Tongue Sores – Painful Sores On Tongue

Appearance of Tongue Sores is one of the most common and confusing problems associated with the tongue. Sores on tongue can be caused due to a variety of reasons ranging from common Canker Sores to serious conditions like Oral Cancer.

Tongue Sores are often accompanied by pain, burning sensation and inflammation. They are generally white or red in color. The presence of any yellow or dark colored Tongue Sore mostly indicates viral infection.

Swollen taste buds in the form of Tongue Zits are also similar to Tongue Sores. They commonly appear on the back of the tongue and are usually considered harmless.

What Causes Sores on the Tongue?

Common injuries on tongue caused by accidently biting the tongue, consuming extremely hot foods or beverages, like irritation due to substances like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (found in some toothpastes) and spicy or acidic foods, tobacco abuse, ill-fitted dentures, allergic reactions, vitamin deficiencies and Canker Sores are the most common Tongue Sores causes.

Sores under tongue or on the surface of the tongue can also indicate underlying stomach problems (mostly constipation), inflammation of muscle tissues, anxiety etc.

Painful sores on tongue resulting from Canker Sores are usually white in color with red edges. They typically last for about seven to ten days but tend to recur from time to time.


White sores on tongue, however, can also be caused due to HIV infection. Leukoplakia, which is often considered as a precancerous condition, can also cause round small hard white bump on tongue. Such bump or bumps are mostly patchy in appearance.

Other causes of Tongue Sores also include bacterial infections, Oral Herpes, Oral Cancer, immune system disorders etc. In most of the cases, sores on tongue caused by Oral Cancer usually develop on either the sides of the tongue or in the floor of the mouth. Such Tongue Sores are generally painless at first and do not heal even within three weeks.

Treatment of Tongue Sores

Painful Tongue Sores caused by infections are usually healed by regularly rinsing the mouth with lukewarm saline solution. You can also gargle with a solution of half a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of warm water to get rid this problem. Honey also has excellent curative properties that can help a great deal in the treatment of sores on tongue.

Alternatively, you can apply glycerin on the affected area to cure Tongue Sores easily. Simply sucking an ice cube is one of the best ways of relieving pain and burning sensation associated with such sores and ulcers.

In addition, have a balanced and nutritious diet with special emphasis on vitamin B12 and iron to get rid of sores on tongue caused by vitamin deficiencies. Lentils, peas, beans, spinach and various other green vegetables are highly beneficial in this regard.

Besides, restrict the consumption of highly acidic and spicy foods as these are often regarded as some of the most common causes of sores on tongue occurring due to chemical imbalance. Reduce the consumption of highly sugary foods as well as they tend to encourage the overgrowth of fungus.

Some people also tend to have sores on tongue after consuming alcoholic beverages in excess. Last but not least, try to maintain adequate oral hygiene so as to avoid Tongue Sores caused by infections.


  1. i got my tounge done like 2 weeks ago and i have pain on the bottom and top sometimes is this normal or is it infected?

  2. I have a white ridge that comes up time to time on side of tongue that is very painful. What could it be?

    • It took me quite a while to learn that pain on the right side of my tongue with a white ridge was caused by medicine. Most antidepressants (Wellbutrin, Abilify) and Niaspan have been the main culprits. I either have to cut back the medicine or try a different one if that doesn’t help.

      Sometimes, however, it is from too much sugar or acid. I have to drink a lot of water and adjust my diet.

  3. thanx so much this is a helpful article ..i have always had canker sores since i was a small boy and they seem to recur.following wht this article says is quite helpful

  4. thanks a lot on dis article. i’m having a severe sore tongue and cough, but dis is gvg me a clue. thanks

  5. I have a sore on the right top of my tong,white around the sore it hurts when i eat open my mouth the pain at times will wake me up i used warm salt water to quail the pain,but the pain seems to get worse what should i do,beside take four alive tablets? thank you.

  6. sometimes i get sore on tounge when i eat or drink

  7. Alternative Krebsbehandlung says

    I take pleasure in, lead to I discovered just what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  8. Just used the Baking soda remedy and it worked great!!!

  9. Paddy OConnor says

    I have a very sore undertongue esp., when I eat fruit or drink same. Also I have slightly sore neck gland underneath where tongue is sore. I had some fillings recently and I’m not sure if something happened then and there but shortly after i have this problem. All i can see is a white patch where it seems to hurt but no deterioration or healing up has taken place so far after 1 week.
    Paddy O’Connor

  10. I get what seems a white-yellowish small growth around the small mushroom headed cells on my tougne-sometimes singly sometimes many-they burn terribly. I don’t smoke or drink.

  11. Thanx for tha notes nice read.

  12. After reading the baking soda recipe works – I immediately tried it and instead of feeling extreme pain on the sore I feel a little tingling. It hurt so bad I wanted to cry and now it feels okay. I think I’ll keep using the baking soda when it hurts. I don’t know if it will help heal the sore long term but the temporary relief is great.

  13. About a week ago I woke up to find I had a mouth full of soars and excruciating pain, the majority of the soars were on the roof of my mouth and my cheeks on the inside were also covered with soars, it has been seven or nine days and most have cleares up except I still have these brown spots on the roof of my moputh and they are very painful.
    This is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this.
    Any professionals out there that might have some advice, if these do not go away I will go to a doctor Monday


    The best for this is believe IT OR NOT is ICE..

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