What Do Migraines & Heart Disease Have In Common?

Recent studies suggest that individuals suffering from Migraines are twice (to be specific, 42%) more likely to suffer from Heart Disease as well. The ones suffering from Migraines with aura are even more at risk of developing Heart Diseases and Strokes.

Migraine with aura is a Migraine condition characterized by early warning neurological symptoms like zigzag lines, flashing lights, vibrating visual field, graying out of vision etc. Patients suffering from this condition are considered to be three times more at risk of developing Heart Disease. Moreover, Migraine sufferers (with or without aura) are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular risk factors too.

Cause of Correlation between Migraine and Heart Disease

The reason for this correlation between Migraines and Heart Disease is not very clear. Still, it the cause of correlation between these two conditions is often attributed to the fact that both these problems tend to affect the neurological system and involve changes in the normal flow of blood.

Basically, Migraines cause changes in the blood flow in the brain thereby increasing the risk of cutting off blood supply in any part of the brain. This lack of blood flow in any part of the brain increases the risk of Strokes.


Similarly, inadequate blood supply in the heart muscles may cause a Heart Attack. So, the risk of developing such problems increases with an increase in the frequency of Migraines that can cause weakening of the blood vessels due to their dysfunctioning.

Plus, high levels of an amino acid known as Homocysteine have also been associated with the incidence of Heart Disease, Strokes and Migraines. Some researches in Australia have indicated that a particular type of genetic mutation leads to an increased level of Homocysteine which in turn causes Migraine.

Furthermore, Migraine sufferers are two times more at risk of a heart defect called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) characterized by a hole between the right atrium and the left atrium of the heart.

Therefore, in addition to the treatment of Migraines, the individuals suffering from this incapacitating disease should also be careful to analyze and control cardiovascular risk factors like Hypertension, Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Cholesterol and other such factors in order to avoid heart problems.

Hence, it would be better to adopt appropriate dietary measures, lifestyle changes and a number of valuable home remedies to manage these factors effectively.


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