How To Get Rid Of Eye Twitch?

Before analyzing how to get rid of eye twitch, it is better to first understand the causes and symptoms of eye twitching or forced blinking of an eye.

It is an uncomfortable yet harmless condition mostly caused by issues like lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, etc. Random twitching of eyelids usually disappears on its own within a couple of weeks.

However, abnormal involuntary blinking can be a benign condition known as Blepahrospasm, or spasm of the eyelids. It includes symptoms such as facial spasms, tired eyes, gradual increase in blinking or winking, eye irritation, drooping of upper eyelids, complete closure of eyelids, severe contractions and sensitivity to bright light.

The condition can only be controlled but cannot be cured completely. In severe cases, it can also be a symptom of certain neuromuscular disorders. We would be discussing about mild eye twitching here.

Eye twitching is often associated with factors like mental or physical stress, anxiety, irritation of inner eyelids due to smoke, dust, etc., eye strain, excessive caffeine intake, alcohol consumption, smoking, allergy, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, sore eyes, nutritional imbalance (low magnesium), intake of certain medications, and so on.

Temper problems may also give rise to eye twitching, especially in children. Twitching of eyes involves involuntary muscle movement around eyes, excessive blinking and fatigue, but it does not cause pain.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Eye Twitch

  • • Using warm compresses to relax the muscles around the eyes is the simplest possible home remedy for getting rid of eye twitch.


  • • Putting eye drops in eyes serves as a great solution to provide relief from eye twitching by way of lubrication. Usually, prescription antihistamine eye drops are used to reduce the spasms.


  • • Eyelid cleaning can help cure this problem by reducing the chances of eye irritation. Gently massaging the eyelids with your palm and fingers, too, is beneficial in dealing with eye twitching. Do not rub your eyes vigorously, though.


  • • Applying eye acupuncture therapy serves as an effective treatment for stopping eye twitches.


  • • Relaxation techniques and stress management shall help reduce this problem when caused by anxiety, nervousness, or stress.



  • • In order to get rid of eye twitch, you also need to use ergonomic lighting, wear sunglasses when outside and adopt other measures to reduce eye strain. Moreover, get consistent and adequate amount of sleep to give sufficient rest to your eyes.


  • • Limit the intake of caffeine, alcohol and other stimulant products. Avoid smoking.


  • • Eating bananas have been considered beneficial in getting rid of eye twitching because they are rich in potassium and zinc. Combination of equal quantities of carrot juice and beet root juice can also be taken.


Here’s a video explaining about eye twitching and its treatment.
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Apart from these home remedies, those suffering from the benign essential Blepharospasm would need treatment in the form muscle relaxers because often the condition gets worse over time.

Botulinum toxin injections can be used to induce localized, partial paralysis. Besides, some of the muscles and nerves around the eyelids may be removed through surgery. Drug therapy can also be used.

In case the problem persists longer than two weeks, and you want proper guidance on how to get rid of eye twitch that you suspect to be serious Blepharospasm, you can consult a Neurologist, ophthalmologist, or neuro-ophthalmologist for treatment.

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