Tips And Tricks For Nail Whitening

Those of you who are fond of decorating your nails using nail paint must have observed that the nails gradually develop yellowish stains due to repeated application of nail polishes, particularly the dark shades.

It is believed that this staining occurs because of the formaldehyde present in nail paints. Thus, one of the most popular tips for reducing and avoiding yellow nails is to apply a base coat of clear nail polish before applying a colored polish as it works as a protective coat.

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Besides, it is suggested to avoid using nail paints too often and let your nails breath. So, leave your nails without any nail paint for at least one week after every five to six weeks.

In fact, if there is considerable staining then it is better to let the nails grow out, thereby removing the stains in a natural way.

Yellow nails, however, can also be caused by nail fungus. It usually affects the toenails. The condition is characterized by thickened and discolored nails.

As a result, the nails become dull and brittle. Nails can also turn yellow due to smoking or when dealing with a medical condition like pulmonary disease.

Home Treatments for Whitening Your Nails

  • • Soaking your nails in a mixture of four parts of water and one part of 3% hydrogen peroxide for about 10 minutes is highly beneficial for making your nails white.


  • • Another simple remedy for nail whitening involves using a combination of one tablespoon each of baking powder and lemon juice on your nails for a minute and then washing your hands. To replenish moisture, apply a hand cream as well.


  • • Dissolve two denture-cleaning tablets in a glass of water. Soak your nails in this solution and gently scrub them with the help of a fingernail brush or just an old toothbrush to get rid of yellow stains on nails.


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  • • Simply applying a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice and scrubbing your nails with a nail brush can help brighten the nails and reduce the yellow stains. You may also add drop of lavender oil in it. Alternatively, you may soak your nails in a bowl of water mixed with lemon juice for almost 15 minutes.


  • • Take a little lemon essential oil in a bowl and immerse your nails in the oil for a few minutes to get white and bright nails naturally.


  • • Combine a teeth-whitening peroxide toothpaste and lemon juice. Dip a nail brush in this mixture and rub it on your nails enhance the beauty of your nails and make them appear white.


  • • When dealing with yellow nails, apply a paste of one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and two and a half tablespoons of baking soda on your nails. Leave it for about five minutes and then rinse with warm water.

    Next, soak the fingernails in lemon juice and wash it off after a couple of minutes. Finally, massage with a hand lotion or cream. Follow this treatment every other day.


  • • Lightly buffing the fingernails with a medium grit nail buffer can prove to be useful in removing the stains. It also promotes nail growth. However, do not buff a too strongly as it may weaken the nails.

    You may use a whitening pencil as well to create a clean look. These pencils are used to fill in the area under the nails, especially around the tips.


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