How To Get Rid Of Water Retention

Having natural diuretic foods is one of the most popular suggestions on how to get rid of water retention. Moreover, it is recommended that you exercise regularly in order strengthen the circulatory system.

More often than not fluid retention is caused by disorders associated with kidney, liver, and heart.


In addition, it can be cause by other factors like chronic dehydration, excess salt intake, low-calorie diet, protein deficiency, food allergies, physical inactivity, high levels of wastes and toxins, blocked lymph channels, thyroid disease, hormonal changes due to menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and certain prescribed medications, etc.

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How To Get Rid Of Gout

When dealing with gout attacks of arthritis, it is inevitable to look for quick and effective tips on how to get rid of gout. The condition is characterized by recurring attacks of joint inflammation due to deposition of needle-like crystals of uric acid in the synovial lining and synovial fluid found within the joint.

Uric acid crystals may also be deposited in tendons and surrounding tissues. This happens due to Hyperuricemia or high level of uric acid in the blood.

Symptoms of gout usually appear rapidly causing redness, burning pain, tenderness and swelling in the joint. Gout attacks tend to last for three to ten days.

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How To get Rid Of Under Eye Circles?

Some of the best natural techniques on how to get rid of under eye circles involve home remedies like almond oil, potato slices, cucumber slices, cool tea bags, and so on.

Under eye circles or dark circles are usually caused by ageing. Besides, genetic predisposition can also give rise to this problem.

Moreover, factors like stress, fatigue, smoking, hangover, sleep deprivation, sun exposure, poor circulation, seasonal allergies, rubbing the eyes frequently (can break the small capillaries), etc. tend to worsen these unsightly black rings under eyes.

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How To Get Rid Of Hair Bumps?

Although you must be eager to find out how to get rid of hair bump, it is better to first consider what exactly these ugly, acne-like bumps are and the reason why they are caused.

Hair bumps are also known as razor bumps. They are raised, inflamed bumps that result from improper hair removal, especially after shaving, waxing or tweezing. Basically, it happens when your hair curls back in the skin in a coil pattern.

The most common reason causing these rashes is lack of moisturization before removing hair from skin. Plus, coarse and curly strands of hair are more prone to this problem.

Hair bumps are characterized by symptoms like raised bumps, skin irritation, pain, and at times, itching and inflammation, too. The condition is known as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae in medical terminology.

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How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin?

The most obvious tip on how to get rid of dry skin is to apply a good moisturizing cream or lotion on your body right after taking a shower to trap the moisture.

Prefer to use body washes instead of harsh soaps. In addition, in order to keep your skin hydrated, drink adequate amount of water throughout the day.

Diet, too, plays an important role in controlling this problem. For instance, carrots, apricots, avocadoes and nuts are healthy for dry skin. Foods rich in vitamin A, C and E also recommended to keeping the skin smooth.

Moreover, include foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet as they are considered good for skin.

Plus, opt for unrefined, cold-pressed oils. Besides, limit the consumption of dehydrating beverages like tea, coffee and alcohol.

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