoids further acne breakouts too.

• Massaging the skin with olive oil (can be mixed with lemon juice) and then washing it off after 15-20 minutes is highly beneficial in clearing acne scars.

In addition, about 2-3 times in a week, use combination of olive oil and baking soda and rinse it off with lukewarm water to exfoliate the skin. Make sure you wash and clean your face before using any of the topical medications, whether homemade solutions or over-the-counter creams.

• Regular application of rose hip seed oil (twice daily) can help you get rid of acne scars.

• You can apply generous amount of mashed banana pulp facilitate acne scar treatment at home. Wait, do not throw away the peel. Instead, rub the inside of banana peel on the affected areas to cure your acne scars fast.

• Add a teaspoon of baking soda in 2 teaspoons of water and apply the mixture on the affected areas to eliminate acne scars through natural exfoliation.

• Although it is often suggested to use aloe vera gel or juice to get rid of acne scars, some claim that this is not true. Nonetheless, it is believed that aloe vera helps in reducing scars by regenerating skin tissues. Moreover, you can use a solution of aloe vera gel and green tea to lighten acne scars and get younger looking skin.

• Mix some lemon juice and rose water in 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth (multani mitti) and apply the resultant paste on face, neck and other affected areas. Finally, rinse it off with cold water after 15 minutes to fade acne scars to some extent.

• Prepare herbal acne scar removal face mask by making a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves. Apply it on the affected areas for about 30 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. The paste can also left on skin overnight.

In case you are wondering how to get rid of acne scars that remain severe and persistent even after natural treatment, you will have to consult your dermatologist and consider acne scar removal treatments like punch excision, laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, augmentation therapy etc.


  1. i need remedies to cure pimples and black sport on my face

  2. i need best remedies to cure acne spots and pigmentation on my face please

  3. John Liesterwood says

    I found Egg Yolk Oil (OLEOVA) really effective to remove acne spots and scars with remarkable results after the very first application.

    • Anna Black says

      On your recommendation I tried OLEOVA from VAV India with miraculous results when none of the expensive prescription medicines worked.

  4. Try using mint leaves and multani mitti. mixer grind 15 to 20 leaves of mint and two tablespoons of multani mitti and regfrigerate it at night and apply it every alternate day. Also drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to cleanse your body internally , which will surely help reduce pimples. eat one fruit a day between meals eg oranges (they are full of vitamin C and behave like a roughage again to cleanse your digestive system) do not eat too much of fruit as it is high in glycemic levels which is not to good for acne. drink not more than 2 cups of milk daily because that to is high in glycemic level so is anything too sweet. Eight hours of sleep is essential for good skin. it helps repair tissues. Spicy food should be avoided. Daily excersise is a must. it will make you sweat which is removal of toxins from your body and makes your skin breathe. Clindac A is a gel available easily in any medical store apply that twice a day. Avoid stepping out in the sun. Isotroin 20mg capsule once everyday for 10 days after dinner or lunch. Reduce the medicine to 10mg aftr ten days make it twice a day and then in the next @0 days days make it once a day. Hormonal changes cause acne too. To heal it might take around two or three months but with all these home remedies and medicines you will see the difference soon. Be patient> dont stress to much as that too is bad for your skin. Smile , laugh and be happy. Your moods affect your skin the most. the happier you are the better your skin. (: take care. enjoy healthy skin

  5. PS- use multanni mitti and mint leaves wid rose water. (:

  6. try regiment, by dan!i had severe acne and start to use this product and i can see my pimples and scrs are fading away.

  7. im only 14 and i have a dance coming up and i have a pimple on my right cheek just beside my nose… my mom says its fine but i think its nasty… anyway to remove it in a day or two????

  8. Ashish kumar says

    My skin is oily and iam suffering from acne since 4 years! As my skin is oily,can i still apply the mixture of rosewater and sandalwood powder?? Will it be effective or not? Please reply..

  9. It may sound weird but i use a product called chlorsig for my acne scarring and the occational sore on my face, its an eye anti bacterial ointment (not the drops) which costs about $12, doctors prescribe it for school sores. Its available from all pharmacies over the counter but some places will only sell it to you if you say your buying it for someone with conjunctivitus. I seriously sware by the stuff, if you have a day at home just apply generously to the area and leave it on until you wash it off before bed, i notice a change within the day. Its amazing!

  10. Yes deffo advised Multanni Mitti !!! Very good stuff!

  11. nageeba hussain says

    I think best treatments are home remedies, as they are more effective and less harmful to ur skin. Going to the doctor, u already knw u will b given prescribed drugs which u cannot buy over the counter and these have side effects and are more damaging and harmful in the long run. prescribed drugs can cause long term problems, such as, heavy periods, imbalance in ur hormones, not being able to concieve, stopping periods, and so you become reliant on the drugs and so as soon as you give up the problem starts again. dont always reliy on going to thedoctor there are lots of natural remedies u can use for everyday problems, back ACE, earache, headache, flu. cold etc, unless you have a major problem avoid going to the doctors, i have acne since june 2009 and havent seen a doctor since, their the ones who made it worse by giving me lotsof strong tables, thats their easy solution to all things, thats what doctors do, give you medication, but they dont offfer you and other solutions, they aint bothered, they get paid.

  12. Loved the post! whic is the best way to heal ice pick scars and hypertrophic scars????

  13. Oh. these are greate tips

  14. Oh these are great tips……

  15. I have so many pimples on my checks… please tell me some home remedies to prevent it. 🙁

  16. ive got acne scars on my nose and cheek and i didnt even peel them or pop my spots. what should i do.. ive got olive oil and lemon juice. how do i use it and how do i mix them together?

  17. Have a wedding tomarrow just popped my pimple amd its bleeding and making a scar… what do i do!!! Please help asap

  18. 1) For the Apple Cider Vinegar remedy, may know how much water is needed for consumption? It also helps with the scar-removal process though it’s intake right?

    2) The Banna peel, how long must I rub it on my face before thrwoing it away and what is the regime of it (Once a week?)

    3) The healing process is how long?

  19. to jen


    how far are you sure the above remedies is effective?
    what about the side effects?

  20. I have been suffering from acne and pimples from 5 years. Nowadays, the pimple occurence on my face has reduced to some extent..but the pimples have left black scars on my whole face. By applying the sandalwood powder with rose water the scars will go?? For hw much time i have to leave it on my face?? This will not make my skin dry??

  21. I have been suffering from acne and pimples from 5 years. Nowadays, the pimple occurence on my face has reduced to some extent..but the pimples have left black scars on my whole face. By applying the sandalwood powder with rose water the scars will go?? For hw much time i have to leave it on my face?? This will not make my skin dry?? Please reply

  22. thank u soo much
    actually im 25 years old ..
    pehle mujhe pimples the14 15saal se but pichle 2saal pehle chale gaye the but suddenly pichle saal se irne scaring pimples aa gaye the k main bata nahi sakti ..abhi im using isotroin as suggested by my doctor. but want best home remedies to cure my pimple and their marks and scars also .coz after 2months my fiyonse is come back to india and i dont want to loose him .. i hope u understand me plz suggest me the best and fast mode of home remedies .. plZ thank u…

  23. i have scares and i need them REMOVED quickly who has tried these and know the best 1?\

  24. my face is full of acne…… my mariage is in dec…. m wroied abt it….. wat do i do????

    • hun try the three day apple acne free diet eat apples just apples for three days and drink heaps of warm water and on the fourth day you wake up its gone its worked on me search it up on the net (: best of luck xoxoxo

  25. i have pimple marks on my face, but only my right side of cheek is with pimple marks not the left one & its really wierd.. can nybdy suggest me to get rid of it??

    • maybe you need to change your pillow case regularly… and maybe you are sleeping on that side of your face thats why it has acne only in your right cheek…

      always wash your face and avoid oily foods :))

  26. you can try brevoxyl cream for permanently remove acne and pimples . for acne scars its not rid with in 4 or 5 days it takes 2 or 4 weeks use only lemon juice and honey and olive oil. hope so all guys will be happy with their face…

  27. use multani mitti with rose water &few drops of lemon. & drink plenty of water. its really effective.
    my aunt is in kysp ayurvedic hosp.she only advised me this natural therepy
    any more requests jst mail me on

  28. I tried the baking soda one .. the apple cider vinger burn like h***! But baking soda Is the Best Outcome .

  29. I have had pimples/bumps on my back and arms and sometimes on my face but have been able to get rid them on face very easily every since i was little and i have always had so much trouble getting rid of them. i’m 26 years of age right now and still haveing problems. please help me get rid of these nasty so much not needed pimples/bumps…..thank you

  30. I have been washing my face with rubbing alcohol and only rubbing alcohol and it keeps me from having pimples on my face. every once in awhile one or two pimples may pop up but, doesn’t take too long to get rid of them after washing my face with rubbing alcohol everyday and night. Do this twice a day , everyday and you should get rid of your pimples. i’m thinking about doing this to my back and arms too to see if it will help me but, please still get me some info on how to get rid of them faster. thanks

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