Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Benefits

Indian Gooseberry or amla benefits the circulatory system. It purifies blood, detoxifies the body, and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, amla improves the functioning of the liver and pancreas. It has a soothing effect on mind.

The fruit, seeds, leaves, flowers, roots as well as bark of this plant have medicinal qualities. It is considered good for skin and hair, too.

As it stimulates hair growth, Indian gooseberry (amla) is used in various shampoos and hair oils. It is sour and bitter in taste.

Scientific Name: Phyllanthus emblica, Emblica officinalis
Other Names: Emblic myrobalan, Emblic, Amla, Amalaki, Amlika, Amlakam, Amloki, Amran, Nellikka, Heikru, Nelli, Aovla, Anmole, Melaka

Indian gooseberry benefits

Native Region

Indian gooseberry or amla is native to India. This therapeutic herb belongs to the Phyllanthaceae family.

Healing Properties

Indian Gooseberry or amla has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, astringent, carminative, hemostatic, aphrodisiac, refrigerant, vermifuge, diuretic, and laxative properties. It stimulates appetite, and cures indigestion, hyperacidity and heartburn.

Simply chewing a few pieces of Indian gooseberry strengthens the teeth and gums. Rinsing the mouth with juice derived from this fruit cleanses the mouth and provides relief from bad breath.

It is an excellent source of vitamin C. Thus, amla boosts immunity and protects against infections. Plus, it balances stomach acids, improves food absorption, and regulates the functioning of nervous system.

Indian gooseberry benefits in maintaining proper liver functioning and increasing hemoglobin. It fights against cell degeneration and cancers.

As the fruit helps in reducing blood sugar levels, it is considered good for controlling diabetes. Moreover, it lowers cholesterol and strengthens heart muscles.

In addition, when combined with certain other herbs, Indian gooseberry or Emblic myrobalan serves as an effective home remedy for cough, cold, asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders. Furthermore, it facilitates in losing weight by boosting protein metabolism.

Indian gooseberry benefits

Besides, it is valuable in healing ailments eye disorders like conjunctivitis and glaucoma. Furthermore, it is useful in relieving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. The root and bark of Indian gooseberry help in the treatment of minor hemorrhages.

Some other important benefits of Indian gooseberry (amla) include stimulating hair follicles for faster hair growth and preventing premature greying of hair. Moreover, it enhances fertility, flushes out toxins, and nourishes the skin.

Indian gooseberry (amla) contains a potent polyphenol called gallic acid that aids in antioxidant activity. Furthermore, this fruit is rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, carotene, etc. Plus, is has thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin.

Medicinal Uses of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

  • • Regularly having a combination of Indian gooseberry juice and honey in the morning improves mental functioning. It improves eyesight and reduces intraocular tension, too. Moreover, it helps in blood purification.


  • • Soak some Indian gooseberries in water overnight. In the morning, crush the fruits in the solution, strain the liquid and drink it. Follow this procedure on a regular basis to lose weight and reduce obesity.


  • • When dealing with diabetes, regularly drink a cup of bitter gourd juice mixed with a tablespoon of amla juice to stimulate the pancreas and lower blood sugar levels. Follow this therapy for two months. Simply consuming raw amla fruit is also beneficial in this regard.


  • • Indian gooseberry or amla benefits in curing diarrhea and dysentery caused by infection. For this, you need to have a home medicine prepared from equal amounts of dried amla powder and lime. Mix sugar candy (misri) in this mixture and consume it.

    Benefits of Indian gooseberry

  • • Consume a mixture of one teaspoon of dried amla powder and two teaspoons of jaggery daily, two times in a day for about a month. This one of the most efficient Indian gooseberry home remedies for rheumatism.


  • • Common digestive disorders during summers can be cured by taking warm water mixed with dried Indian gooseberry powder and black salt.


  • • When dealing with constipation and piles, soak two Indian gooseberries in water overnight. Next morning, mash them and strain the solution. Finally, add a teaspoon of honey in this home medicine and drink it.


  • • Having a little Indian gooseberry (amla) powder after meals reduces indigestion.


  • • Simply drinking 20g fresh Indian gooseberry juice daily helps in eliminating intestinal worms.


  • • To relieve colic pains, drink a cup of Indian gooseberry juice mixed with a teaspoon of powdered fennel seeds.


  • • Drinking a cup of water mixed with two teaspoons each of amla juice, lime juice and honey is helpful in getting rid of nervousness and anxiety. Moreover, it increases appetite and improves sexual vitality. Consume this solution regularly in the morning on an empty stomach for a few months.



  • • Another benefit of amla or Indian gooseberry fruit is that it can be used to relieve urinary problems. For this, you need to soak dried Indian gooseberry and raisins in water overnight.

    Indian gooseberry amla benefits

    Soak them in separate containers. Next, mash them in the same water and strain the liquid. Drink this solution for a few days.


  • • Drinking radish juice mixed with dried amla powder is useful in eliminating kidney stones. You can add some sugar candy crystals as well.


  • • Eating a ripe banana mixed with Indian gooseberry juice about three to four times in a day helps reduce heavy bleeding during menstruation.


  • • Soak an Indian gooseberry fruit in water overnight and wash your eyes with this solution in the morning to improve eyesight and reduce eye irritation.


  • • Mix honey in a teaspoon of powdered Indian gooseberry root bark and apply this paste to cure mouth ulcers.


  • • Indian gooseberry benefits in maintaining soft and healthy hair. You can prepare this natural remedy by soaking amla powder in water overnight and adding lemon juice in it. Washing your hair with this solution reduces hair loss and improves hair color.  You can rinse your hair with water after 10-15 minutes.

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  • • Applying amla juice mixed with a few drops of lime juice on the scalp and leaving it overnight serves as a good natural cure for controlling dandruff.


  • • To make hair grow faster, regularly apply a paste prepared from this fruit on the scalp. Indian gooseberry juice or oil can also be used to promote hair growth. Application of amla juice on scalp helps remove head lice, too.


  • • Another way to enhance hair growth is to boil pieces of dry Indian gooseberry fruits in coconut oil and massage your scalp with this therapeutic oil.


  • • Indian gooseberry (amla) can be used to remove face blemishes and rejuvenate the skin by applying a paste of amla powder and water. You may add aloe vera gel or olive oil, too. Wash it off after 10-15 minutes.


  • • Boil a few pieces of Indian gooseberry fruit and ginger root in water. Finally, strain the liquid and sweeten it with honey. Drinking this tea is good for skin, particularly dry skin. In addition, you can soak the fruit in a cup of water overnight and wash your face with this solution.


  • • Chronic dry cough can be relieved by licking dried Indian gooseberry powder with honey. Follow this amla remedy three times in a day.


  • • Taking a combination of amla powder, ground cumin seeds and sugar candy two times in a day (morning and night) helps reduce bedwetting.


  • • Having a mixture of one teaspoon each of amla root powder, ground white sesame seeds and honey daily for a few days improves memory.

    Benefits of Indian gooseberry

  • • Benefits of Indian gooseberry (amla) for heart disease can be derived by having fried amla powder mixed with milk or sugar candy.


  • • Using fresh Indian gooseberry juice (three to four drops) as nose drops is helpful in healing nose bleeds. In case you are not comfortable with this then smell the juice.


  • • As this is a cooling herb, you can apply a fine paste prepared from Indian gooseberry fruit on the forehead and temples to get rid of headache.


  • • Eating a combination of 3 g amla powder and one teaspoon honey provides relief from leucorrhoea. Follow this therapy for about 40 days.


  • • Having Indian gooseberry juice mixed with sugarcane juice and honey heals anemia.


  • • Add equal quantities of dried Indian gooseberry powder and sugar. Take one teaspoon of this mixture along with some milk three times in a day to help in the natural treatment of scurvy.

Like Indian gooseberry (amla) fruit, eating amla candy also has various health benefits, especially for teeth, gums, bones, etc. It is prepared by combining mixing sugar candy and Indian gooseberry fruit.

This fruit is also included in an Ayurvedic medicine called Triphala. It is primarily a combination of amla, harada (Terminalia chebula), and behada (Terminalia bellerica).


Indian gooseberry (amla) benefits the health greatly, particularly when it is consumed in the morning. No major side effects of this herb have been discovered so far.


  1. Kumares Pathak says

    i have been taking two table spoon of Amla powder along with one table spoon of bitter gourd for last six months. i have not received any single benefits so far. what is the reason for ineffectiveness of Amla powder?

  2. Kathy Lindner says

    I have read all about the good properties of alma and am considering taking it.
    But…I tend to have hypoglycemia…and I see that alma is useful in “lowering blood glucose.”
    I am concerned it would lower my blood sugar too much. What do you think?
    Thanks for any response.

  3. I had problem in getting sleep during pregnancy because of heartburn. Eating one Amla(Gooseberry) before going to bed solved all my problem.
    Thanks for sharing the benefits of gooseberry.

  4. If you take amla powder and also eat cacao nibs they work very well together because of the sulfur in cacao. Note I’m not saying eat them together, I don’t know how that will taste. It will beautify your skin significantly.

  5. great article…just want to know is it necessary to have gooseberry juice in morning to have a great effect… can we have other times of the day…

  6. P.pongpat says

    I interset about amla (indain gooseberry) how you selling it for 1 ton pls reply me. for information

  7. I have red all of these. i think this will help me in many ways.Thanks for these valuable informations:-)

  8. amina tanvir says

    Plz let me know if i can use amla for weight reduction in powdwer form, i dont have a gallblader and have a sicacel trait, amla if taken empty stomach in the morning will it help me lose weight fast, plz also mention the quantity and dutation, if u suggest anything else i will be grateful, my body happens to retain a lot of water,
    I hope uvwill help me, anxiously waiting for ur reply. Thanx

  9. Rebecca parker says


    Great information.

    I have many of these problems and really interested in getting some alma power or juice to help. Where can i get it from the UK or online?



  10. Very good information on Amla, also found when taken along with alcohol consumption it reduces the ill effect of alcohol to some extent. If this observation is wrong please inform

  11. santo ghimeray says

    I live in dubai ras al.khaimah..I want to buy amala powder but I don’t know where I can buy..if anyone have any idea tell me .please.

    • You can buy any indian grocery store or if you can’t find buy online on ebay just search as amla or Indian goosberry.

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