How To Stop Vomiting?

Seeking tips on how to stop Vomiting or how to stop Vomiting sensation often becomes imperative as Vomiting is a highly uncomfortable condition that not only causes discomfort but also leads to dehydration. Vomiting is usually preceded by a feeling of Nausea.

Vomiting can be caused due to various reasons like Indigestion, Food Poisoning, Jaundice, overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, reaction to certain medications, Morning Sickness and a host of other reasons. In certain individuals, Nausea and Vomiting can be triggered due to Dizziness and Motion Sickness as well.

Serious conditions associated with brain, such as brain infection, migraine, head injury etc may also be accompanied by Vomiting as an important symptom of the underlying condition.

Few suggestions on how do you stop Vomiting:

• Having small sips of clear liquids, preferably sweetened liquids, is one of the best ways to stop Vomiting. Rice water is highly beneficial in this regard. However, you need to avoid carbonated drinks and extremely sour fluids as they tend to irritate the stomach.

• Slowly sipping a mixture of one teaspoon mint juice, one teaspoon lemon juice, half a teaspoon of ginger juice and one teaspoon of honey. Ginger and honey, in particular help a great deal in getting rid of this problem.

• Onion juice is also considered beneficial in controlling this problem. Therefore, take one teaspoon of fresh onion juice at regular intervals to stop vomiting. It can also be taken along with honey.


• Chewing a piece of raw ginger or having ginger tea serves as a good means to avoid Vomiting by settling the stomach. Wondering how does ginger stop vomiting? Well, ginger acts as a natural antiemetic and hence helps in reducing Nausea and Vomiting to a great extent.

• Take two roasted cardamoms and crush them to form a powder. Mix one teaspoon of honey in this powder and take this mixture from time to time to cure Vomiting effectively.

• If you are looking for measures as to how to stop vomiting due to Jaundice then it would be better to avoid eating foods that are difficult for the liver to process and stick to boiled vegetables and juices.

• In case you want to know how to stop vomit with the help of any particular medicine then you can take any Prochlorperazine like Stematil, Compazine, Phenotil, Stemzine or Buccastem. If you are interested in a more natural treatment then you can also go for ginger tablets that can be found easily in any health food store.

As activity tends to aggravate nausea and Vomiting, it is better to take rest for sometime till you feel better. Moreover, do not consume solid foods, milk and milk products till the feeling of throwing up goes away because these foods are difficult to digest.

In case you are Vomiting because of complications of some medicine or any serious disease then you should definitely consult your doctor for specific advice and treatment.

As Nausea and Vomiting can be triggered by a number of reasons, it would be better to first determine the exact underlying cause before taking any strong medicine to stop Vomiting.



  1. Hey Guys,

    Definitely try Rice water. It has worked up fine for me. But I don’t wanna try Ginger . It just makes me more and more sick. And I am tired of vomiting.

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