How To Get Rid Of HPV?

As infection with Human Papilloma Virus is quite a common health problem, individuals are usually concerned about finding out ways on how to get rid of HPV as soon as possible. It is believed that at least half of sexually active individuals are vulnerable to this sort of infection.

There are over hundred varieties of this virus that can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact and cause different types of problems like genital warts, plantar warts and common warts appearing on other parts on the body.

Some may also cause cancer; however, this is not too common. Nonetheless, in most of the cases, HPV infection is not characterized by any significant symptoms.

Consequently, the infection remains unnoticed and eventually goes away on its own. Individuals suffering from immunosuppressive disorders, for instance HIV are more at risk of contracting this infection.

Genital warts are usually caused by low-risk HPV. As the name suggests, they mostly appear on the genital areas in males as well as females. They can also appear in mouth due to oral sex.

On the other hand, high-risk HPV is often associated with cervical cancer, especially when the infection stays for a long time and does not go away.

HPV infections are generally diagnosed with the help of Pap test, Colposcopy, Schiller test and Biopsy. Women tend to get worried when they get abnormal Pap test result as it points towards the possibility of HPV infection. However, such results do not necessarily indicate HPV as they may also indicate yeast infection or hormonal changes.

How do you get rid of HPV?

If you are frustrated with HPV infection and wondering, “How do I get rid of HPV” then unfortunately you need to be aware of the fact that currently, there is no treatment available that can get rid of HPV virus completely.

As already mentioned, in most of the cases, the infection usually goes away on its own within a few months or years. In case you are still intent on getting rid of HPV infection because of the nasty warts it gives rise to, then you can make use of certain remedies to help reduce such problems to a great extent.

Effective ways on how to get rid of HPV in women suffering from cervical changes due to the infection are best suggested by doctors. In severe cases, treatments such as Cone biopsy, Cryosurgery, Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) and Laser treatment can be used to remove or destroy abnormal tissues.

When HPV induced genital warts cause immense discomfort and itching, doctors can advise the use of topical medications like Podophyllotoxin liquid or cream and Imiquimod Cream that works as an immune response modifier and is recommended in case Podophyllotoxin does not work.

Interferon, Fluorouracil Cream, Trichloroacetic acid and Podophyllin are some other topical treatments for HPV warts. The latter ones are usually administered on patients by doctors in their clinics. Though effective in getting rid of the problem still, some of these chemicals can cause pain, burning, irritation and other side effects.

Apart from this, other methods such as Cryotherapy (freezing the warts by using liquid nitrogen), Surgical Excision (cutting off the warts), Laser Surgery and Electrocautery (burning off the warts by using high frequency electric current) are used when topical medications prove ineffective. Although, it is to be noted that HPV warts may recur even after treatment.

Additionally, a strong immune system is what helps to get rid of HPV and problems associated with this disease. Therefore, strengthen your immune system by having a healthy diet consisting of herbal teas and nutritious fruits and vegetables like carrot, broccoli, cabbage and several other foods, particularly rich in vitamin C and E. Avoid smoking as it tends affects the immune system adversely.

Prevention is better than cure

Females aged 9 to 26 can get HPV vaccine that reduces the risk of contracting infection from certain types of HPV. Cervarix and Gardasil are two vaccines available. They work best when given in three shots to individuals who have never been exposed to HPV. These vaccines can be administered on males as well.

The vaccines, however, are not recommended for pregnant women. More research is needed to rule out the possibility of any ill effects HPV vaccines during pregnancy.

Condoms are also considered useful in avoiding HPV to some extent. Though, this measure can not be relied upon for complete protection as HPV infection may still be contracted through genital area not covered by condom.

Moreover, avoid the chances of developing this problem by limiting your sexual partners and avoiding sexual intercourse with an infected individual.

In case you have further suggestions on how to get rid of HPV warts or how to get rid of HPV faster then feel free to share them with us.


  1. I just found out i have hpv and i have not had sex in almost 5 months due to the fact i dont wanna give it to no one else. what do i do about my sex life?

    • dara humboldt says


      Modern statistics estimate that 80% of the sexually active population has been infected with hpv in their lives.

      Chances are, the person you sleep with has already been exposed to it or will be. And the virus has no visible manifestations in men, meaning it won’t do anything to a guy.

      There is no reason not to have sex just because you have hpv. Too much of the population is infected for it to matter. You should, however, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. For this and other std’s.

      In 90% of cases, hpv clears itself out of your system within two years. Just make sure you are being healthy — ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, eat well, exercise to boost up your immune system.

      Hope this helps.

      DH, M.D.

      • Jeff dickerson says

        What does smoking do to it?

        • Smoking reduces your immune system. I have HPV and I smoke and it took three years after I was diagnosed with HPV for it to be out of my system – versus my friend who is a non-smoker, and hers was out in less than a year.

          • nisha love says

            I have lupus and genital warts…how am I gonna survive…when my immune system is shot…I am scared….what am I to do??? I have prayed….I should have listened to my mother…if I would have known there was a vaccine…I would have gotten it….its too late…I have a biospy Monday….to be truthful…I don’t want to live anymore..

          • Idk if you would know the answer to my question but i got hpv from my boyfriend, he was my first, we are very serious in our relationship and i plan to be with him for as long as time lets us but will i still contract hpv again even after it goes away? will his eventually go away?

          • Does smoking Cannabis also delay the remission of HPV?

          • Kimberley13 says

            Nisha love: I was just thinking the same thing. If a good immune system is the cure, then what are all of us with Auto-immune disease to do? I have RA and take Humira, which sole purpose is to suppress my immune system:( So Im doing the opposite of the right thing, but I can’t live with Rheumatoid Arthritis flares everyday either?!!

          • how did you know that the virus is out of your system plz ????

      • Please don’t give people advice if you don’t know what you’re talking about. It DOES in fact have physical manifestations in men, and poses the same threat in men as it does to women. Falsely advising people this is very dangerous, you basically just encouraged her to go spread the virus. “Too much of the population is infected to matter” You are very uneducated on the matter from the sounds of it and are promoting the spread of the virus through your advice. Maria, it does in fact cause warts in men and can also cause penile and rectal cancers. You should refrain from any sexual contact until you are cleared of any visible warts.

        • You are the one who is incorrect, Matthew. Not all types of HPV cause genital warts – in fact, only a few out of the hundreds of types of HPV cause warts. There is no detectable test for HPV in men, and it gives men no symptoms, except for the small percentage of HPV that has warts. Therefore, if you have warts, you should take extra precaution.

      • I do not agree with this at all, just because you don’t show symptoms it doesn’t mean the girl you sleep with wont. I definitely wouldn’t want to live with this if I didn’t have to. Kind of a mood killer.

      • Dear DH, MD.
        I am going to call you out on this. HPV in men can cause genital cancer. You said “it wont do anything to a guy.” That is false. I have HPV and I am going in for a colposcopy because several indicators show I might have cancer.

        I am obtaining information from my dr and his recommended specialists. You cannot in good faith and within the bounds of your Hippocratic oath state something like that and think it true if you really are an MD.

        Please make sure you research before responding because wrong information in the hands of the masses is a very bad thing.


      • aww hell no you didn’t some one like you messed up my life i never had sex. so i decided to do it just to see how it was and ended up getting it just because of a Female that thinks like you honestly i think people who think like that should be drug out into the street and shot!

      • DH, M.D.

        Where did you get your degree?

      • I got HPV from a female partner, don’t go around saying “It won’t do anything to the guy.” Because it will.

      • DH, unfortunately your information is not correct. HPV is and will continue to be a threat for guys. Everything from penile, anal and throat cancers, to warts and more.

    • All you really can do is tell your partner and wear condoms. Go to the doctor and find out what stage you are at and let the doctor deside on what treatment is best for you.

      Also remember, If you have HPV in the mouth as well, you can spread it by oral sex which can also cause throught cancer.

    • Jessica says


      I wanted to share my HPV story. I was diagnosed with HPV in 2005 and was told it might clear up. I was also told that I had a bad strain of it. I read that you need to strengthen your immune system to get rid of it. Last year I lost 25-30 lbs. (I was about 50 lbs overweight) I also took vitamins (C & B complex) almost every day for about a year. Now the doctor just checked me in March and I am clear of HPV. So it took almost 8 and a half years to get rid of. But I wanted to let people know that getting healthier may help. I don’t smoke. So I would say get yourself in shape, lose weight, and take vitamins and you may be able to get rid of it. I was shocked that it worked for me.

  2. Ok so there is a way to get rid of it…just have a good immune system and exercise and eat healthy then usually itll go away on its own …thats good news.

  3. Christopher says

    I have recently found warts , i have been with my girlfriend for a year and a half and they did not show till after we had sexual intercourse. I had a doctor friend of mine burn them off with i think it was liquid nitrogen, and froze them and they went away but came back, how can i get rid of them permanently ??

  4. i have hpv justfound today they told me that eventually it would go away …
    What can i do i have only had sex with my husband not anyone else ?!
    did he cheat on me ?!
    im not that kind of women?!
    will it spread to my son ?
    im really confused will i die of it ?

    • IT is a horrible thing to find out you have HPV..

    • Cristina. I was told by the nurse practitioner that there have been lots of people diagnosed years later and they might have only had one partner. It doesn’t mean that your husband cheated on you. It isn’t a HORRIBLE thing to be diagnosed – it is a normal thing. It doesn’t mean that you are a BAD kind of woman. HPV can be spread even through protected sex. Anyone can get it.

    • Make sure to go to a doctor and get proper treatment, HPV in women can lead to cancer along with men, i have contracted it and i went to the doctor to get them removed im still in the process actually. Its a pain in the ass yes but if you go to the doctor you should be ok. Im no expert but i hope that helped

  5. Doc perscribed me with condylox gel about a month ago. Havnt seen any visible warts since oct. 10. I take a “one a day pro athlete” for men and 1000mg of vitamin C per day. I workout every day for 2 hours. I smoke rarely. What is the most effective way of learning if I am clean of the virus?(which test do i take). What is the minimum amount of time I can get rid of it?

  6. reasonable person says

    You all have ridiculous reactions to you news. It’ll typically go away if u avoid being a morbidly obese unhealthy fatass. Be healthy!

  7. I just findout I have h.p.v im almost five months pregant will the h.v.p.go away will it kill me will its hurts my unborn son? Im scared

    • I have hpv and just had a son. He is perfect and healthy born at 39 weeks. He’s now 6 months old and the doctor said and I quote “he’s perfect”

  8. It is not the end of the world to be diagnosed with Hpv but it is also something that should not be forgotten about or taken lightly. You need to have follow up paps and follow up treatments depending on the degree of cervical dysplasia you have. It will not harm your baby and you can go on having a normal sex life and normal pregnancies as long as your cervical dysplasia is monitored and is still low grade. The worst thing you can do is to not follow up with your doctor … It is so important to do that. And you need to increase vitamins and exercise, reduce stress, and reduce smoking and alcohol intake…these things will all help boost your immune system to help fight the virus.

  9. blueeyed031 says

    im so lost just found out i have hsv and lowrisk hpv i have always made good choices and i have 2girls that need me the guy i met at church found out he is going around giving both of these to every girl he can find im so angry i feel like my life has just been taken from me im so sad i cant stop crying it is not fair people should get introuble for this i should have had the right to choose now no one will ever want me again and i would never be with someone knowing there is a chance so now im alone i tried to warn the girl his next victim she didnt believe me i feel so bad for the upcoming events

  10. I have hpv and its low I have my app. On the 28th.
    I’m really worried.
    that means my husband has it as well.
    Should I get my cervix removed?
    I have also had intorcourse unprotected with my husband.i was a virgin and I guess he wasnt.
    I have had oral and everthing with my husband,
    Can you help you help me clear my mind.
    My doctor doesn’t really help.
    Should I wear protection will I get more infected.

  11. Hi.
    I.diognosed with hpv on sep.
    I need answers pleasehelp
    I have only one.partner which is my husband.
    Should I’d keep abstanant .
    Should I get my cervix and everything removed.
    I’m having pain sometimes in my cervix at times.
    They told me it was a very low hpv.
    I feel like my doctor doesn’t really give me the attention and
    Not very helpful. How cani find a better ogbyn?

    • if u feel like ur doc isnt giving u the attention and time u need switch to a female might sound gross to many but when i found out my female obgyn sat down and went through everything with me

  12. i think i have warts on my Tonga so i should stop smoking and what all should i do to get it to go away as fast as posable ;( i like some alot right now and i dont want to give them it and ya …. i so bad right now im to scared to get it 100% checked by a dr i know i know i need to but besides that can some one tell me everything els i need to know thank you

  13. I was born with this life long disease. If I choose to have a relationship does that make me a terrible person? I kno that any contact with my partner will potentially infect her. All I have ever wanted is to have a family and be happily married. Is it too much to ask for a normal life ? Am I being punished? Am I wrong for choosing a normal lifestyle, knowing I will possibly hurt the ppl I love? Is it fair to myself to pursue a life of abstinence?

    • Patrick – how can you be born with this disease? I wonder if your mother had it and had you with a natural labor. I think it can be passed on through the vagina to you but what other way if you were born with it?

    • Its a virus not a disease do your research

    • No, this does not make you a terrible person. yes, though you may potentially infect your partner, it does not mean you can not have one. when you date someone dont jump right into a sexual relationship, let someone fall for you as a person. when it comes time let your partner know that you have/had hpv. it is a virus and your body can make antibodies to fight it. its not the end of your life, though it may feel like it. just know you are not the only one out there with it, and just because you have hpv doesnt mean you have to be alone.

    • Patrick…. There are online chat groups where HPV singles chat and meet. So their not lonely and have a chance at a normal life. I have HPV myself and I didn’t know it. I been with my boyfriend for 4 years and were having a baby. I found out through a pap I have it. You just have to find the right person and stay healthy.

    • Patrick,
      Sorry bro…it sucks to be born with it. You are not being punished. There are ways you can avoid infecting your partner nd have a normal life. HAve you looked into herbal and homeopathic treatments? HP DSPL Formula and Hyperisince (MAde from herbs found in southern India) will help boost your immunity and keep hose warts off. Look into the research man, maybe it could help you?
      Good Luck, God Bless.

  14. I found out I had H.P.V. when I was 17 I only had two partners and I had no symptoms other than an abnormal PAP. It has been about five years and my last PAP was normal and the H.P.V. test was clear. Does this mean the virus is dormant or that I am clear of the virus. Also, am I forever contagious even if I have no symptoms.

  15. ive found 2 warts on my penis one is on the tip of it and ones on the back of the penis does this mean ive definetly got hpv?im going to get checked on monday and im quite worried about it and i also have warts in my mouth aswel and how do i get rid of them out of my mouth!?

  16. iv had this problem for over a year now i went to the docs 2 months ago, (it took so long because of the embarrassment) iv had them frozen 2 times and was given aldara cream but they are still there, to me it does feel like the end of the world, i feel alone, i haven’t been touched in a year an half and not just sexually. everyday i see couples laughing, joking having a good time and it depresses me even more because i cant have that while i have this unsightly presence.

  17. After reading everyone’s post before me it seems that there are a lot of questions and very few answers. Some even giving advice without having M.D. after their name or PH before it. This is no advice on what to do but it may be something to look into and talk over with your physician.

    I have had HPV for about 7 years now. My first sign of the Human Pamplona Virus was on the bottom of my foot (Planters Wart) after sharing a house shower with some not so clean people. Not knowing what it was at the time (being 17) I tried to scrub it off like you would do calluses on the bottom of your foot with a stone like foot scrubber. While the temporary pain of my foot wart went down I now started to see clusters of warts on my finger, palms, and hands. STUPID ASS FUCKING ME RIGHT!!! Doctor visits lead to freezing and scares with them returning weeks later. Home treatments such as Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away and bandages with acid lead to more scaring and the spreading of even more warts on my hands. After walking around with warts, burns, bandages on my hands I consulted my physician and started a new treatment called immunotherapy with Candida Antigen. It is an injection like shot goes just under the skin near of away from the site of the wart that activates the body immune system to HUNT DOWN AND KILL THE HPV. I am only on shot one out of five (if needed) and I have seen no new warts and have seen all other warts disappear. To add to that in less then a month. Please if you have tried and failed with all other treatment, I again say please ask your doctor about this methods. It has worked for me and now I am not scared to touch my face or my private parts for the fear of them spreading there has past. If this does not help you I am sorry but for that it does I am SO happy for you.

  18. I got diagnosed with hpv a few days ago in my urethra which is horrible But whats killing me now is that i had sex with a girl not long ago i wore a condom but it tore i took my penis out real quick and put another condom on but im most likely sure i infected her I dont have the guts to tell her. At this point im thinking to myself why me!!! its really stressfull can someone tell how to get by.

  19. shante hope says

    I had hpv and it cleared all you to do ie eat healthy and live healthy. It will definitively clear up!!!!

  20. Will it cause rashes behind the knee?

  21. transformer says

    I was highly devasted when i found warts on my penile area n my depression didnt quite help out, it made it worse since my immune system was down. I did a few research and here are a few things i take…mega mens multivitamins 2x day, vit c 1000mg 2x day, dim plus, astragalus herbs 1000mg, white tea 3x a day. No smokin/drinkin yes i gave it up completely one of my hardest challenges, im very physical so i keep up wit my daily wrkout routine. Raw garlic taste nasty but im used to it now, wit organic honey( before u brush in the mornin and right before bed). Rember, Its not the end of the world, its a mental, emotional and physical battle against the virus. Instead of soda or juice, drink v8 original(taste good after a while). Hope this helps

    • How long did it take before the warts started to clear up? I have one big one and a small patch, but I dont want them to get out of control and would like to stop it from spreading now!!!

  22. i just found out today that i have HPV. How do i get rid of this asap. Should i stop having sex?

  23. I pretty young so this was shocking/scary.
    i know i didnt have them durring the summer.but i dont what to give them to my boyfreind. and i dont know who gave them to me
    (too who it was your a jerk scent i ask everyone ive been with if they been tested thanks for lieing)
    But ive read these pages and comments and im very scared because how i understand it, because i have the spots it wont clear up in a few years and im so scared! if i have misss understode please reply asap thank you.

  24. I got diagnosed with HPV about 6 years ago from an ex girlfriend. Afterwards, I ended up giving it to my current gf at the time. I waited 6 months to tell her, but finally came clean. She was pissed and cried, but forgave me. Fast forward a few years, and yes, she also got HPV, but cleared the virus entirely in about 12 months-24 months. I still see a minor breakout once or twice a year. I am fairly healthy, but could be better. I actually use a scissor and cut the warts off myself….they are very small they dont really have nerves. I tried freezing once or twice at the Dr. Office, but that killed and left a scar. I’m not recommending that you cut them off yourself, but I do it, and it works for me. Be very careful…it will bleed slightly but is fine in about a week.

    Once I found out I had HPV i was devastated like many of you. After a while, you realize it’s not that big of a deal and you can leave a normal life again..I assure you. Almost everyone I know actually has it and it’s very normal. I’m under the mind set that if you don’t have a breakout and wear a condom, you’re basically being morally ok. If you have a serious partner or intend on it, I would tell them before getting too serious…don’t wait like I did, it gets harder. You’ll be surprised, your partner probably already has it anyway from someone before you. Now-a-days they have the vaccine too, so if you do want to date someone, just be honest and push them to get the vaccine. I have a dated a few girls in the past years and anyone that I have been honest with in the very beginning and told them I had HPV ended up liking me even more b/c they knew I was a good guy and trustworthy. They all still had sex with me btw…

    Hope this helps…do your research and don’t let it take over your life. It’s really not that big of a deal…

  25. Candida Antigen

    Talk to your doctor about it. I have only had one new wart appear on my hands sense my first shot. Before, about four a week. NO SMOKING! Daily vitamins (one multi vitamin and 1000mg vitamin C) with healthy eating and limited drinking. I have Kaiser and I am going in for my second shot in two days to finish killing the rest of the HPV in my body. My doctor has assured me that these shots will kill all the HPV in my body rather it be on my hand or in my blood. I will complete all five shots and repost a message when finished with all five. It is showing true promise.

  26. Transformer, that sounds like good advice. I have ordered DIM and I am gonna try your regime of vitamins and abstinence (from smoking and drinking that is!)

    But I want to know – has it worked for you? I have warts around my urethra for the last 18 months and Im getting pretty fed up. Ive taken so many vitamins, garlic and leafy vegetables, drank so much green tea, and Im getting seriously bored!
    I also heard of the candida antigen immunotherapy but I live in Thailand and it seems impossible to find a doc who will do that here. Also, the warts are so tiny that I dont know how it could be injected.

    I have ordered BHT as well but Im worried about the benefit/risk ratio.

    Your post is good though, sounds positive (BUT did it work??)

  27. Hello,
    I need advice. I was told I had HPV at the age of 19, then told it was cervical cancer not to much longer after that. So they did the procedure that they take the microscope and look in the cervix, and had to do the LEEP. When I went to get it checked, it came back. So they froze it and that didn’t work. They thought it would be good to do another LEEP . Recently I wanted birth control and since I’ve had an abnormal period since I was 17 they did one, then It came back with cervical cancer again so they wanted to do the whole procedure all over again. What do I do now? What’s the next move?

  28. nisha love says

    How do I clear up the entire virus???

  29. once i am clear, is it ok too recieve oral sex from my boyfriend?

  30. My girlfriend had HPV but it cleared. Is the virus still in her body and if I have unprotected sex with her will I contract the virus?

  31. why me? because you had sex lol says

    I was just recently diagnosed with hpv as well, super devastaed when i found out! still mad about it, just because i’m so anti stds always protecting myself and lecturing ppl about sleeping around and then what happens to me i get it! I still currently have it, and it is a pain in teh ass to get rid of it, but ppl i wouldnt feel like its teh end of teh world because, a wart is just an overactive skin cells, you woudlnt not date someone cause they had a wart on there hand its teh same fucking thing,( unless you have teh cancer kind). but for the majority of warts are harmless , its just annoying that they’re there. I have no idea who gave it to me, but i currently have a bf and he could careless that i have them casue he likes me as a person he doesn’t care what i have. So for people who think they can never date again, its bullshit you will be able to find somone people arent as superficial as you think.

  32. I found out I had gental warts. In two in a half months I had two surgeries. My doctor said I could have sex but it hurts so bad. Is there any reason why?

  33. My obgyn tells me certain types of hpv is curable. But everything I have read says otherwise. My doctor also says that the virus can go away on it’s own and wondering if that’s what she means by it’s curable. From all the information I’ve read it seems that the infection going away and being able to be cured are two seperate things. According to the information I have read there doesn’t seem to be a cure for the disease but my doctor seems to suggest otherwise. I’m confused as to know that the infection can go away and to actually be cured.

    • Vivian, there is no cure for this virus. Your body can fight it and it can become inactive but there is absolutely no cure.

    • No there isn’t a direct cure,a healthy lifestyle helps though,but there is cure’s for the warts themselves

  34. I found out I have hpv today I’m scared to tell my mom im only 17 I’m not with the guy who gave it to me nomore nd I have a new BF what do I do I dont wanna give it to him but I dnt wanna tell him

  35. I have a single wart on the outside of my vagina and I’m not entirely sure if it’s a hpv infection. It looks nothing like any of the pictures I have found on google. It just looks like a slightly raised, round, fleshy pink coloured wart.

    I have had my hpv shots and am not sexually active at all, so I’m still a virgin, however I do masturbate. Can you get it from masturbation? I’m too embarrassed to see a doctor, so that’s out of the question. To remove the wart, I’ve looked up a natural way I removing it, and many people have tried and recommend the apple cider vinegar treatment. Is this treatment safe?

  36. if you take the vaccine to prevent hpv and your parnter has it can u still get the virus if u have unprotected sex or the vaccine prevent it?????

  37. HPV or Human Papilloma Virus belongs to the group of viruses that affect the skin and mucous membranes of human beings. There are 100 different strains of virus, each causing a different kind of lesion About 30-40 types of HPV are typically transmitted through sexual contact. Some types of HPV cause external lesions like genital warts, while others cause sub clinical lesions leading to pre-cancerous dysplasias. Genital HPV infection is very common.

    Allopathic treatment for HPV include topical creams containing podophylin extracts, removal of warts by chemical cauterisation or cryosurgery. However these do not cure HPV but are merely a way of suppressing it.

    Combination of Ayurvedic herbs, homoeopathic remedies, nosodes, sarcodes along with neutraceuticals gives wonderful results. These remedies have the ability to coax a specific immune response by reminding the body to create anti-bodies and also help in the normal functioning of the immune system.

    Some of the frequently used medicines are Hyperisince, Wartex forte drops, HP-factor nosodes, Virotox, Monolaurin, etc.

  38. sug_MAMI says


  39. Hello everyone,
    Let me start by saying that there is a lot of incorrect information out there in the world about the topic of hpv. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough research done on the problem, that is why there are some doctors saying one thing, and some doctors saying another. Just like already mentioned, there are hundreds of strains, and there has not been a test developed yet that can actually tell you which strain you have. If someone has visible warts, then your doctor will tell you that you probably have type 6 or 11, but they actually don’t know for which strain for certain. Although the national cancer institute says 90% of the cases that show warts are caused by strains 6 and 11. Then for women specifically, if there appears to be issues with their cervix and the doctor sees signs of potential cancer, they will most likely tell you that you have either strain 16 or 18, which the national cancer institute lists as the two most high-risk strains that are known to cause cancer…but even still, your doctor is only speculating about with strain you actually have. Yes, people often contract hpv – guys will usually only know when they see warts on their body and girls will know by either having an abnormal pap or seeing warts or both – then for some people the warts go away, and for some women they will have another pap that comes back normal. But just because a pap test comes back normal, or the presence of warts has gone away, doesn’t mean that the virus itself has actually been removed from the body. Your doctor may say you are “all cleared up,” but that just really means that your pap test came back normal and that there are no visible warts, it doesn’t mean the virus is gone – there is no way for them to actually know that. But the reality is that if you are not seeing any warts and you are getting normal pap results, your body is doing a very good job at combatting the virus – so keep up the good work.

    I have had hpv for about 10 years, maybe longer, because there is really no way of telling when I actually contracted it. Like many of you, I was very upset when I realized what that little bump in my pubic region was. For many years I ignored it and was irresponsible. As I got older (and actually developed responsibility for myself and for others) I began to tell my partners about it before we would ever engage in anything physical. Usually, depending upon the relationship, I would bring it up in conversation somewhere between dates 4 and 7. You may choose to do it sooner, or you may choose to wait longer, but out of respect for you partner, please let them know about your virus before sleeping with them. They should be given the right to choose, just like you would have liked to have been given the right to choose whether or not you wanted to put yourself at risk for infection.

    Since I began being responsible many years ago, I have been in about 4 serious relationships. Everytime I reached a point in the relationship where I felt comfortable sharing this information with my parter (again, somewhere between dates 4 and 7) I did so…and I have yet to have someone end the relationship because of it.

    The fact is, hpv is very common and just like mentioned before, most people who are sexually active have most likely already had it or at least realize that it isn’t necessarily a big deal – or the end of the world. Honestly, each time I brought it up to my new partner, it turned out that each one of them had already had it in one shape or form when they had an abnormal pap test in the past. So you do the math. Four random selected women over the course of many years and each one of them had already been told that they too had the hpv virus.

    Bottom line is, treat your body right if you have the virus. Exercise, eat right and try to get rid of the visible symptoms thru the previously mentioned treatments. MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL – have respect for other people and let them know you have the virus before jumping into bed with them. They should be given the right to choose whether or not they want to take the risk.

    Peace and love. Keep thinking positively.

  40. I found out I had hpv(genital warts) months ago,I eat very healthy and exercise daily, take mens one a day, and quit smoking and drinking (which I did everyday) I got rid of most of the warts with acv, and thr smaller ones seem to be disappearing. My doc said if I keep it up he had no dought I will get rid of this.I had sex with a girl 5-6yrs ago who had hpv,I stopped drinking water (just pop) started smoking ALOT, didn’t exercise at all, that’s whene the warts came.It took alt to give up everything (drugs too) but I feel great, once its gone I think I will actually be thankful for it lol, I’m in the best shape of my life andI feel great,I would of never stopped everything if the hpv didn’t freak me out at first. If u want to get rid of it them u will have to put tue work in, trust me its worth it.

  41. So I just found out today that I have HPV. My doctor told me that I have to come in for a biopsy to see if it is precancerous. 🙁 I am only 17 and I am very scared! I have been crying all day! Once it goes away, can it come back?

  42. maryjane says

    I just found out I have hpv. Ive also just came out as a lesbian and I have a girlfriend. What does having hpv mean for our sex life and can I pass it on to her…?

  43. I had hpv in February of 2012 and got rid of it in 4 months. You have to do exactly what I say or it will not work. I too was devastated and did not want to live anymore but with patience and time it went away. I have had 2 sexual partners and did not spread the virus. Daily :8000 mg vitamin C, 50000 iu beta carotene as vitamin A,1600mg folic acid, 2000 ui vitamin e, 5000 mg b12, 2000mg garlic supplimnt, 1 a day multivitamin. Dont take them all at one time, do half in the morning and half around 2pm, drink water and fruit juices. NO SODA OR BEERS. AVOID SMOKING. drink green tea, its nasty but has many antioxidants which help you clear up. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Inbox me for details

  44. This is bullshit says

    This is not really the same thing but i found out i had hspv2 never heard of it before but its very annoying im scared cuz the doctor said i keep having an adnormal pap an i have pre cancer from it am i gone die early im 25 i have symptoms but can my bf get have it if its not showing on him please respond.

    • This is bullshit says

      I no thts not cureable messing with people tht dont tell u whats going on with they life for some reason i dont think my ex did this to me my doctor had it an she was upset about it an i think she found away to infect the patients cuz all her patients came up with it i wish she could go to jail for life.

  45. I recently got hpv, got it from my girlfriend, started noticing warts, and now I have a lot of them, feel like shit… I’m gonna go get checked out the 12th and is scared, will I still be able to have sex with her?

  46. I was diagnosed with having HPV with very small less than 1mm warts hard to notice, but can be noticed on penis shaft and treated with nitrogen at local doctors office which did not work had no effect. It was also embarassing so I advise not going to a local doctor’s office. I then went to planned parenthood and they were very professional and treated me with a powerful acid which was very effective. Subsequently there were only a few remaining warts since which I have self-treated using TCA acid that I bought from Ebay, which is very close if not identical to the powerful acid I was treated with. I don’t recommend self treatment for most people only people that can handle it and know what they are doing and what to expect by researching but it was the best and most economical option for me and will be for others with the same mentality. hope I have helped someone. Peter

  47. I had hpv and had warts I didn’t use any of the doctors medicine I wanted to remove them naturally. This is how I did it. I bought Apple Cider Vinegar and small wart bandages the ones that are round and have like a small square bad in the middle. I took a Q-tip and submerged one end in the vinegar and then touched it firmly to the bandage pad so it would soak it up. Then I just put it over the warts (each individual one of them) each morning before I went to work and then replaced them at night when I went to bed. Its best to shave off all the hair in your gentile area otherwise the bandages don’t stick and it can spread fast due to the hair sweat (trust me) shave it bald. Just do that every morning and night for about a month. You will notice they start to flatten and then eventually grow a scab over them or just fade away naturally. While you do this work-out go to the gym play sports and it ORGANIC foods as much as possible mainly fruits and vegetables I’ve been free from them for a year and don’t think it will ever come back.

  48. I’m 15 and I have never had sex but for some reason I’ve got the warts and the I’m sure It’s HPV,what else could It be,I want to start getting more sexually active and It’s annoying be having to hold back because of the warts/HPV I could do more if the warts go but I don’t want to go the doctors because of the fact it would be shamefull,Can some please give me some advice!?

  49. i had hpv didn’t know i had it this past year after i had my daughter my doctor told me i would have to have surgery to remove the genital warts i had to medicine but, im wondering can it still be in my body?

  50. I just found out today i have HPV 🙁 im 23 and i have one son im terrified I know nothing about this…

    • Shwan Martin says

      That is really sad ChrissyB…
      For your information I want to tell you that there is no Cure for HPV till date. Although, some medications are available which can be used to treat the disease upto a level. A Healthy lifestyle, right nutrition and regular sleep; foods such as tomatoes, garlic, fish and herbs such as ecinecea, Phyllanthus emblica, Hyperisince Mysorense are known to boost immunity. Most plants of the Hypericum family have also been studied to have anti-viral effects.
      Go through a research for it, and I believe that you will definitely come to know about some wonderful experiences…
      God Bless!!!

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