Massive Heart Attack- An Overview

What is a Massive Heart Attack?

Heart attack or Myocardial Infarction is regarded as a major health concern as it is often associated with a high death rate. Basically, what happens during a massive heart attack is that a large number of heart muscle tissues die from lack of oxygen due to restriction of blood supply to any part of the heart.

This is caused by blockage in coronary artery, particularly any of the three major coronary arteries (LAD, Circ, or RCA). LAD means Left Anterior Descending, Circ means Circumflex and RCA means Right Coronary Artery.

Issues such as what is a major heart attack or what is a minor heart attack are mainly decided on the basis of the location and amount of blockage in the artery. Massive heart attack is characterized by extensive heart muscle damage and can even prove to be fatal.

Death of heart muscle in turn causes electrical instability of the heart muscle tissue that gives rise to electrical disturbances in the lower chambers of the heart (ventricular fibrillation) that renders the heart ineffective in delivering oxygenated blood to the brain. Lack of oxygenated blood flow for more than five minutes can lead to permanent brain damage.

It is for this reason that the patient is given CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) or electric shock to make the heart pump and restore normal heartbeat. Besides, a combination of severe heart dysfunction and acute heart attack can also cause sudden death.

What Causes a Massive Heart Attack?

Atherosclerosis is the most important cause of massive coronary heart attack. Atherosclerosis is a coronary artery disease characterized by accumulation of plaque inside arteries that ultimately hardens and narrows the arteries thereby obstructing the flow of oxygenated blood the heart and other parts of the body.

It may also encourage the formation of blood clots in the arteries. Coronary Artery Spasm and Coronary Microvascular Disease can also cause heart attack. In addition, unstable Angina is considered as a warning sign of an impending heart attack. Massive heart attack increases the chances of heart failure.

Hereditary factors and increasing age also tend to increase the risk of heart diseases leading to masive hartatack. Factors like high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, obesity, insufficient physical activity, high fat diet and other such lifestyle factors may also increase the risk of developing heart problems.

What Happens When You Have a Massive Heart Attack?


The most common and equally debilitating massive heart attack symptom is chest pain that tends to radiate to back, jaw, neck or either of the arms through nerves. The pain is experienced in the form of pressure, tightness, squeezing or burning sensation in the chest.

Damage done by a massive heart attack causes destruction of heart muscle tissues and affects the functioning of heart adversely. Heart cells start dying due to lack of oxygen. Restoring the oxygenated blood flow as soon as possible can help reduce the damage.

Pain in the area between shoulder blades, back pain, dizziness, anxiety, breathlessness, cold sweats, palpitation, nausea and weakness in general are some other massive heart attack symptoms.

The symptom of chest pain is common in both the sexes but the other less common symptoms of massive heart attack are more likely to be experienced by females. On the other hand, in certain cases sudden death may be caused due to heart attack with no specific warning signs. Therefore, symptoms can vary from one individual to another.

Massive heart attacks are often confused with cardiac arrest and associated with sudden deaths but it is not necessarily true. Though heart attack can lead to cardiac arrest but the two conditions are not the same.

Recovering From a Massive Heart Attack

The extent of recovery depends on the amount of damage done. Massive heart attacks tend to cause permanent damage when treatment is not administered immediately.

The most popular and effective way is to give an adult asprin and take the patient to hospital as soon as possible. Aspirin helps to prevent the formation of clots in the coronary arteries. Clopidogrel or ticlopidine may also be given if the patient is allergic to aspirin.

In case the patient becomes unconscious call 911 and follow their directions to resuscitate him/her. Nitroglycerin helps to reduce pain. Besides, surgeries like angioplasty or intracoronary stenting are performed in the hospital to open a blocked artery. Early reopening of an obstructed coronary artery tends to reduce the amount of damage.

Doctors may prescribe captopril, lisinopril, ramipril, enalapril or other angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors after a heart attack to avoid heart failure. Cardiac rehabilitation programs are also beneficial.

Moreover, for recovering from a massive heart attack, one should also adopt healthy lifestyle changes by avoiding stress, having a low fat diet, engaging in adequate physical activity on a regular basis, avoiding cigarette smoking and keeping diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and other similar conditions in control.


  1. My friend just had a massive heart attach and is going to have a pacemaker put in. His doctor told him that with a pacemaker that he will only live 5 to 10 years. Has anyone lived longer then 5 years on a pacemaker? My friend thinks he only has that many years to live. My questions is just that. How long can someone live with a pacemaker?

    • Hi Candace
      My Dad had a Massive Heart attach….March 1996….he had his pacemaker put in and it’s been going strong ever since…they told him he would need the battery replaced between year 10 – 12…he got a new battery last year 2010….Good Luck To You !

    • My grandmother received a pacmaker in September 2004& she just passed away 5 days ago September 2011. However, I had another distant relative who lived 15 years with his pacemaker. I will lift your friend upin prayer.

      • I lost my dad last February 13, 2012 to Madsive heart attack. He was inly 56 I have my share of doubt even to the God Almighty. It is hard to comprehend why this is all happening? Do GOD really exists? does HE really listen our payers? It feels like weare just bunch of toys that is put on earth and HE’ll take us whenever HE wishes! I used to believe everything happens for a reason… but now it feels like GOD does things for his own convenience! I am sorry if I sound horrible to those whi have string faith in the “higher power” I did once had a strong faith in HIM.

    • My uncle has lived for over thirty years with a pacemaker. Doctors don’t know everything!

    • My grandfather has a pacemaker and hes had one since the 90’s and he’s still kicking ! He didn’t have a heart attack but he had some sort of heart condition/ I think his heart wasn’t beating regularly so his doctor suggested a pace maker to help regulate his heart. Hope this helps !

    • I have had 4 pacemakers over 28 years. There must be other heart issues.

  2. jennifer hewett says

    My uncle has had an massive heart attack,hes in ICU on an ventilater were not exspecting him to live, he has anoxic brain damage.

  3. Bridgette Howard says

    My boy friend had a massive heart attack on 4-4-2011 and 9 to 10 months before kept complaining about his left arm hurting real bad. I have been trying to get him to the doctor since I’ve been dating her for the last 5 1/2 years and couldn’t get him to go. It ran in his family. He was a truck driver and I kept telling him to get his cholesterol check but I couldn’t get him to do that either. So if you know of anyone that smokes, high blood pressure in the family and I would get him to eat right at home but I know that he didn’t on the road. Please drag them to the doctor. I’m so hurt about him not being here. Feeling is awful 🙁 Save a life

  4. Bridgette

    I am sorry about your boyfriend. My boyfriend died of a heart attack in April 2011. He had recently had some attacks which we incorrectly thought were indigestion. He went to hospital a couple of weeks before with an erratic heart rate. He signed himself out before any tests could be done.

    I found him collapsed on the floor after I had left the room for only a minute. There was no sign of life. I did not hear him call out or hear him hit the floor. It was silent and final.

    Please, if anyone is reading this and you have symptoms of a heart attack, please, please, dont be afraid and go to the hospital or call ambulance immediatley. It is very hard to bring someone back from a massive heart attack and time is of the essence. It happens very quickly.
    Dont leave this world and break your loved ones hearts, think of them that you leave behind to grieve alone.

    • I found out yesterday that my friend for 10 years and 1 time my boyfriend,had died of a massive heart attack on August 16th 2011, he was at work and walked to McDonalds,got his food, was walking out the door when he collapsed and when fell he fell on his face and broke his nose, he had a faint pulse and he died on the way to the hospital. he was only 56.. I am upset about it that I have a hard time keeping from crying and couldnt sleep last night.. thank goodness I have a wonderful husband.. how come someone can have a massive heart attack and die instantly and some can be saved and live?

      • The answer is CPR.
        I felt so compelled to share this. I just helped to save a friend life last Sunday at our church by performing CPR. He is a 40+ young man who has just finished a round of basketball game. We found him on the flour with no pulse and not breath. We started CPR immediately until the paramedic came about 10 min later. The doctors said he had a massive heart attack and would have been a sudden death if it had not been for timely CPR. They did surgery on his heart and he is fully recovered with no complication as of now. Please share this with anyone.
        CPR is so valuable and yet simple to do. Anyone older that 12 yrs can take a training course and receive a certificate. I had never thought I would be using it before last Sunday. I don’t think I did everything exactly by the book neither. But it worked!!!. You can really save the life of your loved ones or even strangers.
        Take a CPR course. It is only a few hours of your time and cost only about $30-40. It is worth it.

    • My Dad died 5 days ago from a massive heart attack. There were no signs at all. He had just been to the doctor 2 weeks earlier and the doctor said he had the health of a 25 yr old. He was only 61. Has never had high BP ond his cholesterol was 138 which is I think perfect. This has come as such a shock and we are all so sad. He was the best father and grandfather anyone could ever have. I keep wondering why. The only thing that I keep coming back to is that I know God has a plan for everyone and this must have beenthe plan for my dad but i did’nt want him to go so soon.

      • Angie, I am so sorry for your loss. I feel your pain. My father passed away on Sept. 26, 2011 also from a massive heart attack. He was 58 years old and from one day to the next he was gone. He also had been told by doctors he was doing well. As a matter of fact he was a liver transplant survivor of 10 years. There is a great void in my heart that can never, ever be filled. I look at pictures of him everyday and cry wishing he would call me on the phone or walk through the door. But I agree with you, God called his name and we shall see them again one day…

      • Angie, my thoughts and prayers are with you. This story is so similar to my father’s a few weeks ago. He was only 61, too. He went to the doctor complaining of chest pains, and they sent him home. He thought he was just getting the flu. He died on my 30th birthday. I know that God had a plan, too, but I can’t help feeling cheated out of at least a few more years. I miss him incredibly and I’m sure you miss yours as well. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in feeling the way you do. I wish you the best, and I hope your days get easier to get through soon.

      • Angie please accept my condolences.My family and i went through the same ordeal last year.I lost my beloved brother in feburary through to a stomach dieases …….it was a big blow to me and my family we still hadnt fully recovered from his loss.Just as if that wasnt enough,on the 23rd of novemember 2011 i lost my dearest father to a massive heart attack.My father was ghanas ambassador to canada.My fathers death was a shock to all of us including his work colleagues as he did not show any sign whatsoever,i had spoken to him the day before as i am based in the united kingdom,but very frequently do go and visit them back in canada.
        His sudden death occured three days after him hosting Ghanas president.In the morning of that fatal day my mother woke up to go down stairs and help the cook prepare my dads breakfast,upon completion of his breakfast she then instructed the cook to take his breakfast upstairs and notify my dad.
        For about 40minutes my dad had still not gotten out of his room,which was very unusual of him,so the cook notified my mother and she asked him to go back and check.I t was then that the cook realised that my dad was lying on the floor with his arm on his chest as if he was residing a pledge…..he then told my mum who called the ambulance immediately ,she begun to shout and cry.
        When the paramedics alongside the corona arrived they pronounced my dad dead due to a massive heartattack.The president of my country could’nt believe it,he and his officials found out on the internet but didnt believe it.
        At the moment my mother and sister are about to depart from canada to ghana with both my dad and brothers bodies as we decided to exhume my brothers corspse since he was buried in ottawa.Can you all imagine what we us a family are going through,this poor woman travelled to canada with two healthy men and now shes taking their cargo……..its so difficult!!!!There are so many questions i keep asking God Almighty but i seem not to get any answer.I come from a christain home and we believe that in all things we should give thanks to God but humanly speaking its very difficult.
        My dads funeral will be held God willing next month and i am treading seeing both my dad and brother lying side by side.My brothers 1st anniversary was on 5 feb.2012 but weve decided to do both at the same time.
        When you all read this you would see that people go through worse things but i pray that the good Lord will strenghen all of us.Right now the pain,burden and emptiness in our hearts can never be filled but i believe that soon and very soon we shall all meet again.

        • Hello Nana, I am sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad & brother. I know the pain you are feeling because I lost my Mom on Christmas Eve. It is only through the grace of God each day becomes bearable. God is faithful & True Nana. Although family members are missed; we shall see them again. They will be part of those who welcome us in. Be encouraged my prayers are with you.

          • Friday April 13, 2012, MY BEST FRIEND was at work doing a presentation in the board room at 11:17 am when she suddenly passes out on the board table for about a minute (911 was called) when she got up, she said she was ok (I’m thinking she was scared and confused)!! She then started saying she was hot and started vomiting and she then passes out again, 11:25 am the paramedics’ arrived and they revive her at 11:29 am (CPR) She then started complaining of chest pains and shortness of the breath, and while the medics where strapping her on the stretchers passes out AGAIN, and once they are putting her into the ambulance she passes out again and they are trying to revive her, but this time it was unsuccessful. My best friend died at 11:35 am at the age of 42 years old. She was always afraid of going to the doctors or hospitals. Maybe if we would have stayed on her about going to the doctors maybe MY BEST FRIEND would still be here!! She suffered from High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and she was over weight as well. Please if you know of anyone that may be sick, or neglecting the doctors, PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU TO TAKE THEM..I MISS HER SO MUCH AND THIS REALLY SEEMS LIKE A BAD DREAM TO ME, AND I AM PRAYING THAT GOD WAKES ME UP!!

      • Tina Johnson says

        I am so glad that you see it that way, that God has a plan for each and everyone of us. A lot of people sometimes turn their backs on God because they think that God did a cruel thing. Sin is what causes bad things to happen not God. I lost my brother last Thursday of a massive heart attack and yes my heart hurts so bad from his death. I know God will continue to strengthen me day to day. My prayers are with your family as well. The most important thing is that we have a chance here on earth to get it right with God so we can see our love ones that made it in.

  5. Latrinareddick says

    I have these palpitations that have me wondering what’s going to happen next.

  6. my brother denny just passed away on july 3rd 2011 of a massive heart attack he was only 56 and he was very active played raquette ball rode his bike everywhere played softball so was quite a shocker when i got the call saying he was gone apparently he had been suffering for several weeks with flu like symptoms and a sore left shoulder and arm which he brushed off as stiffness from playing ball so i urge anyone not to let symptoms go because u may not be here tomorrow and the ones u leave behind are left confused and wondering what could have been done or why did this happen

  7. Ty Smith says

    I just had a friend that just passed away from a massive heart attack on 7/24/11 and I am so hurt behind it. he did smoke and he did drink he was only 34 years old and he passed out on the basketball floor went in to a ceaser and died form there never had a fighting chance. Now my question would be why did he go through a ceaser and he has never had one of those in his life before. what cause that. i fill so bad for my dude. If you guys no any one that is doing way to much smoking or drinking if you cant get them to stop at least try to get them to slow down. Let them know it is not worth there lives. My boy hurt so many people with this one. 7/25/11

  8. kristina lindsey says

    My mother just passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 55. She passed out about two weeks leading up to the heart attack and she wouldn’t go to the doctor. Please make your loved ones go even if they don’t want to. I miss my mother every minute that I live and I’m mad that this could have been prevented.

    • i understand your loss my momma left me feburary of this year she was laid to rest on valentines day. she was 52 and very young and healthy looking. she complained of pains the night before and they went away i did not make her go to the doctor and now i live with not taking care of her like i should of. she was my life and me and my family lived with her still. i am living with this terrible nightmare and feel i could have helped her. God only knows how i can make it through this . i am very sorry for your loss and pray for you and your family. I am tring to hold it together but the depression is getting worse even sleeping pills other things people have gave me does not help me rest.

  9. My good bro had a massive heart attack on 24/8/11 and is in comma since. Doctors are saying his brain cannot respond to signals from the heart. He actually had a heart resuscitation immediately upon arrival but really took 15 minutes to get to the hospital. Is there any chances of his coming back to his senses?

  10. my boyfriend has just pass away because of a massive heart attack last August 2011.He was so tired when it happens.He told me he wants to rest and then but on my suprised,only a seconds after he lie down,he was already unconscious,no hearth beat and no pulse.So what I did is i call any help while performing CPR.We rushed him to the hospital but they said he was clinically dead already,I dont know why he dies so fast even I give my best to revive his life…He’s death is the most painful experience in my life but i need to be strong…Rest in peace my love and my soulmate.I will always love you.

  11. My mother died of a massive heart attack this afternoon. I was just researching on how this could have happened when I chanced on this discussion. There was no warning and she was apparently in high spirits. She was talking with my sister when she keeled over and convulsed, shocking my sister. They rushed her to the hospital but it was too late. I don’t even know what to think….

  12. I have a friend and co worker who has a massave heart attack. She was found by her children when they went to wake he,Suposidly she took last breath, ambulance came. She has been in hospital, she is breathing on her own, but not waking up. Is it her brain preventing her from waking? or heart?

  13. I feel so badly for the writers on this page. I do hope you can eventually find peace. I had a massive heart attack in my back yard on a 90* day while home alone. It was hard walking across the yard, climbing the deck steps and getting to the phone. I called my neighbor due to having trouble speaking. She called 911 and the ambulance squad is exactly 1 mile away, so they were here in 2 mins. I wasn’t sure if it was a heart attack or what, I never felt anything like it before. DO NOT hesitate for a minute to call 911. They told me I only had 10 minutes to spare. The hospital was 45 minutes away. Luckily we got there in 30 minutes. They had to shock me back to life 6 times. I am a 59 year old woman.

  14. My massive heart attack was on 7/6/2011.

  15. I am really appreciative to have found this site today. My grandfather had a massive heart attack and died on 12-1-08. I’m still having a pretty hard time dealing with it.My grandfather raised me so for me to get a call stating that my grandfather had fell down the stairs in the house and had a massive heart attack really messed me up. All i was thinking was how could this happen he walked up and down them stairs for at least 20 yrs, and to just die like that i truly didnt understand. Still dont im just glad i can talk about with people who been through the same thing. I never even thought i would result to the internet to get some relief for my pain.i just want to say thanks for sharing your stories which made me want to share mines.My grandmother has a pacemaker now and she is 65. Lord knows i hope it last for more than 10 years cause i really really need her now.. shes basically all i have left. MY CHILDREN ARE ONLY 11&13 and my grandmother is the only grand leftand i pray that she gets to see my honor roll children graduate high school because that would truly be special. thanks again for allowing me to share.

  16. i too have lost my mother to a massive heart attack – she was just at the doctor on the 20 of september and died on the 23 – both my husband and i talked to my mom and hour before she had the attack – she had no symptoms at all the whole family is in shock – we just pray that she had no pain and went quickly – we still have her peanut butter cookies she made for us on the day before she died !

  17. daddy's girl says

    My father passed away October 4,2011 and they said it was due to a massive heart attack because he had his hands curled into fists. It was very sudden. He’d went to walmart that morning and then laid down for a nap and bam, he was gone. It hadn’t even been a full thirty minutes since he’d gotten home from the store. He was in good health. This all came as such a shock. He turned 80 on September 23. He didn’t make it to a full two weeks after his birthday. I keep asking myself if this is all real, if he is really gone? My parents adopted me when I was 2 years old. I’m 22 now. I was and will always be a daddys girl. Rip daddy!

  18. I lost my mom to a massive heart attack 5 years ago. I believe she did have symptoms for two months before she died, but even her GP could not figure them out. She complained she felt dizzy, and tired, but she had just had knee surgery and high bp. On the day she died, she had flu like symptoms, back pain and nausea…but she thought it would pass. She died in the evening…had she seen a doctor that day, her attack may have been prevented. Please don’t be afraid to be seen to if you have any of these symptoms. My mom was just 66. I still miss her badly! I have never stopped feeling guilty for her death, as she did tell me about her dizziness, and I thought it was her high bp, never heart symptoms. I wish I knew what I know now!!

  19. My brother passed away from one 8-19-10 @ age 22. He was found gone in the shower for 45 min and nobody knew, paramedics revived him but his brain was gone, took us 6 days to finally let him go, we werent ready but he was. Its hard to understand :”(

    • sorry for your lose my best friend of 20 years or more just passed away on april 10 he was found in the living room rigamor had already set in and he was sent over for an autopsy and it was found that he had a massive heart attack… life will never be the same without him but i am writing to inform everyone please get regular check ups and be aware of whats going on with your body

  20. My father suffered a massive heart attack on 10-1-2011 he is only 51..he was a truck driver, smoker and ate the heart attack sacks. He also complained of some mild chest pain but never did anything about it nor would he a typical man. He and my mother were driving through MS and had to stop to reload hours..he was lying down when he started feeling a squeezing pain around his ribs..he had to get out of the truck to get some air thinking this would help, but only got worse. My mother called 911 which he did not argue, ( if any of you knew my father this was serious) and they took him to Forrest General. He had complete blockage of the LAD and was shocked 23 times…15 in the ER and 8 in the CATH LAB..they managed to get the stent placed his heart went from functioning at 15% to 40%. When I arrived in MS (from AZ) he was on a vent as well as a balloon pump…I was told if they took him off of the machines he would die. He has since recovered and is a complete miracle to the nurses and Dr.’s at Forrest General…I will be forever grateful to each and everyone of them. NOW to all of the FATHERS that may be reading this!!! Dont do this to your daughters!!!! Get help this can be prevented..My father said he has never felt pain like that in his life!! So see a Dr.!!!

  21. My condolences to all of you who have lost a loved one. I hope my story will ease some of your grief.
    On 7-9-11, I had a massive heart attack. I was air lifted to a hospital about 70 miles from my home. During the transport, my pain became unbearable so I decided to set the pain aside. I could sense it beside me, like a tangled dark mass, but I could no longer feel it. I became very aware of being warm, comfortable and relaxed, totally content.
    At that time, the medics shocked me back to life.
    Today, I truely believe that at the moment of death, there is no pain. There is no fear. There is no darkness.
    While I am not anxious to leave this world, I do not dread it. I know, that no matter what circumstance gets me to that point, it will be a peaceful crossing.

  22. A good friend of mine passed awawy last night from a massive heart attack. He just had dinner with his sister and had gone home and called them saying he coudn’t breathe, by the time paramedics got there he was gone. i have diabetes and high blood pressure,and sometimes I wake up at night because my heart is racing and I feel my breathing is errratic. I have also had pains in my left arm. Two yrs ago I had a heart cath. and they said my heart was clean as a whistle,could I have formed clots in my heart in two yrs time? I am scared and wonder do I need another heart cath. done ,but it is very expensive even with insurance. What do you advise?

    • GO GET CHECKED!!!! Did you read my post…please please go get checked don’t you feel that your life is worth it?? I know times are hard for everyone but just imagine if something were to happen to you all those who care for you and need you!! I dont know if you have children..but what my Dad went through and as selfish as it sounds what he put me through and my kids…trying to tell my 10 year old son HIS GRANDSON that Pappy is really really sick was the top 2 hardest things I have ever been through… PLEASE go get checked…yes you maybe feeling more aware of every little thing that could be wrong due to what happened to your good friend..but what would your good friend be telling you to do?? I hope when you come back to reply and I hope you do you tell me that you went to a cardiologist and everything was fine!!!! PLEASE!!! My thought are with you….Billie….p.s. I don’t want to sound like Im but listen to your body 🙂

  23. I lost my best friend and mother 1 month ago from a massive heart attack… the shock has not left our family yet. She worked all day right up untill 15 min before she died. Please please get your self checked out….If it doesn’t seem normal it likely isn’t…I miss my mom so much and it hurts me to think that she ignored her symtoms

    • I am so sorry for your loss and I know that time does not heal the void of losing a parent. I had a massive heart attack last Saturday (12/31/2012) and had no prior symptoms so please believe me when I tell you that your mother might not have ignored anything.
      I have been battling a bad cold/sinus infection for over 2 months. I saw my doctor every week, including the Thursday before this happened. I was out driving about 90 minutes beforehand and when I got home I just felt tired but that is normal for a bad cold or an infection. I laid down to go to sleep and that is when it happened. Not everyone has symptoms that they would equate to having a heart attack. I actually thought I was having either a reaction to a new antibiotic or a panic attack (which I have a history of having).

  24. I just said my final good bye on SUnday October 30th 2011, to the Love of My Life..we just got engaged in August and on October 20th we spent the day talking about our wedding next October… Sunday Oct 23rd while on his way to see me< he had a massive heart attack while driving on the 401, I'm just Lost….

  25. My father passed away the end of June. Well, I came over and found him on July 3, but they said it had been 3 or 4 days since he passed. He lived alone since my mom died of a stroke in 2005 and since I moved out 4 yrs ago. He was 53 and they think it was a massive heart attack because his hands were still in tight fists on his chest. I have a lot of guilt for not going over there for a few days. His phone was right beside him and he didn’t even have a chance to grab it. I just hope that means it was quick. I know he was probably scared. I am also a daddy’s girl and I miss him so much! I hope everyone of us are able to have a peaceful “first christmas” without our loved ones. God Bless you all!

  26. My mother in law just passed away on Nov. 2 2011 of a massive heart attack. It doesn’t make sense to me though. She was sitting at the table and said her chest started hurting then her head fell back and fell forward and fell back again. Then she started to convoles out her mouth. Then fell to the ground like she was having a ceaser. She never made it in time before the ambulance could get there. She was only 48. I never thought it would happen just like that.

  27. My 52 year old mother died from a massive heart attack on Labor Day of this year. She had been told by her PCP and the local ER that she had bronchitis for the past year. Bronchitis symptoms are the same as congestive heart failure & in my opinion they didn’t check her out thoroughly enough or they would have known that & been treating her for it. She was just in the ER 2 weeks prior to her death & once again they gave her meds for bronchitis. It’s frustrating to know that she did NOT ignore her symptoms, but the professionals that are supposed to know the symptoms, misdiagnosed her or didn’t diagnose her enough. It’s so sad & heartbreaking to know that so many people are going thru the same thing that you are. My mother’s death is killing me. I miss her so much & wish there was something I could have done to keep her in this world with us. PLEASE get yourself checked out if your parent/grandparent has pased away due to heart disease. It could be hereditary.

    • i understand how your feeling my Momma left me this year and laid to rest on valentines . i have so much guilt in my heart. and if it wernt for my family my only other prayers is to be with her again and tell her how beautiful and special she was. i really miss my mom. it was a massive heartatack and was not expected. i blame myself for not making her go all i did was threaten her to go which unfortunately didnt work. i was suppose to take care of her like she did me. God only knows how to make it through this.

    • my dad also died on labour day this year due to cardiac arrest,i could not come out of that pain. every second without him is killing me. i dont know how will i live without my precious father..

  28. Hi

    My dad due to massive cardiac arrest in Jan 2011. He was 60 yr old and used to walk daily for 1 hour for the last 30 years.

    A week before his death , he had complained about shooting pain in his left arm and i asked him if he wanted to get an ECG done.He replied in negative and said it was a muscular pain.In the subsequent days he complained about strange gastric infection which seemed to have originated without a reason. Thinking everything is ok as we would all think in this situation, we ignored it.

    It was prime winter when one day in the evening , he came back from his walk complaining about chest discomfort.Unfortunately i was not at home at that moment. I called up my mother and she told me he hasn’t completed his 8 km stretch and cameback halfway, which rang alarm bells in my ears since it was unusual.

    The next day he woke up at 6 am complaining about chest discomfort and acidity. At 10 am he left out house to meet me, and at 10:15 am he just fell down from the scooter and died in few seconds.

    Since nobody was at home, by the time they took him to hospital it was all over. They couldn’t revive him and the last thing i saw on his face were tears.

    Our family doctor doesn’t know how to explain this and i have no words to describe how i feel when i recall this event.

    Please never ignore the symptoms since it might be your last chance,


  29. My brother-in-law just died, he was only 57. Came home from working out with his daughter, he went to change, fell to the floor; he died quickly even though CPR was administered until the ambulance came. He was in great shape, nonsmoker, seemed healthy as can be. Just goes to show you when your time is up its up. Makes you wake up from the daily grind and realize how precious life is. We are all going to be gone in time it is the ones that go unexpectedly that shocks us into reality.

  30. My best friend and one time boyfriend of 4 years.. he passed away september 11, 2011 a day that will never be forgotten. he was only 25 years old and he was laying down and all of a sudden had a massive heart attack, they tried to revive him, when they saw he wasnt responding they called 911 but he was gone. he never had any symptoms or complaints about any pain, but the night before he was out drinking and probably smoked a little. He was feeling like he had a hangover that day. they said he died in less than 2 minutes..but i still wonder what happened.? he was so young and active , what might of happened?? its so hard to get over things like this. my prayers go to everyone that has lost someone.

  31. My best friend and one time boyfriend of 4 years.. he passed away september 11, 2011 a day that will never be forgotten. he was only 25 years old and he was laying down and all of a sudden had a massive heart attack, they tried to revive him, when they saw he wasnt responding they called 911 but he was gone. he never had any symptoms or complaints about any pain, but the night before he was out drinking and probably smoked a little. He was feeling like he had a hangover that day. they said he died in less than 2 minutes..but i still wonder what happened.? he was so young and active , what might of happened?? its so hard to get over things like this. my prayers go to everyone that has lost someone. and please get checked

  32. I lost my best friend on 25th July 2011 I was talking to him just before he went to the gym. He was found dead the following day in his car. He was having difficulty with his eyesight after exercise and I have since been told that this is a sign of heart problems. Please everyone get checked out look and see if any of the signs are ones you are experiencing, dont wait as it may be too late.

  33. My father in law just died on Dec.3 2011 of a massive heart attack. He was only 66 years old and had been feeling under the weather for the past month (sort of like a cold that he just couldn’t shake). He was an active man and didn’t have any other complaints. I miss him terribly. RIP Eddie – I love you.

  34. My mother, 60-year-old, the healthiest person i knew, died from a sudden heart attack in June 2011. She came home after 15 hours at work, not sure waht she was feeling. My Dad was sleeping, I leave with my family separately. He woke up because he heard her coughing, gave her a glass of water. He tried to call an ambulance- but she objecte – ” Don’t you dare!!!”. That’s the kind of person she was – optimistic, never thinking about herself. She didn’t want to bother anyone, she couldn’t immagine she was going to die. The ambulance was finally called only when she collapsed. When they arrived she was already in cardiac arrest. They “revived” her only after 45 minutes, took het to the hospital- but she was brain-dead.
    After 2 weeks she was gone. My Dearest Mom- only 60 year-old… RIP MY LOVE.

  35. My Nana just passed on Dec 19th 2011 of a massive heart attack. She was 73 years old and in good shape. It didn’t make any sentences. she was here one min then hours later bam she was gone outta nowhere with no signs. She was the best Nana that anybody could have asked for. We all loved her so much. I just wanted to say sorry to everyone esle that is dealing with this but stay strong RIP Nana i love you

  36. Michael M Shiver says

    I had a massive heart attack sept 12 2011….it was the one they called the widow maker…I am only 45.They say my heart stopped twice and they were able to shock me and get it back..I was extremely lucky and got very quick response…They said 27 minutes from the call to 911 to them getting first stent put in…I just recently started back to work but still am not back to the way I felt before heart attack…I sometimes dont know how to feel about the entire situation as to why I am still alive when so many die fron this heart attack..How long does it take to get back to feeling normal ?

  37. My husband who is 48 almost had a massive heart attack. He really doesn’t understand how lucky he is to have arrived at the hospital within time. The doctor said that it could of been fatal if he would of waited at home for the pain to go away. I’m glad he is still by my side.

  38. I got a call on December 8th,2011 at about 7:05 am from my mom telling me that my dad was found on the hallway floor, took his last breath and stopped breathing. My little brother tried his best to do CPR until paramedics arrived and they arrived and took my dad to the hospital which is less then 15 minutes away from his house. I left my apartment and got to the hospital right after my dad did but it was too late, he was gone. My dad had just turned 50 on oct 18 and went to the gym almost everyday.. He was healthier then me (28 yrs. And my brother who is 21). My dad was healthy and seen the dr regularly. I took him to the drs. A couple of weeks prior and he had just got bloodwork done a couple of months before. I don’t know how this could of happen…this has left me and the family devastated. I’ve just been sitting here wondering why? I hv many friends whose parents are like 70 years old and 50 to 100
    pounds overweight and my dad who is so strong and healthy dies at barely 50. I’m just so sad and angry. How can these people call themselves doctors yet they seem to not know their left foot from their right foot. I know everyone says he’s with god or god needed another angel but I want MY DAD here with me 🙁 and really..god could snap his fingers and make himself another angel if he wanted to. It really bothers me that I seen him the night b4 and he was fine and the next morning I’m yanked out of my sleep with this horrible news. Christmas sucked…there was nothing to be merry about and nothing to be happy about on new years. I sat here on my dads couch by myself at midnight on new years eve wishing I has my dad back and wondering how I’m going to get through the rest of my life without him. I love him so much and I can’t believe I didn’t get to say goodbye. I haven’t even had any dreams about him. I wish I knew he was ok because sad to say right now I have no faith.

    • SHYAM VANI says


  39. My step father died yesterday of a massive coronary. He had stints put in years ago and suffered 2 heart attacks before. He has been receiving treatment for oesophageal cancer and was told that the chemotherapy and radio therapy could weaken his heart but he was adamant to go through with the treatment the doctors had sent him for tests to determine if was fit enough to proceed with treatmehisnt a nd was deemed fit enough. The doctor said that when the paramedics reached him that his heat rate was at VR (I think). What does this mean

  40. Cynthia Anderson says

    My 21 year old daughter had a massive coronary on 12-31-2011. My husband gave her CPR until the ambulance could get here. They shocked her 7 times in the short time it took to get her to the hospital. 7 days later she is home. She is in great physical shape, she worked out 6 days a week for 1 1/2 hours, eats a healthy diet, does not drink, do drugs or smoke, she is 5 feet 7 and weighs 125. The doctors do not know why this happened she has none of the usual issues. Anyone out there have this happen to a loved one. We have more questions than answers.

  41. I had a massive heart attack in 2001. My Lad was 100% blocked and my Rca was 95% plugged. I came home from work, ate dinner, layed on the couch for a little bit. I woke up feeling very strange, just not feeling good and like nothing I ever felt before. I was only 41 and in very good shape. I told my wife and she said maybe we should go to the ER. I said no and just watched tv for a little while longer. I got up to do something and felt very strange, now telling my wife maybe I should go to the ER but let me go up stairs and change my clothes. She was already up stairs when on the second step I yelled to her CALL 911 I dont think I am going to make it. Best move I ever made. She called 911 and the paramedics arrived in just 4 minutes and the ambulance in another 3or4 minutes. The paramedics were just asking questions to me and my wife when it all of a sudden felt like an elephant sat on my chest. I could not breath or move. At that time the ambulance arrived and I flat lined. I was paddled repeatedly and then my heart restarted only to stop many more times before arriving at the first hospital. My family was told the ER had one hour to get my heart to stay working or I was going to be transfered to hospital that specialized in this problem. The first ER could not stablize me so off I went to the second hospital, They brought me right to the cath lab and opened up the Lad. 36 hours later, still in ICU they told my wife to gather up freinds and family because I wasn’t going to make it and if I did that I would be brain dead. They could not clean out Rca for fear I wouldn’t make it out of the ER.
    After 48 hours of hell for my wife and family I somehow started the miracle of recovery. 6 days after it started they went in and cleaned out the Rca. I arrived home just 8 days after it all started, hit the golf course just 15 days after it all happened. I live a very normal life now (with 2 stents) and I know how lucky I am. My doctor calls me his miracle man and it has beeen almost 11 years since it happened. Please don’t delay EVERY SECOND COUNTS

  42. Schuyler Wise says

    I sympathize with all of you. I have had 2 heart attacks, but miraculously survived both of them in pretty good shape. My advice- don’t be in denial with left side chest symptoms or shortness of breath. I am a long distance swimmer- that has helped me survive.
    My first heart attack age 50, I was overweight, chopping down a tree on July 4(hot). Went to lay down, went into a back spasm. My son called 911 but I waved him off, when the spasm went away. 30 minutes later in line in the drug store- get dizzy, had to DRIVE to the ER. My second heart attack I was smarter- called 911 right away, when I got a “free fall” feeling that comes from loss of blood pressure. The key to survivability- exercise every day to increase your blood vessels, go vegan or cut down on red meat, cheese, chocolate and chorizo. Stay hydrated- and keep baby aspirin nearby- take 4 if you feel symptoms, call 911 and get the front door open so medics can get to you.

  43. I just had a family friend pass away just a few days ago from a massive heart attack. As far as i know he wasn’t experiencing any signs of a heart attack. One day he was there and the next day he wasn’t. I know that for some of us out there you may feel that now is a time for grieving, but let us not be saddened by our loss, but rejoice for their crossing over into the life of eternity that they may live with our FATHER! Things happen for a reason and when death comes knocking at your door be prepared. I pray that you all find happiness in your hearts. God Bless



  45. my dad just passed away 01/09/2012. the doctors said it was from a massive heart attack, he was fine , healthy always happy,age 58 , he didnt even say it hurts anywhere that day, fixed hes car, came home and ate, watched hes news and in 15 min he was gone, iam still in shock i keep thinking hes coming back . he died in my moms hands . god i miss him!!!! love you

  46. John hArrison says

    My friend collapsed & died two days ago ,he complained of feeling sick,cold sweats& managed to get his wife to drive him to the n h s walk in centre where he collapsed.he’s 43 & they managed to revive him after 10 minutes.currently in hospital under sedation but they are going to attempt to bring around later today.Hope there’s no brain damage.this is shocking as I only saw him hours before full of banter,he’s not over weight.he smoked and lived a stressful life worked unsociable hours but was in the process of being laid off wishes to any one going through pain or loss .

  47. My Grandma passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack. She was 78 years old but until 2 weeks ago was the fittest 78 year old you could imagine (she looked more like 50!). She had never being in hospital but 2 weeks ago she started complaining of indigestion and of being breathless and in the past week was off her food. The doctor gave her some medication for indegestion. My uncle found her yesterday evening when he went to her house. It seems that it happened early in the morning. Her breakfast dishes had being washed up and were on the draining board and it looks like she went upstairs got dressed and made the bed then went into the bathroom. She was found on the bathroom floor. I’m still in shock, I really can’t believe it! R.I.P Grandma!

  48. My dad passed on 2/8/2012 due to massive heart attack. He just left cousin subs to grab something to eat
    My sister just finished work and her daily routine was to check on our father. He was sitting in his favorite recliner and it looked as if he was sleeping. He was not responsive to my sister and my sister called
    911. Emt tried to revive my dad, but could not. My sister noticed the cousin sandwhich still in the bag after he was take away. My sister stated my dad passed away minutes before her arrival. Im so devastated.
    I’m so devastated and angry.

  49. My Husband had a massive heart attack while I was sleeping. He was only 37 . I kissed him goodnight and went to bed around 930 to 10 and I woke up and looked at the alarm clock it said 502am and it wasn’t yn usual for him to fall asleep I’n the recliner after working on his laptop. So I was going to wake him up so he could get a col hours sleep I’n the bed. When I went to shake him he felt stiff and I grabbed his hands and they were so cold and I couldn’t get him out of the recliner to do CPR but I knew he was gone because he was stiff and really cold I called 911 and they took him to the hospital but when I got there they said he was already gone their was nothing they could’ve done he had been dead anywhere from 12pm til the Time I found him . I don’t understand why god took him Im too young to be a widow I’m 29 and we have 3 kids I just wish I had a chance to save him .but ever sign of a heart attack was being comflaged with other things like he had a toothache and went to the dentist and they put him on antibiotics and he always had heart burn and was tired alot due to he only got 5 hours of sleep most of the time and was a little overweight but if you saw him he was I’n perfect heatlh .. He died 1-1-2012.. I miss him so much.. Please if you have certain symptoms and even tho you may have a reason why go to the doc..

    • Shelly, So sorry to hear this. My husband is 39 almost 40. He has chronic heartburn, is always tired and has this severe pain sometimes that starts in chest area but goes up the side of his neck. He didn’t tell me about it for a while, but he had an episode one night and it scared me. So last February he was having them more and I talked him into going to hospital. they did a complete check, cat scan, blood work, EKG, act. They said he is completely healthy, no blockage, nothing. He still has these episodes and it still scares me. I sometimes wonder if it is like anxiety. Does any of this sound familiar? Should we get a second opinion? Any info would be appreciated. God bless you and your babies.

  50. I keep telling myself this pain in my chest will pass only it is geting worse. The pain is tolerable but spikes now and then. My shoulder upper back left side to center chest, and my jaw is cramping under my chin. I feel dizzy at times and I am nervous because of a pain in the back of my leg that was present all week is now gone. A friend told me to get it checked out and I have procrastinated my health it seems. I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest trauma center is 3.5 hours. Is there anything I can do to make the pain go away. I feel to grap and hold my chest like I was kicked what should I do. I had left work because I no longer hide the pain, and we are going through buget cuts I couldntafford to risk any overtime.

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