How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips Fast?

The best suggestion on how to get rid of chapped lips fast is to apply unflavored lip balm (containing vitamin E and aloe vera) on your lips and leave it overnight.

However, avoid gels or balms that contain alcohol. Plus, make sure you drink sufficient water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated.

Chapped and cracked lips are usually caused by dryness, especially due to winters and exposure to dry air. Moreover, use of lipsticks containing propyl gallate or toothpastes containing guaiazulen tends to cause contact allergy thereby resulting in chapped lips.

Besides, factors like the habit of licking one’s lips, excess of vitamin A, deficiency of riboflavin, prolonged exposure to sunlight, smoking, hypothyroidism, enlarged tonsils, Candida infection, skin disorder, Down’s syndrome and certain other autoimmune diseases may also give rise to this problem.

Individuals suffering from Diabetes or immune deficiencies may develop Cheilosis characterized by cracking of lips on the corner of the mouth. It is a painful condition and is cured by anti fungal or steroid medicines.


Symptoms of chapped lips are red, dry, swollen lips with small cracks accompanied by peeling of skin. Due to dryness, stretching of lips may cause pain and slight bleeding.

chapped lips

Chapped lips

Natural Home Remedies on How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips Fast

  • • Application of Shea butter or cocoa butter works as a natural remedy for healing chapped lips at home. Similarly, you can use moisturizing oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or castor oil to cure this problem. 
  • • Using a mixture of one teaspoon each of glycerin, castor oil and lemon juice is one of the best homemade solutions for chapped lips. To make this therapy work, leave the ointment on your lips overnight. 
  • • Soak some rose petals in raw milk for a few hours and then crush them. Apply this paste on your lips regularly to get rid of chapped lips naturally. Simply applying fresh milk cream or clarified butter also helps. 
  • • Cut a lemon in two pieces and put half a teaspoon of sugar on it. Then, rub this piece of lemon on your lips to remove the flakes. Alternatively, you can use a segment of orange instead of lemon. Finally, wash your lips with warm water and apply glycerin (if possible, mixed with rose petals) to control this problem naturally. 
  • • Overnight application of one teaspoon of glycerin mixed with a few drops of honey is useful in treating dry, flaky, chapped lips. 
  • • Another procedure for getting rid of chapped lips is to apply honey on your lips and let it dry. Then, smear some petroleum jelly on it. Finally, the mixture with cotton soaked in warm water. Follow this therapy daily for about three to four days.Here’s a video showing how to make a lip balm at home.
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  • • Take some petroleum jelly and add one teaspoon each of olive oil, butter and sugar in it. Apply this simple home medicine on lips before going to sleep. 
  • • Rubbing cucumber slices on lips is another popular home remedy for chapped lips. 
  • • Putting three drops of mustard oil on the belly button is an unusual yet effective natural cure for cracked and chapped lips. Plus, plug in a humidifier for spreading moisture in air. 
  • • When using lip balm to get rid of chapped lips, choose the one that contains petrolatum or beeswax. When going out in the sun, apply a sunscreen lip balm. Opt for a creamy lipstick or lip gloss to prevent further peeling and flaking. 
  • • Herbal lip guards are highly beneficial in getting rid of chapped lips fast. Aloe vera gel and vitamin E ointments are also considered good for skin and lips. 
  • • You can prepare a natural lip balm at home by combining two tablespoons of olive oil/castor oil, one tablespoon of beeswax, one vitamin E capsule (its inner contents) and two drops of lavender oil or any other essential oil. Place the mixture in microwave or in a bowl inside a pan of boiling water. Finally, when the mixture melts completely, add half a tablespoon of honey in it. 
  • • Those who are prone to drooling can apply zinc oxide ointment on lips before bed time. 
  • • When dealing with chronic chapped lips, hydrocortisone cream can be used but not for long.

If you are wondering how to get rid of chapped lips fast when you have the habit of licking your lips then you will have to give up this habit first because when you lick your lips, the saliva on your lips removes the natural protective layer of oil on the lips and evaporates quickly.

Thus, though it may seem than licking tends to hydrate your lips but the fact is that it dries them out quickly. Hence, applying any petroleum jelly or salve would serve only as a temporary relief.

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