Sore On Roof Of Mouth – Causes

A mouth sore can be present in any area of the mouth but a sore on roof of mouth can be particularly annoying. Cold Sores and Canker Sores are the most common causes of sores on roof of mouth.

Sore roof of mouth causes a great deal of pain and discomfort. Such sores are usually not considered contagious when caused by Canker Sores. Cold sores, on the other hand generally develop on the outside of the mouth.

However, the chances of developing cold sore on roof of mouth are not too rare because when cold sores do develop inside the mouth, they tend to appear on the non movable part of the mouth. Roof of mouth, also referred to as Palate, separates the oral cavity from nasal cavity.

Causes of Mouth Roof Sore

Apart from Cold Sore and Canker Sore, other common causes of mouth roof sore are folate and vitamin B12 deficiency, smoking, tobacco abuse, low immunity, viral/bacterial infections (such as Oral Herpes, Sinus Infection), stress and hormonal changes.

Consuming extremely hot foods or drinks can tends to cause injury thereby resulting in roof of mouth sore, tongue sore etc.

Moreover, injury in the mouth due to factors like consumption of food items with sharp edges, poorly fitted dentures or cracked teeth causing sore on roof of mouth is also not uncommon.

Burning Mouth Syndrome characterized by a burning sensation on the roof of mouth, gum, inside of cheeks and other areas inside the mouth may also cause this problem. The condition is mostly accompanied by dry mouth and there are generally no mouth ulcers.

At times, severe pain on roof of mouth due to the presence of a mouth ulcer or sore on the roof of mouth may also be indicative of palate cancer. The condition is often painless in the beginning.


In rare cases, hard bony growth in the center of the roof of the mouth, known as Torus Palatines may also cause discomfort in the palate.

In most of the cases, however, this condition does not require any treatment, unless the bone growth interferes with proper fitting of dentures.

Besides, allergic reactions to foods like sea food, peanut butter, nuts, wheat products etc may also give rise to red sore on roof of mouth.

Recurrent mouth sores on roof or any area of the mouth may be indicative of the presence of systemic diseases like Lupus, Hepatitis, Behcet’s Disease, Celiac Disease, HIV and other similar diseases.

How to Get Rid of Sores on the Roof of Mouth?

When not caused by any serious ailments or injuries, sores on roof of mouth tend to heal by themselves within 10 to 12 days. Taking antibiotics can help reduce severe pain on the roof of mouth caused by bacterial sinus infection.

Conventional medicines containing glycerin and peroxide are generally considered beneficial for curing Canker Sores causing this problem. In terms of home remedies, rinsing the mouth with a strong tea prepared from goldenseal root can help reduce this problem considerably due to its antiseptic properties.

In the same way, the simplest means of Cold Sore on roof of mouth treatment is the application of wet black tea bag on the affected area. Gargling with aloe vera juice also serves as a good natural remedy.

Plus, have a healthy and well balanced diet with special emphasis on citrus fruits and green vegetable to boost immunity and facilitate the process of healing. Regular consumption of plain yogurt is regarded as a valuable natural cure for avoiding Canker Sores as far as possible.

Besides, practice good oral hygiene and quit the unhealthy habit of cigarette smoking. Gargle with lukewarm saline solution to get rid of mouth sore caused by infection. In addition, avoid having too hot or spicy foods till the sore on roof of mouth is healed.




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