Tongue Ulcers And Their Treatment

As the name suggests, Tongue Ulcers are white colored ulcers present on the tongue. They are usually painless in the beginning. Although, these lesions tend to cause pain and become blood red colored after some time. Factors like eating unhealthy foods, consuming alcohol and smoking are some of the most common causes of ulcers on tongue.

Apart from soreness and burning sensation on the tongue, there are no specific symptoms of Tongue Ulcers. Usually, ulcers on tongue tend to increase sensitivity to hot substances and cause irritation while eating or brushing. Tongue Ulcers are often preceded by slight inflammation of small bud-like structures present on the tongue. Tongue Ulcer problem is referred to as Aphthous Ulcer in medical terms.

Stress is considered to be an important cause of Tongue Ulcers. Besides, Vitamin B deficiency, Food Allergy, Hormonal Imbalance, Menopause, Constipation, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and fatty foods can also be held responsible for causing ulcer in tongue.

Histoplasmosis, Tuberculosis, Celiac disease, Behcet’s disease, herpes virus and other minor infections on the tongue can also lead to this annoying problem.

Factors like improper brushing, ill-fitted braces, use of toothpaste or mouthwash containing corrosive substances (for instance, SLS) and having too hot beverages tend to cause injuries on the tongue thereby giving rise to ulcer on tongue.

Tongue Ulcer Treatment

• Application of butter for Tongue Ulcers treatment is one of the best natural remedies for this irritating problem. Items like butter and glycerin tend to ease the burning sensation and facilitate the process of healing.


• Mix one teaspoon each of hydrogen peroxide and water. Soak a cotton ball in this mixture and apply it on the affected area to cure Tongue Ulcers at home.

• Rinsing the mouth with a mixture of salt and lukewarm water is an effective way of treating Tongue Ulcer caused by infection.

• In case the ulcers on tongue are being caused because of stomach ulcers, then it is advisable to have one teaspoon of coconut oil regularly for a few days. Consumption of coconut water is also highly recommended.

• Application of milk of banyan tree two times in a day is a popular home treatment for Tongue Ulcers.

• Applying a numbing gel containing benzocaine is useful in relieving pain and burning sensation caused by the presence of ulcer on tongue.

• Having ripe papaya fruit until the sores disappear serves as a simple yet effect Tongue Ulcer treatment.

• Chewing leaves and roots of sacred fig tree, with or without honey can help in getting rid of this irritating problem. Sacred fig leaves and roots are useful in reducing ulcers and honey serves as a natural antiseptic and anti inflammatory agent.

In addition, take a balanced diet with special emphasis on vitamin B and zinc to aid in the process of healing. Taking vitamin B supplements is also beneficial in this regard. Needless to add, avoid having spicy and hot foods as they tend to worsen the pain and burning sensation of Tongue Ulcers.


  1. I have geo graphic tongue please tel me good treatment and good medicin and good doctor, in hyderabad. I am suffring from 5 months please tel me good remadies thanking you.

    • do you have a photo of it? I think I might have it too. Is it a smooth red patch with some white that burns and stings?

  2. I have had a sore on my tongue for 2 yrs. I had it removed once by an oral surgeon and then it came back. I then went to an ENT and he biopsied it. It came back as a squamos papiloma. It cant be that because I am in constant pain with burning. Squamis Papiloma has no pain and my sore looks nothing like it. My sore is red with some white and is smooth. I need this to go away. Does anyone have any suggestions or idea what this is???

  3. Andrea, my advise to you is get to a
    doctor as soon as possible!
    Don’t take chances with a history
    Like yours.

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