How To get Rid Of Under Eye Circles?

Some of the best natural techniques on how to get rid of under eye circles involve home remedies like almond oil, potato slices, cucumber slices, cool tea bags, and so on.

Under eye circles or dark circles are usually caused by ageing. Besides, genetic predisposition can also give rise to this problem.

Moreover, factors like stress, fatigue, smoking, hangover, sleep deprivation, sun exposure, poor circulation, seasonal allergies, rubbing the eyes frequently (can break the small capillaries), etc. tend to worsen these unsightly black rings under eyes.

In additions, symptoms of under eye circles increase due to dilation in blood vessels caused by thyroid disorder, kidney disease, liver problem, anemia, water retention, and use of contraceptive medications.

How to get rid of under eye circles naturally

  • • Applying potato slices under eyes is one of the most effective natural cures for getting rid of under eye circles temporarily. Alternatively, you can soak a cotton ball in potato juice and apply it.


  • • Regularly placing cool cucumber slices (unpeeled) over eyes for about 10 minutes refreshes your eyes. It is also believed to be helpful in fading under eye circles and reducing puffiness.


  • • Applying rose water for 10 minutes is a highly beneficial home treatment for under eye circles.


  • • Placing herbal tea bags (such as chamomile or green tea) under eyes for about 15 minutes is useful in healing under eye circles and bags by constricting the blood vessels. Drinking green tea is also good for health.

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  • • Crush a few mint leaves and place them under the eyes for about 20 minutes to cure under eye circles naturally at home.


  • • Soak a few almonds in milk overnight. In the morning, remove the brown skin and grind the kernels. Finally, add a few drops of raw milk in it. Apply this mixture around eyes for about 10 minutes. Follow this therapy on a regular basis.



  • • Regularly massaging the area under eyes with almond oil is one of the best natural home remedies for getting rid of under eye circles because it promotes circulation. Leave the nourishing oil on your skin overnight. If you have run out of almond oil, use peanut oil.


  • • Mix one teaspoon each of tomato juice and lemon juice. Dip a cotton ball in this solution and apply in around your eyes to reduce dark circles.


  • • In case the skin under your eyes is thin, use collagen building creams.


  • • As pineapple juice works as a great bleaching agent, it can be used in combination with little turmeric powder to get rid of under eye circles. Rinse it off within five minutes.


  • • Similarly, applying tomato juice mixed with an equal amount of cucumber juice helps reduce under eye circles considerably.


  • • You can also try alternative therapies like acupressure or acupuncture to cure under eye circles.


  • • Diet plays an important role in eliminating under eye circles over a period of time. Thus, include more vitamin C (strengthens blood vessel walls), E, K, folic acid and iron in your diet.

    Stop smoking as it contributes in poor circulation and causes premature facial wrinkling. In addition, drink plenty of water and restrict the consumption of salt when dealing with water retention.

    Apparently, dehydration tends to cause dilation in the blood vessels under eyes thereby causing dark circles. Needless to say, take adequate amount of rest and sleep to relax your eyes. Wear sun glasses when out in the sun.

Although there are several tricks and tricks on how to get rid of under eye circles, you should bear in mind that these remedies (you can use the above suggestions individually or combine a few procedures together) will not make your dark circles disappear overnight.

So, you will have to be patient and continue the natural treatment for at least a few weeks. Plus, in certain individuals, these black rings can only be reduced but cannot be removed completely.

In order to hide dark circles temporarily, you can use a green tone concealer (you can also mix a moisturizer in it) followed by a translucent face powder.


  1. could you please tell me for how long do i used these remedies (a month or 2??) how many times a day do i apply them and for how long?? thank you for your effort

    • u should start seeing results within 2 months

    • Does Dad or Mom have the dark circles, too? More sleep is only a good nwsaer for about half the population who have this problem. Unfortunately, genetics is a big part of the issue for the rest of us that have this problem. But you can and should fight back, even if it’s genetics. The darkness is actually a lot like a bruise, little capillaries in the skin that have burst and swelled. There’s two strategies to use, attacking the cause of the problem, and covering up the effects.For people who bruise easily doctors recommend they increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables they eat. Not surprisingly, most people who bruise easily also have raccoon eyes. The advice to increase fruits and vegetables in your diet is something you really want to get on top of. Make a point to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables daily. You can do that by chugging a can of V8 juice every morning, and make a choice for orange juice whenever possible. Clear juices like apple juice really aren’t going to do much because they are mostly just water and sugar.Increase the amount of water you drink and watch your salt intake. Too much salt at any age has a bad effect on your capillaries. Increase the amount of potassium in your diet (which goes along with increasing fruits and vegetables). Potassium balances out the effects of salt.Take a daily multivitamin. Religiously use a nice strong but gentle sunscreen made for the face. If you have to have a tan on your face, get it out of a bottle; there’s plenty of excellent bronzers out there.Elevate the head of your bed by a couple of inches by shoving books under the bedposts. Do you have nasal allergies? Your eyes, nose, throat and ears are all interconnected. If you have been suffering with sneezing over the family cat, a prescription allergy medication may do wonders for your raccoon eyes as well. If you have sinus problems, put a hot compress or heating pad wrapped in a towel on your face daily to help everything drain. Eye creams with vitamin K, which strengthens capillaries, has also been clinically shown to help dark eyes. For cover-ups, there are dozens upon dozens of products for this very problem on the market. But remember, less is more. If you’re really unsure how to apply a cover-up for raccoon eyes, try going to store like Sephora or a large department store and asking for assistance. Always look for the oldest woman behind the counter because she will probably have the best experience with makeup; stay away from teen girls who will gleefully make you up like Tammy Faye Baker. (And don’t get talked into buying the latest beauty breakthrough from France that promises to cure everything from under-eye circles to monthly water weight gain )

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