Red Bumps On Tongue Causing Pain

The formation of red bumps on tongue is a fairly troublesome but common tongue problem that can be caused by a variety of reasons. The condition is often accompanied by pain, burning sensation and inflammation. Nonetheless, in certain cases, a red bump on tongue can also be painless.

More often than not, common red bumps, cuts and red spots on your tongue tend to heal on their own.  For instance, redness in tongue because of the consumption of extremely hot or acidic foods or drinks usually goes away on its own within a few days, provided you are not bent on aggravating the problem by disregarding common precautionary steps.

Similarly, the condition may also be present in the form of enlarged taste buds due to irritated taste buds caused by the consumption of certain foods like pineapple. On the other hand, persistent bumps on tongue that are hard and painless may be indicative of oral cancer too.

Causes of Red Bumps on Tongue

Tongue injuries due to tongue biting, poorly fitted dentures, harsh brushing etc are the most common causes that lead to sore red bumps on tongue. Repeated tongue trauma can give rise to Oral Fibromas over a period of time. However, they usually do not become cancerous.

Oral Fibromas can also develop on the insides of the cheeks, corners of the mouth, lips and other such areas. The condition is characterized by pinkish or whitish fibrous tumor-like growths of the oral soft tissues. Removal of large Fibromas that cause difficulty while speaking should be done by a qualified dentist.

Canker sores and allergic reactions (whether due to specific foods or medicines), oral herpes, early stage syphilis, tuberculosis, viral infections and bacterial infections are some typical red bumps on tounge causes that cause a great deal of discomfort.

Prolonged use of antibiotics may also result in the same. In some cases, Strep Throat tends to give rise to the problem of red spots on tongue.

Apart from this, factors like hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies, particularly that of iron, zinc, folic acid and vitamin B 12 tend to increase the chances of developing common red bumps on tongue, whether on its surface or underneath the tongue.


Factors like improper oral hygiene, lack of adequate moisture on the tongue, drinking too much tea or coffee, cigarette smoking, tobacco abuse, getting radiation therapy etc can create lead to the development of hairy tongue characterized by overgrowth of papillae on the tongue.


Some common ways of dealing with painful red bumps on tongue are:

• Applying ice on the affected area to reduce pain and inflammation.

• Rinsing the mouth with saline solution to cure red bumps caused by infection. Saline solution can be easily prepared by mixing a teaspoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water. For best results, hold this solution in the mouth for about 30 seconds, swish it in your mouth and finally throw it. Do not swallow it.

• Focus on adequate oral hygiene to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Moreover, have a nutritious diet with special emphasis on the inclusion of vitamin B and vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits, sprouts, legumes, cabbage, broccoli etc. Drink sufficient water at regular intervals to avoid dry mouth as it creates a host of other mouth and tongue related problems.

Besides, restrict the consumption of alcohol and avoid cigarette smoking and tobacco abuse to avoid further troubles as these substances tend to irritate the tongue further. In addition, try to avoid having foods or drinks when they are too hot to bear. Needless to add, stay away from spicy foods as well.

In case red bumps on tongue are persistent and continue to grow even after taking corrective measures then it is advisable to consult a dentist to rule out the possibility of any serious underlying condition.


  1. I have little red bumps on the end of my tongue,my tongue i constantly trying to clean off top teeth,or it self,I’m not sure,I inow I can’t keep my tongue still.I feel like a film on my inside lip,I keep trying to bite it off.I’ve been to a Dr,a dentist and oral evening my tongue is red and sore.I’ve had a lot of dental work.last time he put something on my top 2 teeth,they was rough and he filled themin on the back,don’t know if my toungs trying to get it off.he had no answers.Hope you can help.Nurse practiciner says its a habit,I told sometning had to start it.She was no help.It does it all the time,only stops when I lay go to bed.

    • Sounds like a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, which encompasses a variety of problems related to the jaw, and results in a whole lot of other problems in the head and mouth, including a feeling that your tongue has no “proper” place to sit. (Which for me leads to a lot of licking around the mouth and sucking on my back teeth.) Do you have frequent headaches, tinnitus, or clicking/crackling in the ear? Read up on TMJ disorders.

  2. Len Aubertin says

    I have the same problems as Jerrie,had lot of dental work done,thats when my problem started with my tongue,cant use tootpaste or chew on certain gums because it realy aggravates my tongue…

  3. Phone Therapist says

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  4. Qureshi Athar Salim says

    I have tongue sores from last 3 months I have taken Folic acid Tab regulary and Antioxident,Tab 1-1 B complex 1-1 but still I have not solved my problembs pls advice

  5. Narendra says

    I am also having red-spot in my tongue, its very painful, its looking like small small dot as red chilly types. I can’t eat and drink properly. i am also having medicine but not give me relief. So Please suggest me what should i do.

  6. I have red spots on my throat for about two months now been to hospital but they just give me panados and vitamins but nothing helps anyone tell me what to use so they go away because sometimes you see red spo on the lips but they does away only throat hlp me out

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