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What Is Asthma?

You must be very well aware of the importance of the respiration which is very vital for the survival as it ensures availability of oxygen to body tissues and cells whereas it helps in removing the harmful gas i.e. carbon dioxide. But what if you are unable to respire effectively and feel like difficult in inhaling and exhaling air which was once very easy? What you can expect?
Well you might be handicapped with one of the inflammatory disease of lungs i.e. asthma which is known for impairing 10%-12% of world population immoderately acting on kiddies, the outvoted groups and people belonging to lower socioeconomic status.

So asthma is a persisting inflammatory disease of lungs which results as an inflammation of airways, responsible for carrying air to and from your lungs. Thus as a consequence of being inflamed the airways get contracted thereby reducing the volume of passage of air to and from lungs leading to you experience difficulty in respiring effectively i.e. shortness in breath.

Broadly we can categorize asthma into two categories i.e. allergic and non-allergic asthma on the basis of root cause of it. As the categories themselves implies that in some cases certain allergens trigger asthma in the form of smoke, dust, pollution, chemicals etc. while in other cases anxiety, heredity, toxins etc. help in provoking it.

However asthma is by and large very common (but not always) in kiddies or adolescents on account of genetic factor which play a vital role in triggering the asthma by making them hypersensitive to certain substances present in the environment.

Even if you think you have discovered late of being an asthma patient no need to panic as even the persons in the severe conditions of asthma can lead normal lives once they take charge of the disease by knowing valuable info about it including the various natural home remedies for asthma which are side effects less.

Causes Of Asthma


There is no universal cause of asthma as it varies from type to the intensity in different group of people. However there are certain identified causes which give rise to asthma which are as follows:
• Laying open to wood smoke and tobacco
• Inhaling polluted air
• Inhaling respiratory immune triggers
• Getting exposed to airway irritants
• Breathing in irritants which set allergy in motion like molds, dust and animal dander
• Upper respiratory tract infection like cold, flu, sinusitis and bronchitis
• Exposure to chilly and anhydrous weather
• Emotive incitement or stress
• Bodily workout or exercise
• Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
• Sulfite, which is used as an additive to certain food and wine
• Menstruation, not in all but many women
• Atopy or inherited tendency of hypersensitivity to certain substances of the environment
•  Allergic rhinitis
• Obesity

Symptoms Of Asthma

Even though the very noticeable symptom of asthma is the shortness of breath yet there are other symptoms as well which hint towards the lung inflammatory disease i.e. asthma. These are:
• Wheezing i.e. a kind of symphonic, buzzing sound and shrill sound produced with breathing which is more common during exhalation yet is noticed during inhalation as well.
• Coughing for long
• Accelerated pace of breathing
• Tightness in neck and chest muscles called as retractions
• Finding talking not easy
• Experiencing ants in pants or cold feet
• Colorless or sweating face
• Blue colored lips or fingernails
• Breathing out heavily
• Fatigue

Natural Home Remedies For Asthma

The ultimate goal of managing and treating asthma is to enable the patient to lead a normal and healthy life. Although there are certain pharmaceutical drugs available in the market to treat asthma but they all come with various side effects in the form of heart palpitations and nausea. Thus there you need to turn your head back to nature to find out various natural home remedies for asthma which don’t carry any side effects with them.
• Inhalation of air coming in contact with the jug of honey is one way to cure asthma naturally. To make the most of natural product just hold a jug of honey beneath your nose and inhale the air which comes out in contact with it to breathe normally.
• Figs too can be put to use to breath with ease to make good use of it just take 3-4 dried figs which should be washed with warm water followed by soaking them overnight. It tends to make the respiration process smoother by acting on excess mucus in the airways.
• Another one of beneficial natural home remedies for asthma is lemon which should be taken in with a glass of water while having food to have the best results.
• You can further utilize Indian Gooseberry for overcoming the disease by taking five grams of it with one tablespoon of honey every morning. It’s one of the best natural ways of treating asthma.
• You might not be fond of bitter gourd but when it comes to treating asthma naturally you can look forward to it whose roots has been utilized for long to treat the disease. To utilize the one of the time tested  natural home remedies for asthma just mix one tablespoon of its root paste with evenly matched amount of honey or holy basil leaves’ extract and start taking it every night for at least a month to cure asthma.
• Drumstick leaves soup is yet another way to treat asthma naturally. To make the wonderful soup take a handful of drumstick leaves in 180ml of water followed by boiling it for five minutes. Thereafter to add some flavors to it just add a dash of salt, black pepper and lime juice as per your taste. It should be taken in every morning and evening.
• The use of safflower as a medicine is not new as it was cultivated even in the ancient times due to its medicinal value. So to put it to good use get hold of half a tablespoon of powder of dried seeds and mix it with a tablespoon of honey to treat asthma naturally. It acts as a natural cough syrup and thus helps you to medicate asthma. One of advantageous natural home remedies for asthma.
•  Despite of the fact that caffeine rich drinks are often judged as bad for impairing health yet its usefulness can’t be denied in curing asthma naturally. So go for the coffee and soft drinks rich in caffeine as it is known for stretching the constricted airways thereby helping you to breathe uncomplicatedly.

Diet For Asthma

A person need to know all the kinds of foods which help in reducing the complications of asthma so that he doesn’t ends up in committing dietetic mismanagement. Thus check out the diet for asthma.
• If you are the one who tends to produce overdose of mucus then it would be better if you avoid or at least curtail down the consumption of dairy products.
• You are further recommended to refrain from food which tend to produce phlegm thereby further aggravating the inflammation which include rice, sugar, pickles, chutneys, ice and iced drinks and curds.
• Although coffee has been recommended as a natural remedy for asthma yet you know the consequences of taking anything overdose, so the key is to consume coffee but within a limit.
• The evening meal must be taken in before sun sets or at least three hours before sleeping.
So in nutshell asthma calls for following the various laws of nature in terms of going for fresh air, dry climate and exposure to sunshine thus go towards it as nature is calling you!


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