Natural Home Remedies To Control Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is quite a common problem that afflicts many Americans. Although there are a number of medicines that can provide relief from this ailment, there also exist some acid reflux natural home remedies that are comparatively safe. Unlike the over-the-counter medicines, these acid reflux natural cures are affordable in price and yet far more effective.

You can try several options to cure acid reflux with home remedies, ranging from simple to more complex ones. So, you will have to explore different remedies to arrive at a perfect solution which suits you the best.

In addition, you also need to seriously consider the foods that you generally eat. This can help a great deal in avoiding acid reflux as far as possible.

Hence, analyze your diet and eliminate extremely spicy foods from the diet to prevent unnecessary acid reflux trouble. If you find it difficult to completely avoid such foods then at reduce their intake.

Moreover, take two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses on a daily basis to help reduce acid reflux effectively. You can find blackstrap molasses in most of the health stores.

Another valuable tip to reduce and control this problem is to reduce the size of your regular meals. The key to control acid reflux heartburn and other troublesome symptoms is to break you meals into smaller portions.


For instance, if you are taking two to three heavy meals in a day then break them into six or seven smaller meals to be taken throughout the day. Basically, this helps in the process of digestion and puts less pressure on the stomach.

Home remedies to control acid reflux also emphasize on the importance of including apples in the diet. To be specific, try to eat one apple after each meal. It helps neutralize and reduce the stomach acids to a great extent. Make sure you consume raw apples after having meals. Consumption of cooked apples will not have any significant effect.

Those of you who suffer from acid reflux symptoms, particularly when trying to sleep, should try to keep your head elevated when going to sleep. It can significantly help in preventing stomach acids from moving up to your esophagus. Hence, to follow this suggestion, you need to adjust your bed by raising the angle of the bed by about six inches.

Thus, make use of these useful natural home remedies to control acid reflux to relieve yourself from the pain and annoying discomfort it causes. Just choose the best option appropriate for your situation and follow it properly.

These controlling measures like avoiding your favorite spicy foods or reducing the size of meals are not easy to adopt instantly and require effort on your part. But, if you do exercise some control and follow these natural remedies correctly then it will surely prove beneficial.

Conventional treatment, on the other hand is expensive and time consuming, not to mention the risk of side effects. Therefore, it is better to first adopt safe natural cures and important lifestyle modifications to relieve acid reflux. These methods are also beneficial for improvement in overall health as well.

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