Painful Blisters On Tongue

Blisters on tongue, or tongue blisters are painful sores or ulcers on the tongue often accompanied by burning sensation and cause discomfort while eating, speaking and drinking as the blisters make it difficult to carry out activities involving the use of tongue. Tongue blisters also known as tongue zits can be caused due to a number of reasons.

Common tongue injuries like the ones caused by accidental tongue biting and eating extremely hot or acidic foods tend to cause and aggravate existing tongue blisters.

Apart from this, viral infections due to Herpes Simplex Virus in the form of Canker Sores and Stomatitis can also trigger this condition. Stomatitis leads to the formation of blisters on tongue along with inflammation.

The infection is contagious in nature and leads to the development of fluid filled sores on the tongue, inside of cheeks, lips or other parts of the mouth. The condition is referred to as Gingivostomatitis in children and is accompanied by the symptom of swollen lymph nodes. The appearance of tongue blister or blisters due to Herpes Stomatis may be preceded by fever.

Individuals with nutritional deficiency, chronic constipation, weak immune system or those taking immunosuppressants are more likely to face this problem. Stress and hormonal changes too increase the risk of developing annoying blister in tongue.

Sore Throat infection can lead to blisters in throat and burning tongue. Besides, another condition called Mucocele may give rise to the formation of small blister-like lesions on the underside of the tongue.

Moreover, red or white blisters on tongue in children may be caused by Hand-Foot-and Mouth-Disease or yeast infections as well. The presence of white bump or blister on tongue accompanied by a metallic taste in mouth is usually indicative of candida yeast infection or Oral Thrush.

Food allergies can also give rise to this problem. But, can strong chees burn the mouth and tounge? Well, although cottage cheese is often used to ease burning sensation, certain varieties of fermented cheese that are extremely pungent and strong can also cause burning sensation in the mouth and tongue.


Treatment for Tongue Blisters

Small blisters on tongue that are caused by mild viral mouth infections tend to heal on their own within a couple of weeks days. Tongue blisters that do not go away even after a long time or the ones that recur and spread to other parts of the mouth should better be examined by a qualified doctor.

In case of viral infections, taking antiviral medicines advised by doctors is the most effective blisters on tongue treatment. Rinsing the mouth with lukewarm salt water is also beneficial.

Take proper precautionary steps to avoid spreading the infection (whether viral or bacterial) by maintaining proper oral hygiene and resisting the temptation to touch the affected area again and again.

Plus, the application of topical medications containing numbing agents can help ease the pain. Apply some zinc cream on the affected area to facilitate the process of healing. The application of honey is also beneficial in this regard. Take vitamin B complex pills if the tongue sores and blisters are caused by vitamin B deficiency.

As most of the mouth and tongue related problems are aggravated by dry mouth, it is better to consume adequate amount of water at regular intervals. Infants can also be given clear liquids. In case of blister on tongue cause by Herpes virus, consume more lysine rich foods and less arginine rich foods.

Therefore, eat more papayas, mangoes, apricots, figs, sprouts, legumes, dairy products and reduce the consumption of nuts, dried beans, seeds, peanut butter, chocolate and products prepared from white flour. Abstain from cigarette smoking as well.

In addition, avoid having extremely hot, spicy and acidic foods. Citrus juices and carbonated drinks may also add to the discomfort and are best avoided until the blisters on tongue heal.


  1. robert krauss says

    My tongue has been sore all of my life.When i eat sometime it gets sore burns hurts like hell. The sores go away after a few hours.until it is time to eat pain again. My tongue is loaded with deep craters.I have dealt with this for 70 years.

  2. JAMES CONDIS says

    Try rinsing with hydrogen peroxide solution straight from the bottle do not dilute, then rinse with mouth wash. Works for me, and is immediate.

  3. I have sores everytime. am i deficient in a particular vitamin.

  4. Suresh Thotakura says

    I am suffering for the last 40 years. It is verypain ful to bear it and to sustain with pain while you talk to some one. I f some body finds a medicine i am very nmuch thankful to them.

    • Try lidocane. It tastes really bad but it numbs your tongue and makes it a lot easier to eat.

    • For cold symptoms (initial sore traoht followed by running nose, nasal congestion, headache, cough) I recommend:1. Afrin Nasal Spray twice a day for 3-5 days max.2. Naproxen or Aleve 220mg tablets, 2 tabs twice a day.3. Pseudoephedrine 20-30mg, twice a day.(this would be for someone with no other significant medical problems or allergies to these meds)I have never seen any good evidence of benefit from herbal meds but people will argue with this and quote poor studies that have not been validated. Basically what you are trying to do with the above is control the secretions to prevent the complications of the cold viruses like sinusitis and pneumonia, etc.

  5. Try B complex, every day! Eat Almonds every day (6-8) and try eating raw cumin seeds with almonds. This helps a lot.

  6. Iv found bonjela great it’s an oral cream given to babies for teething pain plus upping your vitamin b levels!!!

  7. Margarito says

    By tongue hurts like hell! oh yeah hurts like hell and it kills me! So hard to eat!! oh yeah it really kills me! and i have sore a throat also and i believe this is caused by a trauma when the stomach acids back flow to my mouth after drinking too much alcohol.. this serves a lesson for me and for all of us not to drink too much alcohol.. Thats all.. any suggestions?

    • A big no! I believe that is caused by my strong punch! you ate all my hooks and uppercuts! thats why you experienced that you know?

  8. Margarito says

    By tongue hurts like hell! oh yeah hurts like hell and it kills me! So hard to eat!! oh yeah it really kills me! and i have sore a throat also and i believe this is caused by a trauma when the stomach acids back flow to my mouth after drinking too much alcohol.. this serves a lesson for me and for all of us not to drink too much alcohol.. Thats all.. any suggestions???

  9. Therapist Phone says

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  10. I accidently cut that saliva thing under my tounge by biting it and since then iv been getting blisters and it really hurts anyone have ideas iv already tried salt water.

  11. I also have this problem. I remember I was 16 years old, when I first suffered from this problem, from that time to the present time, I get this problem atleast three times in 2 months. It hurts like hell, nothing is worse than this problem.
    But yes the problem usually goes in a week, sometimes it takes even two weeks also.
    Doctors give so many pills, but none of them has proved to be useful. All are waste.

  12. I have a ball rite in front of my tounge piercing is it an infection? Wgat can I do to possibly take it away as soon as possible ? Im scared..

  13. I have seizures, but its not epilepsy . They are very rare and random . They seem too only happen at work or school but not at school since I’m 21 and home again . I always bite my tongue and end up with blisters any ideas people ????? I’m desperate for help . I also had a major fever unconscious during the last couple .

  14. My 4yr.Old son is having this red an white blisters,it looks like a ring,sometimes it appears wide on his t0unge.It started when he was 9m0s.I tried a l0t of home remedies,we went to several doctors already,but stil it keeps on coming back.What sh0uld i do?Is this uncurable?He became thin,and have n0 appetite to eat.Please help me, if you have idea ab0ut this.Thank you.

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